Rammstein Lyrics

This is a list of all Rammstein songs with links to their lyrics with English translations.

Zeit 2022

1. Armee der Tristen – Army of the Dreary
2. Zeit – Time
3. Schwarz – Black
4. Giftig – Toxic
5. Zick Zack – Zig Zag
6. OK – WC
7. Meine Tränen – My tears
8. Angst – Fear
9. Dicke Titten – Big tits
10. Lügen – Lies
11. Adieu – Farewell


1. Deutschland – Germany
2. Radio – Radio
3. Zeig dich – Show yourself
4. Ausländer – Foreigner
5. Sex – Sex
6. Puppe – Puppet
7. Was Ich liebe – What I love
8. Diamant – Diamond
9. Weit weg – Far away
10. Tattoo – Tattoo
11. Hallomann – Announcer

Made in Germany

1. Mein Land – My Country
2. Vergiss uns nicht – Don’t forget us (on single only)

Liebe ist für alle da

1. Rammlied – Rammsong
2. Ich tu Dir Weh – I hurt you
3. Waidmanns Heil – Hunter’s Salutation
4. Haifisch – Shark
5. Bückstabü – B******
6. Frühling in Paris – Spring in Paris
7. Wiener Blut – Viennese blood
8. Pu**y – Pu**y
9. Liebe ist für alle da – There is love for everyone
10. Mehr – More
11. Roter Sand – Red sand

1. Führe mich – Lead me
2. Donaukinder – Children of Danube
3. Halt – Stop
4. Liese – Liese

Rosenrot Lyrics

1. Benzin – Petrol
2. Mann gegen Mann – Man against Man
3. Rosenrot – Rose-red
4. Spring – Jump
5. Wo bist Du? – Where are you?
6. Stirb nicht vor mir – Don’t die before me
7. Zerstören – Destroy
8. Hilf mir – Help me
9. Te quiero Puta! – I Love you Whore!
10. Feuer und Wasser – Fire and Water
11. Ein Lied – A song

Reise Reise Lyrics

1. Reise, Reise – Travel, travel
2. Mein Teil – My part
3. Dalai Lama – Dalai Lama
4. Keine Lust – No desire
5. Los -Less
6. Amerika – America
7. Moskau – Moscow
8. Morgenstern – Morningstar
9. Stein Um Stein – Stone by stone
10. Ohne Dich – Without you
11. Amour – Amour

Mutter Lyrics

1. Mein Herz Brennt – My heart burns
2. Links 2,3,4 – Left 2,3,4
3. Sonne – Sun
4. Ich Will – I want
5. Feuer Frei! – Fire Free!
6. Mutter – Mother
7. Spieluhr – Music Box
8. Zwitter – Hermaphrodite
9. Rein Raus – In Out
10. Adios – Adios
11. Nebel – Fog

Sehnsucht Lyrics

1. Tier – Biest
2. Engel – Angel
3. Sehnsucht – Longing
4. Bestrafe Mich – Punish Me
5. Du Hast – You Have
6. Bück Dich – Bend down
7. Spiel Mit Mir – Play with me
8. Klavier – Piano
9. Alter Mann – Old man
10. Eifersucht – Jealous
11. Küss Mich – Kiss me

Herzeleid Lyrics

1. Wollt Ihr Das Bett in Flammen Sehen
– Do you want to see the bed in flames

2. Der Meister – The Master
3. Weisses Fleisch – White Meat
4. Asche zu Asche – Asches to asches
5. Seemann – Sailor
6. Du Reichst So Gut – You smell so well
7. Das Alte Leid – The old sorrow
8. Heirate Mich – Marry me
9. Herzeleid – Heartache
10. Laichzeit – Spawning time
11. Rammstein – Rammstein

Lyrics of other releases

0. Ramm4 – Ramm4 (live)
0. Gib mir deine Augen – Give me your eyes
0. Amerika (English) – America
0. Jeder Lacht – Everybody laughs
0. Das Modell – The Model
0. Feuerrader – Burning wheels
0. Halleluja – Hallelujah
0. Kokain – Cocaine
0. Schwarzes Glass – Black glass
0. Stripped – Stripped
0. Wilder Wein – Wild wine
0. Pet Sematary – Pet Sematary
0. Wut Will Nicht Sterben – Sorrow won’t die
0. Helden (feat. Apocalyptica)


Nearly all of Rammstein’s lyrics are in German. However, the band did record English versions of “Engel” , “Du hast” and “Amerika”, as well as covers of the songs “Stripped” and “Pet Sematary”. In addition, the songs “Amerika” (German version), “Stirb nicht vor mir//Don’t die before I do” and “Moskau” contain not only German verses, but also English and Russian choruses, respectively; “Te quiero puta!” is entirely in Spanish. The song “Mein Teil” features one line in English: “Yes It’s Mein Teil”. “Ollie” Riedel commented that “German language suits heavy metal music. French might be the language of love, but German is the language of anger.” (Sunday Herald Sun, Melbourne, Australia, October 24, 2004).

Wordplay is a fundamental component of Rammstein’s lyrics. In many instances, the lyrics are phrased such that they can be interpreted in several ways. The song “Du hast”, for example, is a play on German marriage vows (“Willst du, bis der Tod euch scheidet, treu ihr sein für alle Tage?”). In the song, the traditional affirmative response “ja” is replaced by its negation “nein”. The song starts, in fact, with a play on words: “Du… Du hast… Du hast mich…” meaning, “You have me” or “You hate me”. (The second person singular (“du”) forms of the words “hassen” (to hate) and “haben” (to have) are homophones). The ambiguity is later resolved as the line is completed: “Du hast mich gefragt” (“You [have] asked me”).


  1. I see tableture here but no music for drums, can someone please change that id really like to improve my skill with their music

  2. What happened to the lyrics for Pussy? Why are they not there, censored, etc? There’s plenty of far more offensive stuff in GERMAN in their other songs, WTF?

    • This website received many complaints in regards to the P*** lyrics so we decided to remove it completely. It is probably because it is one of the songs written in English and many native speakers were offended and had a strong motivation to report the song to Google, etc.

      • It sucks when this world an people in general are…. whats the word…. PUSSIES to simple funny song lyrics, I love it! The first time I heard the song I was laughing my ass off because of the lyrics and absolutely one of my favourite songs!
        Sorry to hear it had to be taken down.

        • pretty lame a fansite about a band like rammstein would censor them because a few idiots whined, you would think the people running this site would know what kind of stuff till sings abourt and have the guts to tell haters to f off

        • Probably on my top ten when it comes to Rammstein songs. It can be interpreted in infinite amount of ways.

      • So wait a second, we can have songs about cannibalism, songs that could imply incest, songs that critique America, and literally a song with the same meaning as Pussy (Buck Dich) and yet we’re not allowed to have these lyrics? If anything Pussy is more positive than Buck Dich, because it could imply sexual liberation of anyone rather than unwanted sodomy?

      • That’s pathetic. If they were offended it was their own fault. They saw that the song was titled Pussy and still clicked on it. Besides,if you can be offended by a few typed words on a screen you are pathetic. Removing the lyrics was weak.

    • So, with all the American females and males hunching and flapping their breasts on stage, twerking and feigning fornication, wondering which sexual apparatus squares with their psychological predisposition, on the TV and Youtube, that a few printed words are offensive? It’s hard to believe that, “You’ve got a pussy I have a dick So what’s the problem Let’s do it quick So take me now before it’s too late Life’s too short so I can’t wait Take me now, oh, don’t you see I can’t get laid in Germany” corrupt minds open or closed, simple or complex. Maybe use of the clinical – vagina and penis – would lessen the turgidity of the latter, the warm moisture of the former, and the incourse between the two.

  3. Snoopysoap:

    Mein Herz schlägt für Metall
    Eisen gibt es überall
    Die Familie der Metalle
    Ist die härteste von allen
    Du musst mit dem Eisen sprechen
    Ja, du sollst das Eisen lieben
    Dann wird es nicht zerbrechen
    Wird es sich für dich verbiegen
    Besser klingen und monieren
    Käfige für Mensch und Tiere

    Panzer, Ketten und Maschinen
    (Panzer, Ketten und Maschinen)
    Nägel, Schrauben und Turbinen
    (Nägel, Schrauben und Turbinen)
    Brücken, Pfeile, Eisenbahn
    Ja, ich bin ein Eisenmann

    Mein Herz schlägt für Metall
    Die Geschwister Chrom und Stahl
    Wenn die Haut sich dunkel rötet
    Wird der Rost mit Zink getötet
    Willst du das Eisen trennen
    Sollst mit Liebe es zerbrennen
    Wird freundlich auseinandergehen
    Doch nie in seine Augen sehen
    Besser klingen und monieren
    Käfige für Mensch und Tiere

    Panzer, Ketten und Maschinen
    (Panzer, Ketten und Maschinen)
    Nägel, Schrauben und Turbinen
    (Nägel, Schrauben und Turbinen)
    Brücken, Pfeile, Eisenbahn
    Ja, ich bin ein Eisenmann

    Nieten, Schiffe und Traktoren
    Kolben, Schienen und Motoren
    Feuerhaken und Tresore
    Amboss, Hammer, jeder Bohrer
    Kanonen und Raketen
    Spiele gerne mit Magneten
    Besser klingen und monieren
    Käfige für Mensch und Tiere

    Panzer, Ketten und Maschinen
    (Panzer, Ketten und Maschinen)
    Nägel, Schrauben und Turbinen
    (Nägel, Schrauben und Turbinen)
    Brücken, Pfeile, Eisenbahn
    Ja, ich bin ein Eisenmann

  4. Is there any chance they will be touring North America again? they played within 3 miles of my house but I couldn’t go see them. I really hope they will!

  5. @Ivanov

    Rammstein arent racist or nazist or something else. There are many opinions that Hitlers politic was left-wing and many who thing right-wing. Rammstein fill in that his party was right-wing, so they did a song that theyre on left. They just wanted to show people that theyre on the opposite side like Hitler. They will be stupid if they do a song it says that theyre Nazis. They just do their fucking awesome music. They want to be different and that just rise up many people. Just because theyre Germam they must be Nazis – what a stupid idea. Sorry IVANOV but your comment just blocked me – i must said it.

    They did a very big hole in this world and they changed many lifes like mine. Since i listen to them (maybe 3 months – its not a long time, but i changed my view to this world and im so deep in it.

  6. you said there are only 5 rammstein songs…
    but besides them, noone can know how many there is among the unreleased stuff. so i just counted the released ones.

  7. uh actually, the title of the song is sung in feuerräder

    and das model is just a cover…

    and gib mir augen wasnt released


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