Rammstein Lyrics

This is a list of all Rammstein songs with links to their lyrics with English translations.


1. Deutschland – Germany
2. Radio – Radio
3. Zeig dich – Show yourself
4. Ausländer – Foreigner
5. Sex – Sex
6. Puppe – Puppet
7. Was Ich liebe – What I love
8. Diamant – Diamond
9. Weit weg – Far away
10. Tattoo – Tattoo
11. Hallomann – Announcer

Made in Germany

1. Mein Land – My Country
2. Vergiss uns nicht – Don’t forget us (on single only)

Liebe ist für alle da

1. Rammlied – Rammsong
2. Ich tu Dir Weh – I hurt you
3. Waidmanns Heil – Hunter’s Salutation
4. Haifisch – Shark
5. Bückstabü – B******
6. Frühling in Paris – Spring in Paris
7. Wiener Blut – Viennese blood
8. P**y – P**y
9. Liebe ist für alle da – There is love for everyone
10. Mehr – More
11. Roter Sand – Red sand

1. Führe mich – Lead me
2. Donaukinder – Children of Danube
3. Halt – Stop
4. Liese – Liese

Rosenrot Lyrics

1. Benzin – Petrol
2. Mann gegen Mann – Man against Man
3. Rosenrot – Rose-red
4. Spring – Jump
5. Wo bist Du? – Where are you?
6. Stirb nicht vor mir – Don’t die before me
7. Zerstören – Destroy
8. Hilf mir – Help me
9. Te quiero Puta! – I Love you Whore!
10. Feuer und Wasser – Fire and Water
11. Ein Lied – A song

Reise Reise Lyrics

1. Reise, Reise – Travel, travel
2. Mein Teil – My part
3. Dalai Lama – Dalai Lama
4. Keine Lust – No desire
5. Los -Less
6. Amerika – America
7. Moskau – Moscow
8. Morgenstern – Morningstar
9. Stein Um Stein – Stone by stone
10. Ohne Dich – Without you
11. Amour – Amour

Mutter Lyrics

1. Mein Herz Brennt – My heart burns
2. Links 2,3,4 – Left 2,3,4
3. Sonne – Sun
4. Ich Will – I want
5. Feuer Frei! – Fire Free!
6. Mutter – Mother
7. Spieluhr – Music Box
8. Zwitter – Hermaphrodite
9. Rein Raus – In Out
10. Adios – Adios
11. Nebel – Fog

Sehnsucht Lyrics

1. Tier – Biest
2. Engel – Angel
3. Sehnsucht – Longing
4. Bestrafe Mich – Punish Me
5. Du Hast – You Have
6. Bück Dich – Bend down
7. Spiel Mit Mir – Play with me
8. Klavier – Piano
9. Alter Mann – Old man
10. Eifersucht – Jealous
11. Küss Mich – Kiss me

Herzeleid Lyrics

1. Wollt Ihr Das Bett in Flammen Sehen
– Do you want to see the bed in flames

2. Der Meister – The Master
3. Weisses Fleisch – White Meat
4. Asche zu Asche – Asches to asches
5. Seemann – Sailor
6. Du Reichst So Gut – You smell so well
7. Das Alte Leid – The old sorrow
8. Heirate Mich – Marry me
9. Herzeleid – Heartache
10. Laichzeit – Spawning time
11. Rammstein – Rammstein

Lyrics of other releases

0. Ramm4 – Ramm4 (live)
0. Gib mir deine Augen – Give me your eyes
0. Amerika (English) – America
0. Jeder Lacht – Everybody laughs
0. Das Modell – The Model
0. Feuerrader – Burning wheels
0. Halleluja – Hallelujah
0. Kokain – Cocaine
0. Schwarzes Glass – Black glass
0. Stripped – Stripped
0. Wilder Wein – Wild wine
0. Pet Sematary – Pet Sematary
0. Wut Will Nicht Sterben – Sorrow won’t die
0. Helden (feat. Apocalyptica)


Nearly all of Rammstein’s lyrics are in German. However, the band did record English versions of “Engel” , “Du hast” and “Amerika”, as well as covers of the songs “Stripped” and “Pet Sematary”. In addition, the songs “Amerika” (German version), “Stirb nicht vor mir//Don’t die before I do” and “Moskau” contain not only German verses, but also English and Russian choruses, respectively; “Te quiero puta!” is entirely in Spanish. The song “Mein Teil” features one line in English: “Yes It’s Mein Teil”. “Ollie” Riedel commented that “German language suits heavy metal music. French might be the language of love, but German is the language of anger.” (Sunday Herald Sun, Melbourne, Australia, October 24, 2004).

Wordplay is a fundamental component of Rammstein’s lyrics. In many instances, the lyrics are phrased such that they can be interpreted in several ways. The song “Du hast”, for example, is a play on German marriage vows (“Willst du, bis der Tod euch scheidet, treu ihr sein für alle Tage?”). In the song, the traditional affirmative response “ja” is replaced by its negation “nein”. The song starts, in fact, with a play on words: “Du… Du hast… Du hast mich…” meaning, “You have me” or “You hate me”. (The second person singular (“du”) forms of the words “hassen” (to hate) and “haben” (to have) are homophones). The ambiguity is later resolved as the line is completed: “Du hast mich gefragt” (“You [have] asked me”).


  1. War Nerve:Just as in English, a word can have more than one meaning. “Reise” means both travel and arise. Till likes punning.
    Others: Lots of YouTube posts attributed to Rammstein or Till are fakers trying to get better “like” numbers by fooling us. There are many fake Rammstein songs. If you listen carefully you can tell Till’s voice from other deep voices, just like you can tell a family member’s voice from someone with a similar tone.

  2. The lyrics for “Schtiel”, a song written by the Russian band Aria but performed by Till and Richard are not on here. They released it as a single in 2003 for the 100th anniversary of Harley Davidson and performed it in Moscow at the anniversary party. Here is a Youtube video for the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdVO02uFqcc , and a link to a page that has the lyrics in English and Russian http://herzeleid.com/en/lyrics/misc (bottom of the page)

  3. I bought the double cd Rammstein in Amerika which is brilliant. I am puzzled why Buchstabu is censored on the listing of tracks. Anyway, it is word without a specific meaning in German.

  4. I see tableture here but no music for drums, can someone please change that id really like to improve my skill with their music

  5. What happened to the lyrics for Pussy? Why are they not there, censored, etc? There’s plenty of far more offensive stuff in GERMAN in their other songs, WTF?

    • This website received many complaints in regards to the P*** lyrics so we decided to remove it completely. It is probably because it is one of the songs written in English and many native speakers were offended and had a strong motivation to report the song to Google, etc.

    • I second that! I’m sorry but if you’re offended by the lyrics – why seek them out and read them?

    • Agreed. I was just trying to look up the lyrics on what I thought was the best source for this information. Just to see they aren’t even listed. And not listed for a pretty pathetic reason, sorry.

    • It sucks when this world an people in general are…. whats the word…. PUSSIES to simple funny song lyrics, I love it! The first time I heard the song I was laughing my ass off because of the lyrics and absolutely one of my favourite songs!
      Sorry to hear it had to be taken down.

    • pretty lame a fansite about a band like rammstein would censor them because a few idiots whined, you would think the people running this site would know what kind of stuff till sings abourt and have the guts to tell haters to f off

    • Probably on my top ten when it comes to Rammstein songs. It can be interpreted in infinite amount of ways.

    • So wait a second, we can have songs about cannibalism, songs that could imply incest, songs that critique America, and literally a song with the same meaning as Pussy (Buck Dich) and yet we’re not allowed to have these lyrics? If anything Pussy is more positive than Buck Dich, because it could imply sexual liberation of anyone rather than unwanted sodomy?

    • That’s pathetic. If they were offended it was their own fault. They saw that the song was titled Pussy and still clicked on it. Besides,if you can be offended by a few typed words on a screen you are pathetic. Removing the lyrics was weak.

    • So, with all the American females and males hunching and flapping their breasts on stage, twerking and feigning fornication, wondering which sexual apparatus squares with their psychological predisposition, on the TV and Youtube, that a few printed words are offensive? It’s hard to believe that, “You’ve got a pussy I have a dick So what’s the problem Let’s do it quick So take me now before it’s too late Life’s too short so I can’t wait Take me now, oh, don’t you see I can’t get laid in Germany” corrupt minds open or closed, simple or complex. Maybe use of the clinical – vagina and penis – would lessen the turgidity of the latter, the warm moisture of the former, and the incourse between the two.

  6. Snoopysoap:

    Mein Herz schlägt für Metall
    Eisen gibt es überall
    Die Familie der Metalle
    Ist die härteste von allen
    Du musst mit dem Eisen sprechen
    Ja, du sollst das Eisen lieben
    Dann wird es nicht zerbrechen
    Wird es sich für dich verbiegen
    Besser klingen und monieren
    Käfige für Mensch und Tiere

    Panzer, Ketten und Maschinen
    (Panzer, Ketten und Maschinen)
    Nägel, Schrauben und Turbinen
    (Nägel, Schrauben und Turbinen)
    Brücken, Pfeile, Eisenbahn
    Ja, ich bin ein Eisenmann

    Mein Herz schlägt für Metall
    Die Geschwister Chrom und Stahl
    Wenn die Haut sich dunkel rötet
    Wird der Rost mit Zink getötet
    Willst du das Eisen trennen
    Sollst mit Liebe es zerbrennen
    Wird freundlich auseinandergehen
    Doch nie in seine Augen sehen
    Besser klingen und monieren
    Käfige für Mensch und Tiere

    Panzer, Ketten und Maschinen
    (Panzer, Ketten und Maschinen)
    Nägel, Schrauben und Turbinen
    (Nägel, Schrauben und Turbinen)
    Brücken, Pfeile, Eisenbahn
    Ja, ich bin ein Eisenmann

    Nieten, Schiffe und Traktoren
    Kolben, Schienen und Motoren
    Feuerhaken und Tresore
    Amboss, Hammer, jeder Bohrer
    Kanonen und Raketen
    Spiele gerne mit Magneten
    Besser klingen und monieren
    Käfige für Mensch und Tiere

    Panzer, Ketten und Maschinen
    (Panzer, Ketten und Maschinen)
    Nägel, Schrauben und Turbinen
    (Nägel, Schrauben und Turbinen)
    Brücken, Pfeile, Eisenbahn
    Ja, ich bin ein Eisenmann

  7. Is there any chance they will be touring North America again? they played within 3 miles of my house but I couldn’t go see them. I really hope they will!

  8. @Ivanov

    Rammstein arent racist or nazist or something else. There are many opinions that Hitlers politic was left-wing and many who thing right-wing. Rammstein fill in that his party was right-wing, so they did a song that theyre on left. They just wanted to show people that theyre on the opposite side like Hitler. They will be stupid if they do a song it says that theyre Nazis. They just do their fucking awesome music. They want to be different and that just rise up many people. Just because theyre Germam they must be Nazis – what a stupid idea. Sorry IVANOV but your comment just blocked me – i must said it.

    They did a very big hole in this world and they changed many lifes like mine. Since i listen to them (maybe 3 months – its not a long time, but i changed my view to this world and im so deep in it.

  9. you said there are only 5 rammstein songs…
    but besides them, noone can know how many there is among the unreleased stuff. so i just counted the released ones.

  10. uh actually, the title of the song is sung in feuerräder

    and das model is just a cover…

    and gib mir augen wasnt released

  11. @SOMEONE

    I meant the main 11 tracks on their official albums. And after recounting, there are actually 6, I overlooked nebel.

    And if you wanted to include all the songs available, in addition to the ones you said you could add Feuerräder (Blutige Risse) and Das Model. And if you’re really wanting to get specific you could add Gib mir Augen.

  12. does anyone know the best website to download keyboard/piano sheet music for flakes keyboard parts in rammstein? id appreciate if someone could send a link or something. thanks

  13. Anyone else notice that there are only 5 Rammstein songs where the name of the song isn’t sung or shouted in the song?

  14. I was fuckin amazed by the talent of rammstein especially since i cum from the ‘g rap’ side of life…
    1 thing ive noticed is therez been little to no mention of my fav, ist das gut xxx version?¿? Wot tha fucks he whispering? 4eva in debt if any1 could translate…….
    Oh yh it was mutter that got me hooked had me on tha blocc trippin lmgao

  15. E-SE
    When I really do have some time I might be able to help. I have a busy schedule though. If there’s a song you really must have, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

    BTW, we went to the last American concert last Friday in Houston. I truly do not have the words to describe it. Awesme, fantastic, not from this world, cool, best ever etc. are nothing but understatements.

    It is true what they say: “Where others play, Rammstein burns.” Literally.

  16. I see there is a lot of confusion with the lyrics to Feuer Frei. Most will know that Rammstein’s lyrics are open to interpretation. The literal translation is Fire Free. Meaning fire at will or open fire as in shooting a gun. As to the interpretive part of this song. In this case it has a sexual meaning, as you may take from the rest of the lyrics. Feuer Frei here means, or can mean actually two things. One is playing with actual fire during S&M play, the other simply meaning coming to an orgasm (male). I am shooting (cumming), get it?

    Reading through the lyrics my interpretation is the first one (getadelt ist wer Schmerzen kennt (reprimand (criticize works too) those who know pain, from fire that burns the skin) only then to turn getadelt into geadelt in the second verse (geadelt means to honor, or to dignify) geadelt ist wer Schmerzen kennt, vom Feuer das in Lust verbrennt (honor those who know pain, from fire that burns (up) in Lust (or desire), ein Funkenstoss, in ihren Schoss (a sparkling thrust, in her womb (or lap), ein heisser Schrei (a hot scream (or cry)).

    Anyhow, I am not saying my translation (interpretation) is the only correct one. You may translate word for word, but in order to get the meaning you would have to interpret, which is always up to your own interpretation of the text. As such you need to look at the whole context of the song. Du Hast (btw) is one of the best songs ever regarding word play. As a native German speaker I truly enjoy the misdirection in the beginning. Exceptionally well done and a true testament to Till’s command of word play. If you have any other questions let me know. I do believe it’s important to understand the meaning of Rammstein’s lyrics, especially since they’re probably the most misunderstood band on the planet.

  17. schwarzes glas is under Lyrics of other releases

    it should look like (this is just showing the song, and the ones directly above and below it):

    0. Kokain – Cocaine
    0. Schwarzes Glass – Black glass
    0. Stripped – Stripped

  18. @Adrain… Hey, the pussy song is not just a song, it represents the desire of people to have sex and how easy it is to just ask sumone for it, the video jzt went down in the history of musik fir jzt beein a porn video, they make kontroversy, they give the media sumtin to talk about, shut ur azz and be part os us, part of rammstein

  19. hi guys and girls how r ya all doing. im a massive rammstein fan and have only just registered now as ive just found this great site by accident. ive never used forums before so can someone tell me how this all works? thanks

  20. Yey thanks Nichts. I have listented to the song so much i got most of the german side down just nice to know what am acutally saying haha


  21. Hay! Does anyone one know the lyrics to Eisenmann?? really really need to know google was no help =(


  22. ok to hopefully help a little bit with the “Es ist mein teil”/”Yes its mein teil” he says BOTH

    Till says “Es ist mein teil” starting at 00.57 02.16 03.21 03.43

    and he says “Yes its mein teil” at 02.32 03.59

    please note that this is going off the song in the album Reise Reise (and no i have not listened to it so much that i would know the time i obviously was listening to it as i typed this, im only clarifying because i wouldnt be too surprised if someone thought i did)

  23. I think it’s totally worth it! Every day we spend much more on coffee and sweets and little silly stuff we do not need or even like for that matter.If we can save a litter everyday,we can own a beautiful and upscale thing.

  24. Wow. This comments section is like reading subway walls…
    I’m learning German, the hard way, and seeing
    grammatical arguments stretched over MONTHS, well, it is painful.
    Also, the “racist or not” discussion amuses me.
    Please continue it.

    Someone also needs to convince Rammstein to play New Orleans.

  25. @mcpoopants You need a grammical lesson. What the hell are you saying?
    Pensja o trevzhnoy molodsti was performed by Rammstein as a cover of Paul’s previous band Feeling B. It was also played in Russia. Also, shouldn’t this site have every song in english that Rammstein had performed?
    Das Modell, a cover. Helden, Till was guest singing for Apocalyptica. Wut will nicht sterben was also not a Rammstein song, Till, again, guest sung in it.
    So why not have the cover for Schtiel? or Pensja o trevzhnoy molodsti?

  26. what the hell are you talking about aria’s shtiel and rzk and tills shtil have different lyrics and the cover is about how a crew gets stranded in the ocean and eat one of their own to survive and after they do they spot land and their crewmans life was taken in vain.

  27. Why is Pensja o trevzhnoy molodsti not here, in the other releases section Rammstein did a cover of Feeling B’s (some members of Rammstein were in it) cover of the original Russian tune.

  28. Does anyone know what does the robotic voice in 5/4 from the single “Mutter”, say, if it does say anything?

  29. Things I like about rammstein:
    They are very creative, which is good, but sometimes it goes too far (sexuality stuff)
    Their music sounds really good, and…
    They have meanings, good or bad or neither, to all their songs, unlike breaking benjamin or something.
    Bad things is that they take it too far sometimes. I’m not a rebel, and Liebe ist fur alle da is cool, but their P**** song is just dumb. Really, mainly the video.
    For those wondering in terms of fear, they aren’t nazis, just look up Links and what it’s about. They, like others say, use symbols to say things ’bout everything kinda. Also, I’m glad to hear they didn’t make hitler, that was bugging me, and I didn’t listen to it. I had a feeling it was fake.
    Besides, calling a german nazis when he/she clearly isn’t is like calling a muslim person a terrorist, or a white person a hater or something like that. It’s not fair, prove it if you can.
    I hope that their newest album isn’t as… Err… Gross. I may seem like a wuss, but music is music, you don’t need all the controversy.

  30. Schtiel (Russian Transliteration)

    Shtil’ – veter molchit
    Upal beloj chajkoj na dno
    Shtil’ – nash korabl’ zabyt
    Odin, v mire skovannom snom

    Mezhdu vseh vremen
    Bez imen i lic
    My uzhe ne zhdem,
    Chto prosnetsia briz!

    Shtil’ – shodim s uma
    Zhara pahnet chernoj smoloj
    Smert’ odnogo lish’ nuzhna
    I my, my vernemsia domoj!

    Ego krov’ i plot’
    vnov’ nasytit nas
    A za smert’ emu
    Mozhet, Bog vozdast!

    Chto nas zhdet, more hranit molchan’e
    Zhazhda zhit’ sushit serdca do dna
    Tol’ko zhizn’ zdes’ nichego ne stoit
    Zhizn’ drugih, no ne tvoia!

    Net, grom ne grianul s nebes
    Kogda pili krov’ kak zver’e
    No nesterpimym stal blesk
    Kresta, chto my IUzhnym zovem

    I v poslednij mig
    Podnialas’ volna,
    I razdalsia krik:
    “Vperedi Zemlia!”

    (English Translation)
    Calm – the wind is silent
    (Calm) has fallen like a white seagull to the bottom
    Calm – our ship is forgotten
    Alone, in the world held down by a dream

    Along all times
    without names and faces
    We’re not waiting anymore,
    for the breeze to wake up!

    Calm – yeah
    We are going mad
    The heat smells like black pitch
    Only one of us must die
    and we’ll, we’ll come back home

    His blood and flesh
    will saturate us again
    And for his death
    maybe God will reward him

    What is waiting for us, the sea keeps silent
    Thirst to live drives hearts to their bottoms
    But life here costs nothing
    the life of others, but not yours!

    No, the thunder did not burst from the heavens
    when we drank blood like wild beasts
    but the shining became intolerable
    of the Cross that we call Southern *

    And during the last instant
    a wave rose,
    and a shout was heard:
    “Land is ahead!”

    * This line refers to the constellation called the Southern Cross (Crux). It is the most well-known constellation in the southern hemisphere and is used by sailors for navigation, similar to the North Star.

  31. Actually DOC, wut can mean rage or fury…. and I know you know this.. as for the other mistakes I’ve made…. I wasn’t so concerned with the ”doesn’t wanna die” part (Sie haben Recht, dass über) I was trying to point out the biggest literal mistake of all…. wich was that wut means rage or fury (wich are the same thing)(again you know this) and not sorrow, wich is what someone who was waaaay off said…

  32. Ok for the last time, to all the idiots out there,
    “du hast mich” does NOT mean “you hate me.” The english versions of the songs are NOT direct translations.

    @ Tim komlody: “Wut will nicht sterben” doesn’t means “Rage will not die”, it means “Fury doesn’t want to die” “will” is a 3rd person present tense conjucation for the verb “wollen” which means, “to want.”
    EX: “Er/Sie will mit uns gehen” “he/she wants to go with us”

    @durden and everyone else: Expressions, idioms, and phrases rarely translate literally. Although “Feuer Frei” literally translates to “fire freely” it’s understood meaning translates as “Fire at will.” It would be used in the military. Perhaps like;

    Ex: “Mach euch scharf und Feuer frei!” meaning “Arm yourself and fire at will!”

    One final example to demonstrate my point:

    If someone smokes and they don’t have lighter, they might ask smoeone the following:

    “Do you have a light?” translates to “Haben sie ein Licht?” and a German probably wouldn’t understand. Conversely, a german would probably say:
    “Haben Sie Feuer?” translating to “Do you have fire?” and if someone came up to you and asked that most people probably wouldn’t understand why someone would want fire at first. Therefor, the proper way to translate those two would be to put them side to side.

    “Do you have a light?” = “Haben Sie Feuer?” and doing so would allow both speakers to understand the meaning behind the others question.

  33. i agree with miss kruspe when she says that it doesn’t have any english, but i heard “Ja, es ist mein teil” instead of “yes it’s mein teil” ou “es is mein teil”

  34. Its amazing how many people don’t bother skimming through previous comments making accusations or asking fucktard questions. All my questions were answered by just READING

  35. AwesomeLaw_some: you can use the contact form, also please be advised that all submited translations must result of your own efford, no copies from other websites.

  36. someone was asking for Messer translation, i have that.. O.o i’ll post it somewhere or send it if that’s more convinient.

  37. 🙂 Thanks for the response. Wasn’t trying to be impatient or anything. I very much appreciate this site. After all Rammstein is my favorite band… Hell I can’t help it, their just the best! 😀

  38. RammsteinGreece & Killer – There will be once all the translations are done correctly for the actual album. Give us time 🙂

  39. For all you “so called Rammstein fans”, why is it just because this band is German everyone assumes they’re Nazi’s? Are you a little slow or something? If you think you’re right, find me just ONE example in their lyrics that shows that they are. In no way do they promote Hitler or anything like that…they’re just 6 badass guys who make the best music in the world who WANT to cause controversy. And sorry to all those people out there who actually think the songs Hitler, Satan, and Angry Nazi are real Rammstein songs.

  40. With translations, one term in one language may not translate directly, for example, Feuer frei! is lietrally Fire free! (Feuer = Fire; and frei = free; ! = ! obviously). But when in English does one use Fire free!? It just doesn’t make sense, thus the closest thing in english to Fire free! is Open fire! or Fire at will, or even Fire freely! (but that is pushing it!). but fire at will is usually spoken rather than yelled, thus Open fire! fits the best.

    there you go, also Keine Lust does mean No desire literally, and Ich habe keine Lust means, literally, I have no desire. But no one uses that in English, we say: I don’t feel like it, or in Scotland we say : I cannae be arsed!

    My point: Translations can look daft when translated literally. you need to account for more than just words.

  41. This resonse is directed to Typhus, they didnt put a typo in Feuer Frei! it means the same thing its just litterally it means one thing, and what Rammstein is trying to say means something else in a sense. i truely do not know where i am going with this but bottom line is, it means the exact same thing its just worded different. there r no typos or mistakes or nothing so ya they got it right 🙂

  42. ejnarm3: The German word hast is a form of haben, meaning “to have.” The German verb haßen means “to hate.” Gefragt is the past tense form of fragen, meaning “to ask.”

    The lyrics translate as:

    You have
    You have me
    You have
    You have me
    You have asked me
    You have asked me
    You have asked me and I have said nothing

    But Rammstein, as you might notice in many of their other songs as well, knows that while hast and haßt, while meaning different things sound the same when spoken so it adds another dimension to the lyrics. I hope that helped.

  43. Come on guys!
    Im a boy from iran!
    I & my friens really love rammstein and im goning to travel to the germany see them!

  44. HElloz guys ty for the nice lyrics. Just gotta question 🙂

    In the song “Du Hast” i am unsure about the lyrics.
    In the english version of “Du Hast”(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfrSQqTaOvU) Till sings hast as hate and when i look the word up it translate it to hate. But i have noticed that many who make the lyrics english is writting have instead of hate.
    So i thnk the lyrics should be like this =)
    Please answer if anyone knows anything cuz i am as i said unsure =D

    You hate
    You hate me
    You hate me to say
    You hate me to say
    And I did not obey

    Do you want, until death seperates you,
    to be faithful to her for all days


    Do you want, until death, which would seperate,
    to love her, even in bad days


    Please answer if anyone knows anything cuz i am as i said unsure =D

  45. @deadhound: hitler political party was left-centrist one. So if that’s argument about Rammstein not being racist, the song “left 234” proves that they are!

  46. @Ben, ‘wut will nicht sterben’ means rage doesn’t want to die, not sorrow.
    And all of you who keep asking if rammstein are racists? Or Hitler fans? Omfg get off the ducking page.
    They wrote the song links 234 to prove they are left wing, not even remotely right wing. Idiots.

  47. now guys i just wanna know if there’s anything new i mean album or even single song to my favorite band i really wanna know is there any one to help …..? n abar the concerts

    i really like this band ( i mean i worship em)

  48. Recently i heard Sonne on the Kerrang channel & immediately fell in love with this deep burly voice, the bass guitars & the drums – that was it i was hooked! So i decided to come on the net & see what else i could find out about this unusual group & oh my gawd they are amazing! I've now got all their cd's and i'm trying desperately to get the dvd of Volkerall – Nimes but e'where is sold out! I also can't seem to find anywhere that tells me about any upcoming concerts – can anyone help me out here?

    From a used-2-be Metallica fan to a new and totally obsessed Rammstein fan!!!

    Du Hast & Mein Teil have gota be the best songs 🙂

  49. u r awesome guyz i like every fuckin single song and everything abar this band now maaaaaaaaaaaan i worship it oh god just keep going

  50. pues yo soy de mexico y la verdad me gustaria que rammstein viniera no se si tengan en planes venir en una de sus giras

  51. i think rammstein's all songs are good. However, i don't know german completely i try to understand the meanings of Rammstein's songs.I think Meine Wut will nicht sterben means my rage doesn't want to die.

    Actually my english is not perfect So excuse me guys.

  52. Why do these idiots keep asking if they are racists?

    You can look up any interview and see that they're not.

    Or even look at their Wikipedia page for Christ's sake!

  53. damn. Canadian Itunes only has mutter for some reason. i have most of the cd's, but am missing these songs: Herzleid, Rammstein, Feurrader, Wilder Wein, Das Modell, Shwarzes Glas, Pet Semetary, Wut Will Nicht Sterben, Engel (english version), and Helden. And for your information, theres an extremely rare Rammstein song floating around out there, under the title "Biest" its a low quality recording of a pre-herzleid song. look it up on youtube.

  54. I'm Getting alot of feedback on this music i've bought a copy of Live aus Berlin on DVD i like this music but i'm getting bad vibes about this saying that you guys are a racist group as for me being black, i'm kinda leary about it makes me think especially when i see the Der Meister Video when Till Lindman doing the goose step march it's really sad if you guys are racists

    • Information is the key to the right judgment about any subject. Try to remember that before you post future accusation. It is obvious that Rammstein uses iconography and style used by Nazi Germany. That doesn't make them nazis or racists (or majority of people that listen to them). For all I know they are band that deals with variety of themes that concerne people around the World.

    • did u ever find out if rammstein is racist, cuz im black and i like the music but if they’re racist, then i don’t wanna be a part of it.

  55. =[ I hate this computer, won’t show me any damn lyrics… -mutters- Anyway, this band pwns. I am Geist. Ghost if you might say… =] Gute Nacht.

  56. Rammstein is good cause they always have a meaning behind their lyrics(unlike some other metal bands) singing in German, behind extremely well played beats that vibrate the very soul…and their almost…cynical…humor keeps thing lively and leaves you wanting more

  57. Kokain – Cocaine

    Wilder Wein – Wild wine

    Halleluja – Hallelujah

    Das Modell – The Model

    Wut Will Nicht Sterben – Sorrow won't die

    Stripped – Stripped

    yes i just copyed and pasted but these songs should come under Kein Engel as well as adding Schtiel, true 7 songs are on it that are just remixed one being remixed twice but still or have differences but still.

  58. Biest is an old live performance recorded in 1994. I think that was the old version of Tier, because in the song you can hear the word "Tier" during the chorus.

  59. I just recently found out about rammstein their so awesome and its kinda inspired me to start learning German but i am in freaking america, so its kinda difficult..can anyone help me? ill be your best friend!!

    • Immortal and Ben,

      I am also trying to learn German. Main reason is that I LOVE Rammstein!!! I got the Rosetta Stone and I like it, and am watching as may German movies as I can (They are pretty good – Lola Rent is my fav (and easy to get w/o subtitles)

  60. Biest…… is it really rammstein because i saw it on youtube and I think it is but the quality makes me wonder so if anyone knows for sure post please and translate too…

  61. @ Tony

    Feuer Frei translated in english does mean Fire Free but literally means Open Fire or Fire At Will

    @ Doctor Wolf

    Wo bist du? means Where Are You? Without in German means Ohne

  62. Rammstein's lyrics, and each and everyone of their songs, are so meaningfull, their trully one of the best bands ever. They're always political, they cause controversy, they're great. Their concerts are amazing, they do really funky shit. How can you not like them?

  63. Bacause Rammstein have NOT made that song!

    The Hitler-song is just made by some nazi suckers and is the reason why some people think Rammstein are nazists.

    They have just been singing with the instrumental version of Sonne

    If you are a real fan of Rammstein, you should hear that it is not Till who is singing.

  64. Just found this site its way awesome. Rammstein has recently been introduced to me and I can't get enough of them. I am learning German (Deutsch)(or however u spell it). So any advice?

    lol who wants to go to Wakken?

  65. Rammstein is one of the best things out of Europe, period! I can’t wait for their next album to hit the store shelves!!!!


  66. Can you tell us who writes the lyrics? Some lyrics/melodies sound different, are there Richard’s? Or is Till the only one who writes?

  67. No, Mein Teil doesn’t have ANY English in it!

    The lyrics aren’t “Yes it’s Mein Teil” they are “Es ist Mein Teil”.

    ? Okaaaay…

    • haha, i figured that out before i even read the lyric translations, people dont listen that good much anymore.

  68. Typhus you are indeed wrong. the song “Feuer Frei” is translated to be “fire free”. if you translate “open fire” you dont even get “feuer frei” it is infact “Feuer öffnen”.
    think about it 😛

    • Sometimes the translations are not literal. I agree that Feuer Frei can be also translated like Open fire

  69. iceyj:

    schtiel is a Russsian song. Rammstein actually covered it. “schtiel” is a sailing song, as a Russian-speaker I can prommise you the lyrics are boring.

  70. Hey, I noticed that you guys put "Feuer Frei" as "fire free", but "Feuer Frei" means "open fire". Oh well, people make mistakes, and typos, but yea, I'm a huge fan, and awsome job so far.

  71. Could you please tell me where I could find the translation of some lyrics from MESSER? (in english, french or spanish).

    Thanks a lot.

    • can anyone tell me where should i get the complete lyrics along with translations in one go download???


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