Rammstein Diamant lyrics with English translation

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Du bist so schön, so wunderschön You’re so beautiful, so wonderfully beautiful
Ich will nur dich, immer nur dich anseh’n I only want you, just to look at you always
Du lässt die Welt um mich verblassen You make the world fade away around me
Kann den Blick nicht von dir lassen Can’t take my eyes off you
Und dieses Funkeln deiner Augen And that sparkle in your eyes
Will die Seele aus mir saugen wants to suck the soul out of me
Du bist schön wie ein Diamant You’re beautiful like a diamond
Schön anzuseh’n wie ein Diamant Beautiful to look at, like a diamond
Doch bitte lass mich geh’n But please let me go
Wie ein Juwel, so klar und rein Like a jewel, so clear and pure
Dein feines Licht war mein ganzes Sein Your delicate light was my entire being
Wollte dich ins Herzen fassen I wanted to take your heart
Doch was nicht lieben kann, muss hassen But what cannot love must hate
Und dieses Funkeln deiner Augen And that sparkle in your eyes
Will die Seele aus mir saugen wants to suck the soul out of me
Du bist schön wie ein Diamant You’re beautiful like a diamond
Schön anzuseh’n wie ein Diamant Beautiful to look at, like a diamond
Doch bitte lass mich geh’n But please let me go
Welche Kraft, was für ein Schein What strength, what shine
Wunderschön wie ein Diamant Wonderfully beautiful, like a diamond
Doch nur ein Stein But only a stone
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  1. I’d say it’s about one-sided love. Or, more specifically, someone who is head over heels in love and can’t get over their ex after breaking up.
    They feel like nothing else in the world matters, like their soul has been taken away (all put in their ex), beg to be “let go” (as in, “make the love stop”), reflect about what went wrong (“wanted to take your heart”), try to replace love with hate (but fail, of course).
    And “just a stone” is a bitter statement about how it feels when one’s in desperate love that is not reciprocated.

    The feeling of being hurt by someone and yet nonetheless seeing them in best light possible (even if with hints of acceptance-to-come that maybe they aren’t that great for you after all) is captured quite well.

  2. First few lines are literal – he’s mesmerized by her beauty.
    Then the sparkle in her eye, imho symbolizes her soul which he cannot see – either she’s not letting him see it; she doesn’t know how to show it; or she’s faking it, and therefore she’s just a beautiful shell of a person.
    But then he says – please let me go. In the light of the said before and after, I say – it’s not that she’s not letting him go, but actually, he cannot bring himself to leave that kind of beauty and the most human thing to do is to project.

    The next interesting lines are – I wanted to take your heart, but what cannot love, must hate.
    He wanted to make her love him, but after he could not, resentment started to build.

    I think the last line pretty much gives us, what Till meant with the whole story –
    Beautiful, but only a stone.
    The whole narrative is about a beautiful but shallow person which cannot give you anything other than his beauty.

  3. I believe the song is about a beautiful person that is so sweet and pure, virgin, she in love and wants to love you with all her being but He is damaged. he cant love her. He doesnt know how to love, just hate, and she is just an object at the end.

  4. I think this song is quite open to different interpretations- either she is beautiful but unfeeling and he fears her sucking out his soul, or he cannot love her, only admire her looks and fears losing his soul to someone he’s indifferent to as he would be to a stone.

  5. I’ve loved this song for a very long time, it has always been wonderful to sing, especially to my girlfriend who is now gone by.
    I see this song in a different way now; a man who admired his lover for her purity, honesty, strength, and most importantly beauty. However she is gone now, and now he can think only of what she once was to him, and that now he wishes to forgot about her

  6. I understand the reasons but I don’t think she is dead and I don’t think it’s because she can’t provide love or is dumb or whatever either.

    Imo its about a relationship based purely on looks and after the initial infantuation faded the person singing break up because what this “diamond” person can provide isn’t enough for him (lets assume its a straight relationship) and both resent that just the beauty wasn’t enough. “But please let me go” show that she thought her beauty would be enough to keep him, she probably fell in love but he didn’t, he only felt lust, and “beautiful like a diamond but only a stone” it’s like she’s more of an object than a person to him so I don’t think that says anything about who she really is and what she can provide.

    It’s really simple: the diamond person fell in love and the person singing didn’t. The person singing only admired her on a shallow level, exactly the same way you look at a diamond and want to keep it because it’s pretty, but still something he could totally live without.

    In these lyrics it’s like he’s sorry for both him and her.

    I dont think she’s supposed to be dead because the diamond comparison to a stone reminds me of their lyrics “strohl wird gold und gold wird stein” in Bestrafe Mich (straw turns to gold and gold turns to stone) showing that the value you put on something depends on the point of view.

    And I don’t think she can’t provide him love, because of her reluctancy in letting him go, it might not be the type of love he wishes he had but she definitely cared about him.

    In short, in my opinion this is about a relationship based on lust, not love. And one of them noticed that first.

    This is one of the reasons I love Rammstein! So many ways to interpret their songs, few words that leave so much to the imagination!

    Greetings from Brazil.

  7. Thank you for these translations. Does anyone else see this song as the dark mirror of their song Morgenstern, where the hideous is made beautiful in the light of love? I feel like there are, besides the theme, both some musical echoes of that song here, and also the mirrored choice of imagery, the warm light of the morning star vs. the cold sparkle of the diamond.

  8. One simply asks another not to love one, as to the one, another is nothing, but a mere stone, truly, a beautiful stone.
    So the question comes..
    If one sees another as a stone, who could tell if not one was the stone instead, and has nothing, but one’s ego, that created a gap to be in between, so one could never accept any love, but at the same time one plays (or actually is) the empath, in order not to be told what is not to be discovered by one, the stone.
    One burnt out, but has no knowlidge about it, so pretends to be the once so warm entity, while can only see one’s coldness all around one, not accepting, one sees the coldness within.

  9. @Anastasia – we are talking about that, cos thats simply what came to our minds 🙂 Your explanation has its logic too and I like it. But both theories have exactly the same probability of real meaning 🙂 and both might be wrong too

    @Moderstein – thx 😛

    @Alison – yea, to me too. Only that Diamond´s lyrics are a bit too vague in comparison (tho it gives more room to imagination)

  10. Idk why everyone keeps on talking about how a woman is beautiful, but has nothing else to offer (e.g she is dumb, arrogant etc…) Maybe she does have something else to offer. It’s not clearly stated in the song that she is (for example) stupid. Without making stuff up, and just interpreting what’s in the lyrics, it is about a woman who is wonderfully beautiful like a diamond. And it doesn’t matter if she has or hasn’t got more to offer, the point is that she is cold. She can’t show/feel/give love. She is just a stone/ cold as a stone.

  11. I think this song about beautiful, blue eyed but dead girl.When he says “But please let me go” he is saying that to her memory.And also last line he’s making a wordplay and that means she is dead.


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