Rammstein Wo bist du? lyric with English translation

Ich liebe dich
Ich liebe dich nicht
Ich liebe dich nicht mehr
Ich liebe dich nicht mehr oder weniger als du
Als du mich geliebt hast
Als du mich noch geliebt hast

Die schönen Mädchen sind nicht schön
Die warmen Hände sind so kalt
Alle Uhren bleiben stehen
Lachen ist nicht mehr gesund und bald

Such ich dich hinter dem Licht
Wo bist du
So allein will ich nicht sein
Wo bist du

Die schönen Mädchen sind nicht schön
Die warmen Hände sind so kalt
Alle Uhren bleiben stehen
Lachen ist nicht mehr gesund, und bald

Ich suche dich hinter dem Licht
Wo bist du
So allein will ich nicht sein
Wo bist du
Ich such dich unter jedem Stein
Wo bist du
Ich schlaf mit einem Messer ein

Wo bist du
I love you
I love you not
I love you no more
I love you no more or less than you
Than you loved me
When you still loved me

The pretty girls are not pretty
The warm hands are so cold
All clocks have stopped
It's no longer healthy to laugh, and soon

I'll look for you behind the light
Where are you?
I don't want to be so alone
Where are you?

The pretty girls are not pretty
The warm hands are so cold
All clocks have stopped
It's no longer healthy to laugh, and soon

I look for you behind the light
Where are you
I don't want to be so alone
Where are you
I look for you under every stone
Where are you
I fall asleep with a knife

Where are you?

“Wo bist du?” (Where are you?) is a song that was supposed to be on Reise, Reise but because Rammstein wanted to make Reise, Reise the hardest album they have made so far, it was felt that the song was too gentle and it was left out. The song begins with a clarinet and then the rest of the instruments begin to play. The song is different because the keyboard is the instrument that is easiest to hear.


  1. This song resonated with me so much after my cousin died even before I saw the translation of the title let alone the full song. There was something very mournful and sad buried within the heavy music. When I learned the translation of the title I knew there was something to my feelings. Then the full translation came and I was not too surprised I was mostly right. My emotions didn’t quite follow in the full meaning of the song but there was a small longing to find my cousin who was taken so young. Rammstein have such a masterful command of language and music it’s awe inspiring.

  2. My take on it is that hes trying to find the same love he used to have with other women but cant since his lovers passing. The women he gets with are cold and unfeeling unlike his lover; being depressed and not feeling happy anymore. He calls out to her hoping she will return. He sleeps with a knife because he constantly thinks about ending his life just to see her again.

  3. The posts are from so long ago I feel a bit silly for even posting but I’m going to. IMO, there is one line that says a lot. He sings “It’s no longer healthy to laugh and soon,” The next line he sings “I’ll look for you behind the light.” To me, he’s saying that soon, he’ll look for her behind the light…or death.

  4. This song is so powerful. All of Rammstein’s songs are amazing to be, but Wo bist du and Mutter really stir my emotions the most.

    I love Rammstein so much, I’m beyond grateful for them.

  5. IMO, this is another one of Till’s beloved twists: the entire way through the song he leads the listener to believe that he is looking for this woman to reunite with her…but… in that last line, he cleverly reveals that he is actually looking for her because she is seeking him out in order to harm him: SHE is hunting HIM – and he is on a knife-edge, having to watch out everywhere for her, like a child checking in the closet and under the bed for the monster… ;o)

    • LOL, while you did notice the dark edge of this song, you’ve interpreted things the wrong way. He’s looking for her. No, not looking. Hunting!

    • Pretty sure its about him killing himself in the end to “go behind the light” and find his dead lover

  6. Sounds to me like she’s already dead and he probly think so, because of some disaster. He’s not sure because he can’t find her body, he’s looking under rocks litterally.
    If he can’t find her he’ll assume the worst and look for her in death.

  7. Omg ;( i cry every time when i listen to this song… My girl, broke up with me, and this song is so depressing now…

  8. Each time I listen to this song, it makes me think of the woman I thought loved me, who I could never think about living without, yet she turned out to be a horrible person, undeserving of anything decent.. Yet still after all this time, knowing that anyone will still be better for me, I still cry at night because she’s not with me.. I miss her more than anyone else, even though she’s bad for me, and sometimes nearly drove me to suicide with her words…

  9. I don’t get how this wouldn’t be on reuse resize if it had been intended to be. If you can put ohne ditch on there then surely this song could lol but it was there choice. I bought the album especially for this song. Could’ve been a single. Ich liebe Rammstein!!!

  10. You’ve all gone soft, this is a Rammstein song. A gentle love song till the twist at the end – THE KNIFE! He’s saying “When I find you, if I can’t have you then no one will”

  11. This song reminds me of my girlfriend… who is moving in a couple of months… it makes me cry every time I hear this song.

  12. Barely understand german working my way through the albums my god these guys rock, best way to learn german lol. This song is awsome

  13. Rammstein is the best!

    I LOVE this song I think I broke a record, I have had this song stuck in my head for perhaps 3 months? it just will not go!!!!!

    love it!


    I actually do sleep with a knife right by me xD

  14. With this song I kind of get the feeling that he can’t stand losing her and his frevent search is going to end in a murder and suicide. It’s kind of like he’s saying “I will search everywhere for you, I will leave no stone unturned, oh, and by the way, I sleep with a knife”
    To me it comes across as quite menacing.
    That all being said, I love this song.

  15. “Ich schlaf’ mit einem Messer” means “I SLEEP with a knife”
    “Ich schlaf’ mit einem Messer ein” means “I FALL ASLEEP with a kinfe”

  16. in the line near the end, “Ich schlaf mit einem Messer ein” there is a -large- pause between Messer and ein. Does anyone know if it is an example of wordplay or something? Would the meaning be changed at all without the ‘ein’ at the end? I speak pretty much no german, so i would really appreciate if any german speakers could enlighten me!

    • I don’t think it’s wordplay, but what do I know?

      I sleep with one Knife – one

      Perhaps he is repeating one to reinforce the notion he has ONE knife, but why he would do that? Let me hope a german pop by.

    • It actually could be wordplay. The translation is rather “I (a)-sleep with a knife. To fall asleep is “einschlafen” in German. Parenthesing the predicate is a very common grammatical phenomenon in German.
      He is basicly saying: I | sleep with a knife – (fall a-).

  17. @LIZZIE
    “Ich such’ dich unter jedem Stein” is a shouldn’t be taken literally. It is an idiom wich means “I will search you everywhere

  18. Sleeping with a knife? First what I imagine is him stabbing himself with that knife -> this song is about suicide..

  19. I definitely think you are right and I love that train of thought but I am stuck on the “Ich such dich unter jedem Stein” It all fits together except that line really. Soon he’s going to look for her behind the light, he doesn’t want to be alone, he falls asleep with a knife, he looks for her under rocks… what?

  20. Yeah, falling asleep with a knife obviously refers to the final sleep (death), and with all that has gone before that fits perfectly as an ending

  21. @ mrwafflesmonster
    I think you’ve summed it up perfectly. That’s how I see it as well….’ look behind the light ‘, look behind the light of life.

  22. About the ‘falling asllep with a knife bit’,
    he obviously feels that without this person he is lost; ‘The pretty girls are not pretty The warm hands are so cold All clocks have stopped
    It’s no longer healthy to laugh’, he cannot function and his life lacks any happiness
    then the lyrics say; ‘and soon I’ll look for you behind the light. Where are you? I don’t want to be so alone. Where are you?’
    It’s pretty obvious (i think) that the ‘look behind the light’ refers to suicide, when you take into account the rest of the song, almost the last thing that is said is ‘i fall asleep with a knife’, he doesn’t want to feel so alone so he is searching for her, for completeness and happiness ‘behind the light’, whether he finds it is debatable as he is still asking where she is while he does so

  23. i really think this song is brilliant i could listen to it a hundred times over and still wont be bored of it ive been a rammstein fan since i was 12 and im 18 now so thats 6 years when i first heard this song i didnt think much of it untill i read the english lyrics its a pure love song and i think theres 4 love songs on the rosenrot album im not sure my favourite song has to be ohne dich that song is really soft dunt ya think and its on the reise reise album im confused shouldnt that song be on a different album cuz ohne dich is way too soft

  24. Alot of people, ive noticed, are confused by the sleeping with a knife lyric. if you think about the song you know he’s worry about something, sleeping with a knife refers to him not being secure without that person, so he does his best to stay safe through the dark times without the light( or the person he’s waiting for)

  25. Personally, i dont think that Reise, Reise is to hard. Sure, for example Mein Teil is pretty heavy, Stein um Stein is heavy at many parts, Amour and Stein um Stein is.. 50/50, both hard and soft parts. And so on, i think Herzleid is harder on its own way without its neccesary that is much / less loudier. Anyways, i like Rammstein pretty good,i think the texts are genious. Im sure many is disagreeing with me, but thats just my opinion =) (Comment to the “info”)

    I like this song pretty good, its calm and easy ^^, which says that Rammstein can make both hard and soft songs (ofc Wo bist du isent the only song proving this).

  26. it’s been a minute and i still haven’t recieved the lyrics from the second album. love the new stuff it’s grown on me like mother.ahhhhhhh ive gotten worse. but i’ll be fine things are turning round


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