About Affenknecht

This website was founded on 14. March 2005. It was only a simple page with a few links. Nowadays it represents a huge information storage which helps fans to know more about this amazing band.

I also have to thank many volunteers who help us improve the web and translate it into other languages.

What is the purpose of this website?

I’ve decided to make this website at first just because I like the Rammstein band. I also like communication with all the fans, especially from Europe. That’s why this is a multiplanguage site: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech and Russian. I have to thank all the people who helped me with evolving the website to its current state. Without you, dear visitors & contributors, this site would have died. But as you can see, it is growing constantly. Thank you.

Previous versions of this website

You are currently browsing the fifth webdesign of Affenknecht.

Affenkencht webdesign introduced on 12th December 2005 (serving 10 years):


Webdesign of the website before 12th December 2005:
first webdesigndeveloped designnon-released designlast design before current

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  • Everyone has an opportunity to improve this website by submitting new articles
  • The topic of articles you submit must have some relation to the Rammstein band or its members or hard music in general
  • Newly registered users have following title: ‘journalist’. It means that if you write new post, it needs to be moderated before it is displayed on the index page of Affenknecht. But if you prove yourself, you will get higher rights so that your article is displayed immediately.
  • Vulgar, insults and articles against law will not be published.
  • Administrators of this website reserves the right to delete any inappropriate posts and comments.
  • If you register just to release some kind of spam, your account will be deleted and your IP blocked


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