Rammstein Waidmanns Heil lyric with English translation

Ich bin in Hitze schon seit Tagen
So werd ich mir ein Kahlwild jagen
Und bis zum Morgen sitz' ich an
Damit ich Blattschuss geben kann	

Auf dem Lande, auf dem Meer,
lauert das Verderben
Die Kreatur muss sterben!

Ein Schmaltier auf die Läufe kommt
Hat sich im hohen Ried gesonnt
Macht gute Fährte tief im Tann
Der Spiegel glänzt, ich packe an
Der Wedel zuckt wie Fingeraal
Die Flinte springt vom Futteral	

Weidmanns manns manns manns Heil!	

Ich fege mir den Bast vom Horn
Und gebe ein gestrichenes Korn

Weidmanns manns manns manns Heil!
Auf dem Lande, auf dem Meer,
lauert das Verderben
Die Kreatur muss sterben!
Weidmanns manns manns manns Heil!
Weidmanns manns manns manns Heil!

Sie spürt die Mündungsenergie
Feiner Schweiss tropft auf das Knie

Auf dem Lande, auf dem Meer,
lauert das Verderben
Die Kreatur muss sterben!
Weidmanns manns manns manns Heil!

Lyric © Rammstein
I have been in heat for a few days
So I'll go and hunt a female deer*
And until the morning I will sit there hidden
So that I can give it a shoulder shot

On the land, on the see
Lurks the destruction
The creature must die

A young female deer** comes to her feet
She had sunbathed in the high reeds
Makes good tracks deep into the forest
The mirror*** gleams and I grab it
The tail twitches like a finger eel
The shotgun jumps from the sheath

Hunters’ salute

I sweep the bast from the horn****
And aim the gun accurately

Hunter’s salute
On the land, on the sea
Lurks the destruction
The creature must die
Hunters salute
Hunter’s salute

She feels the muzzle energy
A fine drop of blood***** drips on the knee

On the land, on the sea
Lurks the destruction
The creature must die
Hunter’s salute

Translation © Affenknecht.com

Submitted by EinHeisserSchrei

Translation Notes:

This song is full of German hunters’ jargon, which does not translate well into English.

* Kahlwild, literally bald deer = a deer without antlers, a female one

** Schmaltier, literally slim animal = a young female one, which has not given birth yet
*** Spiegel, literally mirror, is the white backside of the deer, as to be seen here: http://www.gs-rothenburg.privat.t-online.de/images/bilder/reh-spiegel.jpg

****Every year the male deer get new antlers (”Horn”), which are first covered in a thin skin (”Bast”). They use to rub (”fegen”, literally sweep) their antlers against trees to get rid of this skin.

*****Normally, Schweiß would mean sweat, but in the context of hunting, it’s the deer’s blood.


  1. Line 12: “backe an” not “packe an”.
    Anbacken is German hunters’ language. It means “to come to the ready” (to bring the “Backe” (=cheek) into shooting position, touching the rifle’s comb).


    “gestrichenes Korn”: the notch and bead sights (German: Kimme und Korn) are in a line.

  2. I love this song, does anyone have a link to where I can download the STUDIO VERSION not the live version, or a cover Version, just the normal studio version, I can’t find it anywhere, I’m despret, please!!

  3. Recently watched a programme about The Somme in WW1 and Waidmanns Heil was translated as ” Good Hunting”

  4. When I read the translations, it really just sounds like analogies for going out and getting laid, albiet aiming for a younger/virgin target. I’ve referred to going out with the express hope of finding a girl and convincing her to let me stick part of me into part of her, as hunting before… If you continue the analogy, making a “kill” is just scoring/getting laid/whatever… The rest is just continuing the story.

  5. The people who don’t bother to find out what Till and Rammstein are actually saying in their songs are NOT RAMMSTEIN FANS.

    They are just music fans who stumbled upon Rammstein. A few are pro-Nazi and want to believe the Band are secretly on their side. Some are anti-Nazi for good reason, and some are just people who love to _itch about anything they think might get a rise out of more intelligent people. (Who otherwise don’t notice them – for good reason…)

    Of ALL the bands currently in this world, Rammstein’s words DO MEAN SOMETHING. Their Punk roots alone should make that clear if you know anything about modern music…

  6. And @joey, u retard “Heil Hitler” (not being racist just an example) is not “Hunting Hitler”.. they are SALUTING him… Heil IS salute


  8. I know! It’s hysterical. And now the big “funeral” in Berlin. Is that about sex? Hmmm… Besides they obviously think sex is funny – don’t any of these fans ever watch their SHOWS?

  9. People are retarded lol. They have some songs with VERY powerful meanings and all some of these people can do is blubber like infants claiming every song they make is about sex…

  10. Exact! If Herr L. can make a thing have two meanings – wonderful! If he can make it have three, why not? If one of these offends someone among “the easily offended” all the better!

  11. Thank you Hello Kitty.

    Yes, I think it is best not to stretch very far to make connections about poetry, culture or lyrics. 🙂 In a coincidence, I was at a local German restaurant and saw a “beer stein” and the words on it were “cool drink and hot hunting” in German. “Kühler Trunk und Heiße Jagd”. Very common hunter’s themes. The central picture is two Jaegers showing off a fox skin to their barmaid. (Not trying to shoot her!) I had to buy it! It is now my “Waidmanns Heil” mug.

  12. Unquestionably consider that that you said. Your favourite justification seemed to be at the web the simplest thing to consider of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed whilst folks think about issues that they plainly don’t know about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest neatly as defined out the entire thing without having side-effects , folks could take a signal. Will likely be again to get more. Thank you

  13. This song really is about hunting a deer. Till has a license and hunts. Much of it also appears in his poetry collection “Messer”, in the poem “Sautod” (Sow’s death).

    A hunter lies in wait for game, even overnight sometimes, in a “blind” or “hide”. A shoulder shot should hit the heart, which is near the shoulder and make a quick “clean kill” – therefore this is a responsible hunter trying to do it right. The blood would drip straight down onto the doe’s knee.

    (“Winging” means a bad shot – from BIRD hunting where a shot in the wing is either useless or leaves a wounded bird limping through the sky.)

    Aside from the habit of double meaning in Rammstein, this is pretty straightforward. Many hunters feel both a sense of triumph and sensucht at the death of their prey. This has been written about by hunters for centuries. And yes, hunters do draw parallels between hunting a mate and hunting prey. Hopefully no “sterben” in the first instance!

    Not a City Girl!

    • I hope you do realize that deer hunting is a metaphor for hunting for women. (Hunting as in like a relationship thing.) And if im wrong they are a vampire emo type band so vampires would also eat female deer. Which hences another metaphor.

  14. This is a very intriguing song because I feel that men need women and guitar hero warriors of rock has this song on it

  15. Hmmmm,well Rammstein is creepy as hell. But their music is awesome as hell. I listen for the sound, i dont speak German. SO! What they sing about doesn’t really bother me, cause I don’t bother to look. But the good thing about bands like Rammstein is they do offer dual meanings in their songs and leave a lot of room for interpritation, even if you come to a completely different idea than what the band meant it’s still right. So I have rendered all other arguments invalid. You may thank me now.

  16. I have read all the comments, which are quite interesting. But, this song had a different impact on me… Yes, the lyrics could be saying that the song is about hunting young virgins, but when I heard it for the first time, I felt… well, like something bad left me alone.
    For me, “Die Kreatur” refers to a person, a feeling, or a memory of something bad that has a disturbing influence on someone. It needs to be put away quickly, so the victim decisively yells “STERBEN!!!!” ( something like “DIE ALREADY!!!”). He is desperately trying to get rid of it once and for all, because it has been stalking him for a very long time (“Auf dem Lande, auf dem Meer, lauert das verderben…”). He is running after it, but it is constantly getting away, and is very hard to catch and neutralize. At one moment, he nearly catches it (“Sie spürt die Mündungsenergie, Feiner Schweiss tropft auf das Knie”)…

    A great hunger for mental relaxation, this is what I would say this song is about.
    I don’t know, I could be wrong, but this is how I see it…

    • I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the serial killer Robert Hansen, who’s preferred method was to “fly them out to his cabin in the Knik River Valley in his private plane, and stalk and kill them with a hunting knife and a .223-caliber Mini-14 rifle.”* http://murderpedia.org/male.H/h/hansen-robert.htm
      If the speaker in the lyrics is Robert Hansen, or character based on him, this would support the theory that ‘Till’ (the commenter, not the singer…) presents: the speaker is chasing “something bad [that left him] alone”. It is theorized that Robert Hansen commited his crimes to get revenge on the young women who shunned him in his adolescence.
      In the lyrics there are strong sexual undertones. Keeping Hansen in mind, the sexuality in the song is straight out rape. There is definitely a dominance of the presumably male speaker over the presumably female “prey”, and Hansen committed far more rapes than he did murders, (though the numbers keep going up Hansen’s body count.) However, I don’t think that rape is the only way to interpret the sexuality presented in the song. If someone with a fetish wants to use this song as their anthem, (and no one actually gets hurt) far be it from me to tell them not to.

  17. You think this is too much? Then do some research about the “Fritzl case” and listen to “Wiener Blut”.

    Rammstein rules all.

  18. well , this song is pure poetry and i cant understand people who complain about till facing the reality , if you are so stupid you think he`s hesitating people to rape virging with blood and so on you should seek serious help , till shows he`s insightfulness when he bring up these subjects and talking about sex in its true perspective, that most people cant handle it well , that its a subject of destuction and not feeling well perspective , it s so obvious if you have listen to rammstein in the past that he`s not talking about himself in that way , but more in a poetical way , like illustrating what can happen to people when they come in contact with sex, religion and other ideologies, and the fact he`s systematic line up it like a reality/fairy tale view , he`s truly aware of the meaning and the negatives , so think about it in many perspetives instead of yelling ……

  19. I agree with the double meaning of this song. It could be about hunting in sport or for women.

    Why does Till hate women? No wonder he makes all these somewhat sexist songs…

    I apologize, I’m not really aware of this stuff. I would like to know. Oh wait, why is he married?

  20. @ Kazzandra: I disagree. This album is about relationships and hurt. That this song IS ABOUT the objectification of women doesn’t mean it ADVOCATES it. The lyrics don’t *need* to say it’s wrong for you to see it.

    The lyrics to Waidmanns Heil explore the vision of a male nymphomaniac who hunts for sex, just like Mein Teil explores the POV of a willing cannibalism victim, Weisses Fleisch and Hallelujah of pedophiles, Heirate Mich of a necrophiliac, Bestrafe Mich of a religious masochist and so on. Nobody’s ever accused them of being any of these things. Permit me to doubt that they’re defending them, too.

    Besides, other songs like Stein Um Stein and Tier are just the contrary. They tell of stories in where rapists and abusers are clearly pointed out to be insane and undeserving of respect.

    Lookie, it’s a common mistake to think that when a song says “I”, the singer is referring to himself. Till is not talking about himself; he sings about the “poetic I”, a character the song is about. Or does Mann Gegen Mann mean he’s a promiscuous homosexual? That would limit a lot the things they can sing about, don’t you think?

    Either way, if you’ve ever been upset about songs talking about perverse sexual situations, I don’t think Rammstein ever was your band in a first place.


  21. ‘Lauert das verderben’ translates more appropriatly as ‘lurks the corruption’. The word ‘Verderben’ is completely on par with ‘corruption’ and all it’s various connotations. Lauert=lurks. Completely fitting with the song’s perverse underlying sexual theme.

  22. @XIII. This album might be the most blunt in Rammstein’s arsenal. We’re (long time Rammstein fans) are getting hit over the head with the dark meanings– they are obvious, simple, not even very deep, metaphors. This is not the best of Rammstein’s poetry, perhaps I should say. You can’t play many of the songs on this album near a German-minded ear– it’s so bluntly obvious to what the songs are referring. You can’t gloss this one very many ways. It’s hunting or rape.

    And the whole album is also very “women-are-objects” (to eat, to hurt, to rape) oriented. It’s not a good point of view, but this is Rammstein’s performance, and we have to respect it.

    It’s hard to respect though. I think they even shocked the fans this time.

  23. The translations are vague and are meant to be interpreteted. music and lyrics mostly are to inspire. Dont close your mind to things you dont understand. Try not to voice your opinion if you do not know better. Try to enjoy the music. Not bitch about it.

  24. i cant believe some people (rammstein fans?) dont understand the lyrics. its obviously about stalking and raping virgins, im disappointed that such easy metaphors and similes are misinterpreted.

  25. well it looks like virgin raping to me.he says that he will stay all night hiden and waiting for a female deer.in the end he says that a blood droop drips on her knee.

  26. The lyrics go like this: “ich backe an” and not “ich packe an”. Anbacken is another German hunter’s term which basically means: “To put the gun to the cheek / jowl (die Backe)and start aiming” But as the notes say the jargon does not translate well into English

  27. I think all Rammstein songs have poetic and blunt value so that it can be applied to as many situations as possible. In this case, you could see simply the hunting deer aspect, or you can apply it as a metaphor for hunting women and the primitive attraction we all have for sex.

  28. @Ryan
    Ich fege mir den Bast vom Horn
    Und gebe ein gestrichenes Korn

    Why would the hunter have a bast, let alone antlers?
    I can assure you he’s not walking up to a *female* deer and sweeping away her non-existent bast. This is actually pretty straight forward double meaning – it’s usually buried much deeper. And watch the making of the album vids.

  29. Both interpretations are meant. Rammstein songs are known for their use of metaphor and double meanings. That’s the beauty and art of the lyrics.

    The song is still about hunting….. in all it’s forms.

  30. You guys are all speculating and its getting out of control. The song in about hunting. The only thing you need to understand is the meaning of Waidmanns Heil and there you go.

  31. Obviously it is about hunting women. Here’s why:

    1. Album art! How easy was that?
    2. Die Flinte springt vom Futteral – metaphor for an erection (guns don’t jump or move)
    3. Ich fege mir den Bast vom Horn – he’s not trying to look pretty, he’s pulling back his foreskin. @JAFO
    4. Sie spürt die Mündungsenergie – the ejaculation.
    5. Die Kreatur muss sterben – refers to virgin women as creatures that should be eradicated. The entire song refers to young girls as deer/ prey.

    After all the albums they’ve made, we all should know Till hates women. The uterus is the root of all evil, LOL.

  32. maybe im over interpreting, but this song seems to view woman as sex objects. Has sex with, then the “creature” is has no reason to live.

    hmmm, i donnu i might be wrong.

  33. I think that the song is about a man’s wish to have a sex with virgin girls again and again. And this is called as a game or a hunt, where the hunted animal is ‘cherry’ ( =hymen ?) which is broken through (here it must die) when a woman/girl has the first sex in her life.

  34. I think I read an interview, where they told that to song is about sex and “hunting” for sex.
    Gestrichenes Korn is a shooting term: aiming target the both sights (or beads) of a gun levelled. (See picture: http://www.sg-adelsheim.de/Download/Pistolentraining.pdf) In english Proper sight picture or proper sight alignment. Not very poetic. Painted grain sounds better, but it refers to painted wood/timber grain (furniture, doors…).

    I thought that Kahlwild is a female (red) deer, a calf isn’t necessary.

  35. Somehow I think that in the song the word ‘flinte’ is not referring to a rifle/shotgun.

    Consider the text “Iche fege mir die bast from Horn …”, which sounds like the person is the male deer rubbing its horn against a tree in order to make himself look ‘good’ for the female.

    I suppose only Rammstein really knows what the song means.

  36. This is without a doubt the best song of the album, its one of the hardest rocking and Till sings it beautifully, if Links and Rosenrot had a baby, waidmanns heil would be it

  37. Blattschuss – Shoulder shot, in english I have heard a slang term “winged” (hit where a wing would be) for a shot in the shoulder.

  38. Auf dem Lande, auf dem Meer,
    lauert das Verderben

    Litterally, on the country, on the sea but what it means here is:

    On the land, on the sea
    Lurks destruction

  39. In hunting / Jägersprache

    Kahlwild = A hind with calf
    Alttier = Hind (female deer, which have give birth )
    Schmaltier = jinnock (pubertal female)
    Blattschuss = shoulder shot(well dont know how u call it in english)

    Ried = reed

  40. and hey why can’t anyone copy the translations?r u (translator) trying to have a some kind of copy right thingy??
    what if i want the translations,,maybe i give it to someone and they can correct it!!???

  41. ok mr.thule!if the song is about sex,would u mind e-mail it to me??
    i mean i found some mistakes in the translations,but my german is not great, my english is better!
    and whomever it is who translated should have waited at least one other week cuz the album been out just 1 day ago!

  42. Kahlwild probably is best translated as (small?) game like deer.
    Schmalltier is a very young animal that’s not yet mature.
    I think if it were a human it’d probably be a teenager.


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