Rammstein Singles


  1. RAMMSTEIN!!! I’m 23 and I’ve been listening to this amazing band since the 90s…. I think 97 was when I first hear them. I still, to this date, have yet to find my favorite song or album. Rammstein I think is going to be one of those rare bands that will never sell themselves out and will continue to make each album just as amazing as the first! ALL HAIL R+!!!

  2. time to put in “ich tu dir weh” i just saw it on youtube…but they changed the tune of the song, so it wont be blocked

  3. Rammstein are simply the greatest Industrial band in the world.. they are the first non-english, non-american band I listened to and I see no reason why I should look for any more.

    ILY Rammstein!!

    x x x

  4. Rammstein`s Music is the biggest adventure in modern
    gothic-rock. Can`t wait til the new album is released
    Volkerball has been in the DVD-Player for so long, the
    live performing suits the music at its best. See you on
    the road as your tour through scandinavia in the new year
    Yours ole

  5. rammstein es una verdadera verga para le musica rock son chingones y eso nadien lo cambia exito rammstein reise reise

  6. they are just good, i love them.Rammstein music is powerful,i never get tired to listen them.!!!!!!!!!

  7. What, no comments, HOW DARE YOU!!!! Post something, here. Anyways, I think that all of their singles are simply amazing, 10/10. Why hasn’t anyone posted yet… GOD!




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