Rammstein Stunts at Live Shows

If you’ve been to a Rammstein concert, you will know how truly special they are. Rammstein pull out all the stops and their live shows are some of the most spectacular ever. The most important part of the shows is the pyrotechnics. Till is fire mad and Rammstein have been known to cancel gigs (e.g. London Astoria) because authorities have told them to cut a percentage of their pyrotechnics. A normal Rammstein gig is not possible. It is always breath-taking and extraordinary.

The following list shows the stunts that you are likely to see at a Rammstein gig. If you get the chance to go to one then take it, there is nothing better!


Flamming keyboard:

keyboard.gif - 6129 Bytes
The keyboard is smeared with a fire paste which sets it alight. There is a ‘Whoo!’ song that is
heard at the same time, simply a recording of Till saying ‘Whoo!’

Flamming mic:

When Guitarists Paul and Richard sing backing vocals to ‘Asche zu asche’ the mics are set on
fire. They are wrapped in silver foil and have a long fuse poking out of them. The fuse is lit and the mics are engulfed.

Flamming coat:

coat.gif - 6437 Bytes

This stunt starts with
Till emerging from the floor. He wears a special fire-proof coat which is engulfed in flames. The coat stops Till getting burnt whilst this is performed during the playing of ‘Rammstein’


Paul, Richard and Oliver
have flamethrowers strapped to their guitars, which let out a burning concoction of air and petroleum and a high pressure. These flamthrowers were used to ignite Till’s coat, but it is very dangerous, as they may ignite the wrong things, so they don’t do that anymore.


During ‘Weisses Fleisch’
Till has aluminium tubes strapped to both feet. To set them off he stomps on a speaker and then jumps down onto the stage.


At the beginning of ‘Du
Riechst so Gut’ the fire elbow shoots a firework/rocket along a thin wire above the audience, which sprays sparks out.


A bow loaded with fireworks which are shot out by a member of the band.

Firethrower mouth

Rammstein blow into tubes which spread fire from their mouths!

Flash Pots:

Pots are loaded into the stage which spray flames up

Special drumsticks

drumsticks.gif - 4871 Bytes
During ‘Engel’ Christoph uses special drumsticks, packed with magnesium tubes like the ones used for Till’s foot sparklers. They let out loads of sparks which spray over the stage. Now, you don’t get that at a Backstreet Boy’s concert, do you???


drumsticks.gif - 4871 Bytes
Till throws firework bangers up into the air.


At the end of ‘Fire frei’
there are two big explosions out of the flash pots on stage when Till sings ‘Bang bang’ for the final time.


Smoke seaps out of Till’s clothes



This Masochist stunt,
performed in ‘Sehnsucht’ involves Till hitting himself in the head, bursting a packet of blood which drips and splashes down his head.


drumsticks.gif - 4871 Bytes
Oliver often wears a mask on stage.

Laser googles:

laser.gif - 4125 Bytes
Till has a Laser pointer attatched to his goggles which points a red laser out into the crowd.


whip.gif - 8184 Bytes
During ‘Bestrafe Mich’
(The translation is ‘Punish me’, so you can see the relevance of the whip!) Till hits himself with a ‘Cat O nine tales’ the original whips had little fragments of glass embedded in them and were used mainly to punish slaves. Till’s version, however, isn’t as dangerous.


dildo.gif - 5440 Bytes
Rammstein are very famous for this stunt, and some magazines criticise them for it, simply
because it’s a bit different. During ‘Buch dich’ (‘Bend down’) Till whips this out of his trousers. It has a hose running through it and Till sprays the audience and Flake with it! So what is the liquid that sprays out? ‘Now it’s Pernod [a French liqueur] and water,’ laughs Flake. ‘It smells good. Last year, we got milk and it was horrible–it created quite an odor. And then he tried a powdered mix, but that, shall we say, clogged the pipe. As much as he tried, nothing came out.
And we know how embarrassing it is when nothing comes out!’

Crowd sailing:

If Rammstein are gonna crowd surf, they’re bloody well gonna do it in style! They have a big
inflatable dingy and the members take it in turns each night to sail across the crowd, then back onto the stage. Not particularly spectacular, but a nice touch all the same!


Flake’s dance:

flakedance.gif - 7380 Bytes
This is the most dangerous stunt on the Rammstein set. Flake, the keyboardist, runs around the stage acting nuts… doing some strange, crazy moves!

Laser beams:

There are 6 little UFO shaped discs at the top of the stage they shoot down lasers to shine on the band or the audience


  1. I love all the pyrotechnics they use. Does anyone have any info on the Backpack that shoots flames that Till wears for Rammstein?

  2. The flamethrower masks aren’t used by blowing into them. There’s a small tank with a nozzle on the top. It’s clearly seen in Voelker Ball.


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