Rammstein Morgenstern lyric with English translation

Sie ist hässlich dass es graut
wenn sie in den Himmel schaut
Dann fürchtet sich das Licht
Scheint ihr von unten ins Gesicht
So muss sie sich am Tag verstecken
Will das Licht doch nicht erschrecken
Lebt im Schatten bis der Schein vergeht
Sieht einen Stern im Zwielicht prangen und fleht
Mal mir Schönheit auf die Wangen

Morgenstern ach scheine
auf das Antlitz mein
Wirf ein warmes Licht
auf mein Ungesicht
Sag mir ich bin nicht alleine
Hässlich, du bist hässlich

Ich bin allein zur Nacht gegangen
Die späten Vögel nicht mehr sangen
Sah Sonnenkinder im Gewimmel und so
rief ich in den gestirnten Himmel

Morgenstern ach scheine
auf die Liebste meine
Wirf ein warmes Licht
auf ihr Ungesicht
Sag ihr sie ist nicht alleine

Morgenstern ach scheine
auf die Seele meine
Wirf ein warmes Licht
auf ein Herz das bricht
Sag ihr dass ich weine
Denn du, du bist hässlich
Du bist einfach hässlich
Der Mensch ist doch ein Augentier
Schöne Dinge wünsch' ich mir
Doch du, du bist nicht schön, nein

Morgenstern ach scheine
auf die Liebste meine
Wirf ein warmes Licht
auf ihr Ungesicht
Sag ihr sie ist nicht alleine

Und der Stern will scheinen
Auf die Liebste meine
Wärmt die Brust mir bebt
wo das Leben schlägt
Mit dem Herzen sehen
Sie ist wunderschön
She's so ugly that it gets dark
when she looks into the sky
Then the light is frightened
It shines into her face from below
So she must hide during the day
She just doesn't want to scare the light
She lives in the shadows until the glow fades
She sees a star shining in the twilight and pleads
Paint beauty onto my cheeks

Morningstar, oh shine
onto the visage of mine
Cast a warm light
onto my frightening face
Tell me I'm not alone
Ugly, you are ugly

I went alone in the night
The late birds no longer sang
I saw children of the sun in the throng so
I cried into the starry heavens

Morningstar, oh shine
onto the beloved of mine
Cast a warm light
onto her frightening face
Tell her she's not alone

Morningstar, oh shine
onto the soul of mine
Cast a warm light
onto a heart that's breaking
Tell her that I'm crying
Because you, you are ugly
You are simply ugly
Humans are just creatures of the eye
Beautiful things are what I want
But you, you aren't beautiful, no

Morningstar, oh shine
onto the beloved of mine
Cast a warm light
onto her frightening face
Tell her she's not alone

And the star wants to shine
onto the beloved of mine
It warms my breast and shakes
where life beats
To see with the heart
she is simply beautiful

A girl who is so ugly that she hides from the daylight so as not to scare it away. At night she pleads with the morning star to make her beautiful.


  1. Morning star has a double meaning. In the Old Testament it is a reference to Lucifer.
    Isaiah 14:12
    In the New Testament it refers to Jesus.
    2 Peter 1:19
    Revelations 2:28
    Revelations 22:16
    Which of the two is meant is up to the listener.

    • Pleading to a morningstar for vanity? Thats not something to ask god for as vanity is one of the deadly sins. Sorry to ruin your pro jesus rally

  2. I always thought this song was about a woman so hideous, she was begging Lucifer (aka the Morningstar) out of despair to make a deal with her in order to be beautiful so she could leave isolation and feel the love she was missing.

  3. The way I see this song is a female angel is cast from Heaven for being ugly and begs the sun / God / Head-angel-in-charge to forgive her and love her despite her ugliness. A man comes upon this angel and ALSO begs the sun / God / angels to love her because, despite her ugliness, the human man still sees her as wonderful despite her visage. As she begs the Heavens to grace their light on her, he too begs her (as an angel) to cast her light on HIM.

  4. I think this is one of the most beautiful songs by Rammstein. Either way, it’s a close competition between Nebel, Amour and this. I love all of Rammsteins music, whether it be portraying insanity such as Benzin, or compassion and messages like these

  5. The translation is really good, i would say nobody could do better than that. Anyway some meaning got lost. For example the verb “grauen” has two meanings in German. The one that fits with the sentence has been used here, but in the context of the song, it could
    easily be interpreted the other way too before the second line is said –
    “She so ugly that it’s horrifying”

  6. In my opinion this song represents the third person point of view. Focusing on the world’s views on a woman. A woman who isnt quite beautiful in their standards. How she wishes endlessly to be considered beautiful. The song then goes towards a male’s perspective and how he feels a certain love for her. Because he does not see her with his eyes but rather his heart. He then goes on to say, or perhaps proclaim his hate for the world and its disgusting nature. Because humans are creatures of the eye, refusing to look beneath appearance for what true beauty resides within the soul. He calls the world ugly while hoping upon the same stars that she will see the value in herself as he has seen.

    In essence this song is a love story, just given a dark, allen poe-esque twist. It definitely does speak on morality and difference in opinion when love is involved – sincerely, a kreeper.

    • He is right. The nickname of Morning Star is commonly given to Venus. In Greek Mythology, Lucifer is Venus. In fact, Lucifer is the latin name for Venus. It was the morning star to ancient Rome. That makes this song all the more interesting.

  7. I think the song is about the fashion and beauty industry. This woman is so convinced of her ugliness that she hides away, and every time she begs to Lucifer (the Morning Star, Morgenstern) to make her beautiful. But the beauty industry doesn’t want people to feel beautiful, it wants them to feel ugly, so they need the products it offers.
    How crushing, the impossible beauty of photoshopped models, shining like stars, all saying to this poor woman “Ugly, you are ugly.”


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