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This is a list of books about Rammstein or its members.

Yukon: Mein gehasster Freund Yukon: Mein gehasster Freund
Yukon: Mein gehasster Freund (English: Yukon: My hated friend) is a newly announced book featuring Till Lindemann and Joey Kelly, two men of extremes. One is the frontman of Rammstein and at the same time the lyricist. The other is a member of the Kelly Family and the extreme athlete. How do they experience this trip? Two prominent names – who are the people behind it? What connects two different personalities? 

Hardback edition: 192 Pages
Publishing company: NG Buchverlag GmbH; Edition: 1
Release date 10. October 2017
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3866906404
ISBN-13: 978-3866906402

Rammstein on Fire: New Perspectives on the Music and Performances
Release date: September 27, 2013
This volume contains 13 original essays exploring Rammstein’s stage performance and recorded works from multiple academic perspectives. Topics range from Rammstein’s connection with 19th century German literature and their East German heritage to cannibalism and the supernatural. The panoramic view of approaches to Rammstein’s music and performance goes beneath the surface and provides fan and scholar alike with a deeper appreciation for the band.
“Mein Land” Rammstein Book
Release date: 2015
“Mein Land” Rammstein Book – exclusively on the RammsteinShop! Lovingly designed photo book with 96 pages about the Rammstein video shoot for “Mein Land“, including 6 postcards. 

DIN A5 size, 4/4 colors, 96 pages, 14.8 cm x 21.0 cm

Les crasheurs de feu Rammstein – Les crasheurs de feu
Release date: February 2006
Author: Patrice Verry, A. Barde, P. JauniauxLanguage: French
Pictures: Illustrations couleur
Publisher: Camion Blanc
Pages: 315This book is written entirely in French and contains a lot of interviews and pictures.
How six Germans from East Germany revolutionized the metal music and gave a new breath to German scene. Rammstein made a success thanks to a music engraved in the marble, to cross the borders to collect the recognition and glory. Through interviews and analyses the book will try to report the formidable odyssey of this group out of the common run.
Messer Till Lindemann – Messer 

Release date: 15. November, 2002
Author: Till Lindemann
Photographer: Gert Hof and Jens Rotzsch
Language: German
Publisher: Eichborn
Pages: 176

A collection of poems written by Till Lindemann, Rammstein vocalist. Most of the poems are dark and pervers, however each of them has a deep idea inside. You can find a lot of pictures in this book showing Till in white clothing posing among white lay figures.
Till’s poems let you into the ‘real’ Till, rather than the butcher or the flamethrower on stage. Darkness is contrasted with the light. Sadness vs. happiness, suicide -he speaks about everything dark and everything that is a flowing, beautiful manner in this world. This book is not something to just throw to the side of your bed. Till’s poems let you into the “real” Till, rather than the butcher or the flamethrower on stage. Darkness is contrasted with the light. Sadness vs. happiness, suicide -he speaks about everything dark and everything that is a flowing, beautiful manner in this world.

This book is available to buy in USA | UK | Germany

Tourbook Germany 2001 Tourbook Germany 2001 

Release date: 24. October, 2002
Photographer: Matthias Matthies
Pages: 53This book contains many interesting pictures from the Mutter tour. Tourbook Germany 2001 is available only in
the Rammstein Shop.
Photographer Matthias Matthies presents impressive live pictures of the ‘Mutter’ Tour as well as rare backstage snapshots.

Ursprung Punkszene Ursprung PunkszeneRelease date: 15. October, 2002
Author: Michele BettendorfLanguage: German
Pages: 113The book Ursprung Punkszene (Origin of punk stage)
will make you discover not only the past period of the members of Rammstein, their former bands and when they met, but also many other bands, whether illegally or classified. Some time-witnesses (former punks, that risked everything to organize concerts, but also members of the bands, like for example Feeling B, Firs Arch, Die Firma or Freygang) tell about life and survival, Parties and concerts, reprisals and state security spies. Before and after the case of the wall, and today. Also a gaze to the ‘west’ is not missing…
The second part is about the phenomenon Rammstein itself…This book is available to buy in USA | UK | Germany
Mix mir einen Drink. Feeling B. Mix mir einen Drink. Feeling B. 

Release date: 1. September, 2002
Author: Roland Galenza and Heinz Havemeister
Language: GermanPublisher: Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf
Pages: 416A book about punk band Feeling B. Paul Landers and Flake Lorenz used to play in this group before formation of Rammstein. Good reading for those of you who want to find out how the life in Germany looked like in the 80’s.Book available to buy in USA | UK | Germany

Rammsteinbook Rammsteinbook 

Release date: 1. November 2001
Author: Gert HofLanguage: German and English
Publisher: Die Gestalten
Pages: 160A book full of pictures depicting Rammstein. Includes lyrics with translation and info about members as well. The official Rammstein book contains 160 pages of black & white and color high quality photographs of the band members, their familes, and their shows. There are short biographies written by all of the band members, except Oliver, and working lyrics or thoughts for some of the songs. Boy, did I ever love reading through this truly excellent compilation of common promotional and rare personal photographs in this well-worth-the-50 Deutschmarks book about the greatest German rock group of the modern, or any age, in my opinion.This book is available to buy in USA | UK

Letzte Ausfahrt: Germania Letzte Ausfahrt: Germania 

Release date: 17. December 1999
Author: Wolf-Rödiger Mählmann
Language: German
Publisher: I.P.
Pages: 288

This book is all about new German metal groups. Apart from Rammstein there are groups like Die Toten Hosen, Böhse Onkelz, Forthcoming Fire, Joachim Witt, Die Allergie or Das Ich.

This book is available to buy in USA | Germany

Rammstein: Liederbuch Rammstein: Liederbuch 

Release date: 1. January 1999
Author: Hal Leonard
Language: German
Publisher: Erschienen
Pages: 112

You can find chords and tabulatures for guitar and keyboard here.

Includes following songs:
[01] Rammstein
[02] Seemann
[03] Weisses Fleisch
[04] Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?
[05] Ashce zu Asche
[06] Du riechst so gut
[07] Sehnsucht
[08] Engel
[09] Bestrafe mich
[10] Du hast
[11] Bück dich
[12] Spiel mit mir
[13] Eifersucht
[14] Küss mich (Fellfrosch)

Book available to buy in USA | UK | Germany


  1. @Mortiana – I have. If u still need it, reply.

    A new Liederbuch would be a good idea. With all of their songs from 1995-till now.

  2. I’d love to own “Messer” since I believe it’s a masterpiece 😉

    But I’d also love to own the “Tourbook Germany 2001” and the “Rammstein (Book)” 😛

    Haha, I love Rammstein too much xD

  3. solo quiero saber si el libro messre esta disponible en venezuela de verdad que me gustaria tenerlo en mis manos gracias


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