Rammstein Halt lyric with English translation

Ich bin jetzt anders, 
sie haben mich geändert
Doch ich bin immer noch der Meinung:
Es gibt zu viele Menschen

Ich kann sie nicht ertragen, 
sie quälen mich mit Scherzen
Doch das Übel an Geräuschen 
ist das Schlagen ihrer Herzen!

Halt! Bleibt stehen!
Halt! Bleibt stehen!
Ich kann es nicht, nicht ertragen!
Hört auf zu schlagen!

Seht ihr nicht, mir geht's nicht gut
Doch sie pumpen weiter Blut und
Wie sie sich vermehren, sie kommen über mich in Scharen
Ich kann sie nicht ertragen
Versuch sie auszumerzen
Es dröhnt in meine Schläfen das Schlagen ihrer Herzen

Halt! Bleibt stehen!
Halt! Bleibt stehen!
Ich kann es nicht, nicht ertragen!
Halt! Hört auf zu schlagen!

Stillgestanden in der Brust
Ein totes Herz ist kein Verlust
Rührt euch nicht!
Niemand quält mich so zum Scherz
Ich lass' die Sonne an euer Herz

Niemand quält mich so zum Scherz
Ich bringe Licht an euer Herz
Die Entscheidung fällt nicht schwer
Ich geh jetzt heim und hole mein Gewehr!

Halt! Bleibt stehen!
Halt! Bleibt stehen!
Niemand quält mich so zum Scherz
Ich lass' die Sonne in euer Herz

Lyric © Rammstein
Now I am different
You have changed me
But I still hold that
There are too many people

I cannot bear them
They torment me with their jokes
Still the evil of noises
Is the beating of their hearts

Stop! Don`t move
Stop! Don`t move
I cannot, cannot bear it
Stop! Stop beating

Don`t you see? I`m not too lucky
Still you pump blood and
You grow in number
Coming over me in flocks
I cannot bear you

I`m trying to get rid of you
In my dreams I hear
The thunderings of your heartbeats

Stop! Don`t move
Stop! Don`t move
I cannot, cannot bear it
Stop! Stop beating

In a standstill in my chest
A dead heart is no loss
Don`t move

No one will torment me for fun
I shall bring light to your heart
The decision is not difficult
I`ll go home and bring my rifle!

Stop! Don`t move
Stop! Don`t move
No one will torment me for fun
I am leaving light in your heart

Translation © TommiK for Affenknecht.com


  1. I would translate
    Halt! Bleibt stehen !
    Stop! stand still !
    I think,
    but i might be wrong as everybody sees a different meaning in this song,
    that “bleibt stehen” refers to the beating heart.
    A heart that stands still i.e. Not beating.

  2. Für viele ein Song über einen Misanthropen , Menschenfeind oder Amokläufer
    Es gibt bei dem Song aber auch noch eine andere interessante Theorie :
    Das dies gar kein Lied über eine reale Person sein muss, sondern unser verweifelter Planet Erde , der sich gegen die zunehmende Umweltzerstörung und sich gegen seinen größten Peiniger und Ausbeuter den Menschen bzw. der sich vermehrenden Menschheit wehrt.
    Blut könnte hier sinnbildlich für Öl stehen
    Das Licht könnte Vulkanausbrüche oder andere Klimatischen Veränderungen bedeuten wie z.B Wind -oder Feuerstürme.

    For many a song about a misanthrope or a amok gunman
    There are in the song but also another interesting theory:
    That this will be no song about a real person, such more our Planet Earth, the against the increasing environmental destruction and the people or the proliferating mankind defends itself against its biggest tormentors and exploiters.
    Blood could be here symbolically stand for oil
    The light could be volcanic eruptions or other climatic changes mean like wind -or firestorms.

    • that would make sense…i think the have more songs about the environment like donaukinder and that was my first thought actually

  3. What nonsense! Rammstein should rally the Germans against the barbarian invaders. I’ll write some lyrics for you.

    • bwahahaha. “barbarian invader” You, Me, all of Germanic descent are actually THE Barbarians….

  4. I would say that this song is telling that what drives the person who does a school massacre to do such a terrible thing is often bullying. He goes crazy from it. Not only is he bothered by the bullies, but all the others who back up the bullies’ behavior by laughing at him. Their laughter is fuel to the bullying, because that makes the bullies feel like it’s all fun. And they want to make the others keep laughing.

    So he wants revenge against everyone.
    The light he is bringing to their hearts of course symbolizes bullets

  5. @ mr AA and Maria
    Guys, I fear that the ‘sound’ of your “opiniong exchange” might make someone want to fetch their rifle, even calmer someones than the poetic persona in Halt . ^^

  6. To me, this song reflects the horror of the third world immigration contaminating Germany, and the will to pick up a rifle and drive them off. Also being haunted by the heartbeats of the invaders.

    • To me, this song reflects the horror of the German will to pick up rifle and drive them off
      Also being haunted by the heartbeats of the Masters.

    • Wow, talk about hearing what you want to hear. NOWHERE in that song is there even the vaguest, most roundabout reference to immigrants or foreigners of any sort. You hear something written in the voice of an emotionally disturbed person who is so distressed by the presence of other humans that he/she goes home and gets a rifle to start killing, and you attach your own hatred and your own desire to silence a few non-German heartbeats. I’m sincerely glad there’s an ocean between us.

  7. Dear Maria,

    Maria I thank you graciously for allowing me announce that I have successfully won this argument. My weapons of choice: the truth and a superior intellect.

    No, joking aside I will leave the ball in your court by adding – will you agree to disagree?


    Mr A A.

  8. Dear A.A.

    Indeed, Eifersucht is nicht kleidsam, remember that. Selfreflection is, however, a virtue.
    It seems like agree to disagree is not an issue anymore, it’s about you wanting to have the last word / say. Go ahead, I’ll leave it to you.



  9. Dear Maria,

    Selective understanding of what I’ve said is not an excuse. You can’t pick and choose what you like and what you don’t. I have stated very clearly how Halt is a reference to the Columbine Massacre but you’ve decided to cover your ears when you start to hear something you find upsetting. I don’t feel inclined to spell it out to you again.

    Writing in German isn’t going to make me see your argument any differently and I don’t need reminding of some line from a Sehnsucht song. I wasn’t aware this was a competition to find out who is the greatest Rammstein fan by seeing who understands the most Deutsch. But here’s an German phrase nevertheless – Eifersucht ist nicht sehr kleidsam. You’d be wise to heed that one Maria.

    You don’t need to become verbally abusive, it’s detrimental to your case here.


    Mr A A.

  10. Dear mister A.A.

    Es kocht die Eifersucht ?

    You never proved me wrong, don’t worry. Be careful not to drown in your self-pity.



  11. Dear Maria,

    You needn’t behave spitefully towards me, I’ve already gathered that you have a vindictive streak from your previous comments. You’re just bitter because I’ve proven you wrong and you feel humiliated. But yes, I would like to show that at the end of our pleasant little conversation on this page we agreed to disagree and left it there.

    You naive and spiteful girl,

    Yours benevolently,

    Mr A A.

  12. Dear AA
    I wrote a song for you, entitled “bite me, bite me, bite me”

    You sad, lonely man,


  13. Dear Maria,

    I have no interest in furthering this fruitless argument. You haven’t shown us any proof of Halt being a song about a subject or an event. I on the other hand have; with several factual references. End of discussion.

    It’s okay, you needn’t feel sympathy for me merely because I am wasting my time teaching someone who doesn’t want to be taught.

    Kindest regards,

    Mr A A.

  14. Dear AA,

    If you had read that and watched this, instead of considering it a lecture, you would have found that those were the examples I meant, so I did give examples.

    I feel a bit sorry for you,

    Kind regards,


  15. Dear Maria,

    Yes, I have my opinion which is based on truth and I’ll stick to it thank you very much.

    Yes, you have been lecturing me about being a proper Rammstein fan by telling me to watch this and read that, assuming that I haven’t done so already and that I don’t pay enough attention to the lyrics.

    Some kids died in a Californian high school today, maybe Rammstein wrote a song about that? It’s absolutely ridiculous – you say ‘Halt’ isn’t about Columbine it’s about another high school massacre but you won’t say which one or give an example.

    You’ve never defended Rammstein? So you’ve never had to correct some idiot who erroneously calls them ‘nazis’ or makes nasty comments about them merely because they’re German? I have.

    You’re just sore because you haven’t got me to produce an aggressive response. It has nothing to do with your perception of me being defensive and sensitive.

    Mr A.A.

  16. @AA
    Dear sir,

    We disagree. Nothing wrong with that. You keep up your opinion, I’ll keep up mine.

    Where on earth did I lecture you on being, or how to be, a Rammstein fan ??? Is it a competition ?? “I’ve seen them live over 60 times and you” ? (I actually did, but that doesn’t matter, does it, just lucky I live close by).
    I don’t think so.
    I don’t have to defend them to anyone, or being a fan. Never have, never will.

    I simply love them and their music, not in that order persé.

    We. just. disagree.

    Your last reaction makes clear why you’re acting so defensive and sensitive, thank you for that. It explains a lot and good luck with that.
    Didn’t mean to offend you, seriously. Had I known, I would’ve left it alone a couple of reactions ago.

    Kind regards,


  17. Dear Maria,

    I do not have a fixation on the Columbine Massacre and I am not American, I am British. So when you’re insulting America you won’t be insulting me. And finally I don’t like conspiracy stories, I like plain facts. But even that hasn’t become clear to you.

    Songs such as ‘Wiener Blut’, ‘Mein Teil’ & Donaukinder’ all have real-life themes. ‘Halt’ is no exception. It isn’t merely a coincidence because of the facts I have previously stated linking ‘Halt’ with Columbine, plus the fact that the band were associated with Columbine Massacre before the song was written, which gave them a lot of media attention. Another fact – bad news gets the most interest, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Rammstein’s album sales were boosted because of it. Probably the same thing happened after the media found out that the terrorists in the Beslam school massacre listened to their songs on their personal stereos.

    They’ve put enough hints in the lyrics of ‘Halt’ and in the track length for fans to see that it has something to do with Columbine without making it so blatant that the media and the haters could have used it against the band.

    I don’t need a lecture about how to be a Rammstein fan, I’ve been a fan for about 10 years. I have defended them when people have called them fascists by showing them the facts disproving their ignorant comments. I have been bullied myself because I am a fan, but this no longer bothers me. But what does is when someone comes along and actively tries to be provocative by saying things which are blatantly untrue, hoping to get an aggressive response for their own entertainment.

    Yours informatively,

    Mr A.A.

  18. Dear mister AA,

    I’ve known Rammstein from day one, German is my second language, my dad’s from (East) Germany. I’ll give you that they like to be controversial but please, take of your aluminum foil hat and just take stuff for what it is: coincidental.
    If it is about a shooting, it’s about any school massacre that have happened over this and last century.
    I have this hunch that you like conspiracy theories, am I right ?
    Watch the “making of” on the last DVD’s from MIG, and lísten to what Rammstein is saying, what they stand for: Liebe in alle Formen und Varianten.
    Don’t dwell on the Colombine massacre, it was nót the only massacre even though you Americans like to think you’re the only country in the world where dramatic stuff happens.
    Herr Lindemann’s birthday is 1/4/1963. Any theories on that ?

    About Fritzel and the cannibal, you’re right, but that’s a given, no doubt left there, in interviews and all.

    Kind regards,


    Kind regards,


  19. Dear Maria ‘Double’ Dutch,

    If you are a fellow Rammstein fan you will know that Till likes to write in first person. So he’s not going to pretend to be two people: Klebold and Harris. It’s exactly the same as ‘Mein Teil’ which is about two men, one of them being the cannibal Armin Meiwes. Till pretends to be Meiwes in the song. ‘Wiener Blut’ is another example of this, Till portrays Josef Fritzl who imprisoned and abused his daughter in a basement for 24 years. Maria, this is all clear as day!

    If you’re giving me Wikipedia references perhaps you should read the section on their article about the Columbine High School massacre where it states that bullying was a contributing factor towards their violent behaviour that day. Eric Harris even said he was bullied in his internet diary and that it angered him.

    I know enough German to know that in the lyrics for Halt it says ‘I`ll go home and bring my rifle!’ and have the common sense to link that with Harris using a 9mm Semi-Automatic Rifle to kill people in the school. And I’ll say again – the song is exactly 4:20 long and the Columbine Massacre occurred on 4/20.

    And for the record I don’t want Halt to be a song about a terrible massacre in a school which ended with 13 people being killed, plus Klebold and Harris. But all the evidence points towards it actually being the case!

    Also, although this is an unfortunate coincidence 20 April also happens to be the birthday of Germany’s leader (1933-1945).

    Yours informatively,

    Mr A. A, the land of sanity and sobriety.

    • In Germany the date is written differently than it is here. April 20 would be written 20/4, not 4/20. The song would need to be twenty minutes and four seconds long for your theory to hold up. I think that there would also be a reference to the other shooter, or some hint of the intense camaraderie that must have existed between them. This song is about someone who finds the existence of other humans intensely distasteful trying to be completely alone. If the song IS a reference to an actual murder suicide it’s not Columbine, and it probably didn’t happen in America. They’re Germans, and they write about events that are significant in their area. Columbus was significant in America. Other countries found it sad but it wasn’t really relevant to them.

  20. Dear Anakin and mister AA
    Get your facts straight, is all I`m saying. You both want it to be about that so bad, so for you, in your world, it is.
    Maybe it is time to check out some German, or even European news, and with that, broaden your horizon.
    This could be about ány shooting for that matter, and it´s about one man, acting on his own.

    Waiting for your reaction, kind regards,

    Maria, the Netherlands

  21. Dear maria, don’t be offended, but I suspect that you’re either not too strong in the head department or you’re deliberately trolling.
    All the evidence is right before your eyes. The bloody song’s exactly 4:20 long
    it’s amazing how you can’t put 2 and 2 together.

    To quote the Master: “Rammstein thrive on being controversial and they leave subtle clues like these for fans to discover.”

    still don’t get it?
    urgh. nevermind.

  22. @ Maria

    What does an American comedian know about Rammstein. He’s not really an authority on anything, apart from being on the verge of being a racist towards white people. So I don’t feel inclined to look on YouTube for a video about him. Six friends? That’s not Columbine, only two people took part in the crime.

  23. @ Maria

    Obviously you’ve completely ignored what I and Anakin have said. The facts stick together and they’re far too coincidental to just dismiss and go off on your own fanciful tangent. Plus Rammstein thrive on being controversial and they leave subtle clues like these for fans to discover.

  24. @mr AA
    You should look up on youtube, the thought of Chris Rock on the matter. They were six friends. That’s three on three in a half court. He wasn’t alone at all, and just totally crazy.
    Just crazy.
    Not tormented, not bullied, just crazy.

  25. Everyone knows Rammstein distanced themselves from the Colombine Shooting loud and clear, even stopped answering questions about the massacre alltogether.

    So why write a song about it now ?

    I really think it’s about every massacre happening everywhere, a “mental” patient, not fully cured, if that’s possible at all.

    Ich bin jetzt anders,
    sie haben mich geändert
    Doch ich bin immer noch der Meinung:
    Es gibt zu viele Menschen

    He feels different, they have changed him, yet
    He still thinks
    There are too many people.

    So, come to think of it, this could be about any massacre by a lone gun man.

    The school massacre I’d think of, if this song would be about any of those, is the guy who went home and got his dad’s hunting rifle.

  26. Alright. The song can be a reference to school massacres in general seeing that it contains no specific reference to a single shooting.
    Still, the Columbine shooting is the most likely one(see Mr. AA’s comment)

    It’s about Columbine. Get over it!

  27. @Maria

    Firstly, if you’ve read Eric Harris’ website/diary he blatantly states how he was tormented by his classmates and other kids at his school, and that being the reason for his violent thoughts. If it isn’t about Columbine which German school are you referring to? Also didn’t you get the number reference in my earlier post? 4:20(4/20). I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Everything fits, even the ‘going home and getting my rifle’ part of the song.

    Some ‘unmentionable’ swine copied my comment from YouTube and pasted it on this webpage naming themselves as ‘Charlie’. That was most definitely written by me originally.

    Sadly the lyrics still haven’t been corrected/updated after all this time…

  28. I like to play this song, stuck in traffic, and sing along, really loud.

    This song is absolutely NOT about Columbine, if it is about a massacre at all it’s about another shooting spree at a German school, if at all.

    @Mr A A
    You are wrong, see above.

    No. Those kids weren’t bullied at all, and were a group of six friends who wanted to stand out, as the trench coat mafia. These guys who did the shooting were crazy, just crazy. Not tormented, just a couple of sad fucks.

  29. Anakin. These lyrics seem to echo some of what Harris used to write on his website. It seems strange that Lindemann would want to write a song about the massacre after Rammstein vehemently denied any wrong doing. You’d think the band would want to distance themselves from that event, but then again they do like to be controversial.

    The lyrics above still haven’t been corrected.

  30. wow, that is a very interesting idea about the date.

    it is definitely about the Columbine Massacre,no question about it, everything fits perfectly… besides I read that on of the kid’s fave band was Rammstein

  31. Just stating facts, nothing else:

    1. This song is about the torment of victims of bullying and their revenge.
    2. The murderers at Columbine were victims of bullying and carried out a massacre.
    3. This song is exactly 4:20 long.
    4. The date of the Columbine Massacre was 4/20.

  32. It seems there isn’t a full translation of the sixth paragraph.

    The last two English lines for that paragraph should be:

    No one will torment me for fun,
    I will send the sun to your heart.

  33. @ adrain it wouldn’t be rammstein with out controversy and provocation thats what makes them different and better yeah other bands can say “we dont care we’ll say what we want” but rammstein shows it and shows the world that we shouldnt be afraid to express what we feel so how about you go and cry somewhere else cause no one here wants to hear it!!!

  34. @Eh&DK

    Rammstein did not cause columbine you fool. The perpetrators were mentally unstable. That would be like blaming the catcher in the rye for john lennons death (look that up)

    GReat song really does remind me of Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe. Hope this comes on itunes

  35. This Song has a really good beat and sound to it, but one thing that has just pissed me off is one particular comment. Kent, Gewehr DOES NOT mean Shotgun. The lyrics are translated (correctly) as Rifle. I should know, for there is a weapon called Gewehr 43, Semi-automatic Rifle, and I have studied World War II, hence where it came from.

  36. The breathy, stammering, mad-scientist voice in the verses makes it that much more believable that the speaker has gone completely insane.

  37. school massacres..just look at this line:
    “Ich geh jetzt heim und hole mein Gewehr!”

    I read that both the Columbine and the Beslan school shooters listened to Rammstein during the massacres 2 keep themselves edgy.Rammstein was accused of provoking agression etc.

    the song is a refernce 2 all that

  38. Indeed, one of the best (if not THE best) on there. It’s a shame it was relegated to the bonus disc – it could easily have replaced B******** and may have been played live.

  39. I love almost all the songs on this CD, but this I think is by far my favorite. Great music, poetic lyrics (as always), and a showcase for Till’s amazing, thundering voice… quite a powerful song. Saw them in Quebec in July (unbelievable experience), and hope they return for a North American tour soon. Wish they’d perform this song too though.

  40. This song, and/or Fuhre Mich should have replaced Pussy. It’s one of those songs by Rammstein that piss me off. Seriously, they need to go out of their way to cause controversy. Can you try to NOT do something like that Till?
    Not only that, but this song is better anyways. In fact, it’s awesome.

  41. Another great example of Rammstein’s amazing lyrics. This song reminds me of my own phobias of crowds and loud/sudden noises, so I feel like I can really relate to this, even though I know it’s not about that at all.
    Amazing song. I love the power of Till’s voice when he screams “HALT!”

    Thank you for uploading these lyrics – I’m decent at German, but I had trouble understanding 2nd verse.

  42. It has to be about someone who is tormented by bullies then shoots the tormentors and himself.

    Anyways, great song, I love the beggining were the sound is a bit vague but goes off into a hardcore beat. My favourite line in the song is when he sings…

    “HALT! Bliebt Stehen!!”

  43. I would just like to add a Gaia interpretation, as well. The lyrics could definitely come from the perspective of a personified earth with all of us little lice humans tormenting her/him with our beating hearts and ever increasing numbers. I like to think of this via Final Fantasy VII. Get ready for WEAPON. ;D

  44. I love all there songs, and this is a good one. It even brings up a point that none of the schools do anything about. The school system is blind to bullying unless you have connections, have money, you’re popular, or you have a parent working at the school. Its sad but i see it everyday, disgusting somewhat.

  45. In Weisses Fleisch, Till explored the mind of a schoolyard psychopath — the kind who stands quietly in the shadows and stares unblinking as you pass by, picks up a stray cat on the way home from school and tortures it to death, forces himself on little girls.

    In Halt, I think, he is exploring the mind of a different kind of schoolyard sociopath — one whose psychosis was triggered by bullying and torment rather than a genetic predisposition.

  46. I read somewhere that this song is about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine shooters) is it true?
    cuz it sounds like it could be about them.
    I know they loved Rammstein, or one of them did. just wondering 🙂

  47. Wow….
    Of course, I’m the only one who thinks this because I’m such a hippie 🙂

    I happen to think of this song as in nature….I guess sort of like an animal’s point of view, like the bullying part to be part of how humans do whatever they want with them.

    Although I’m not disagreeing with anyone’s ideas, it is just what I think.


  48. No one tortures me for fun,
    Into your hearts I’ll let the sun,
    My choice was an easy one,
    I’m going to go home and get my gun

    it just came to my mind 😀

  49. no, hyde. he killed the man because of the mans fake or dead(blind) eye. the heartbeat was a side effect of his ‘disease’ and it tormented him after the man died. he could not stand the heartbeat so he ripped up the floorboards to show the police where the body was.

  50. And have you even read the novel? The one in it killed the old man because he couldn’t withstand beating of his heart, and Till sings “Ich kann es nicht, nicht ertragen!”. That’s just one connection, and I believe there are surely more of them between these two compositons, so many more that it’s highly unlikely to be just a random..

  51. I don’t think this song has anything to do with Poe. The only similar theme is the heart which I think Till uses this to say that he is offended that these people are even allowed to live rather than a guilty conscience. I think this is my favorite song on the album.

  52. again with rammsteins dual meanings.
    that’s one of the things that really set them apart from most other bands!

  53. I agree with PowderBlue’s ideas, and I also believe it has to do something with those school massacres.. It’s again a provocation, because you surely know how Rammstein were accused when their fan killed his schoolmates while wearing Rammstein T-Shirt or whaterver..

    And, further more, I see a connection between this song and a novel by Edgar Allan Poe, the Tell-Tale Heart (I recommend to read it, fe. here: http://www.literature.org/authors/poe-edgar-allan/tell-tale-heart.html ).. When is Till using Goethe’s and Hoffman’s ideaas, why wouldn’t he use Poe’s?

  54. To me, they laugh (their jokes) because everything is back to normal because they have subdued the person. I imagine a man/woman who has gone through an intervention of sorts for his/her misanthropic views and now that they have successfully fixed him/her (as far as they know), they go back to life as usual. This could be applied anywhere where a person (an outcast possibly) is living their life a different way than the majority (droves of people) and so the majority tries to fix him, subdue him, make him like the majority.

    He/she is still of the opinion that there are too many people, and even though the laughter they have is bad, the worst noise is the beating of their hearts.

    They figure out that he/she is still not well (mentally) and so more come upon him/her and it is too much. A person who doesn’t like people being surrounded by more people is a disaster waiting to happen. He/she cannot stand them and cannot eradicate them, and so he/she thinks to him self “Stop! Just stop! I can’t do it! I can’t bear it! STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! STOP YOUR BEATING!”

    Frozen in their chest is a heart that has lost the will to live, so their heart has metaphorically stopped. So that people will stop treating him/her like a fickle thing that is a nuisance on their “normal” life, they unleash the Sun into the ridiculer’s heart. Consider what the Sun was in the song “Sonne” and it could be the device used to stop or beat something passionately.

    The decision that needs to be made is not difficult now, their lives need to end. The device to use to end the constant beating of their hearts is his/her gun.

  55. possible alt. translation few grammatical changes made

    Ich bin jetzt anders, sie haben mich geändert
    Doch ich bin immer noch der Meinung:
    Es gibt zu viele Menschen
    Ich kann sie nicht ertragen, sie quälen mich mit Scherzen
    Doch das Übel an Geräuschen ist das Schlagen ihrer Herzen!

    I’m different now, they have changed me
    But I am still of the opinion:
    There are too many people
    I can not bear it, They torture me with jokes
    But the most ill of noises is the beating of their hearts!

    Halt! Bleibt stehen!
    Halt! Bleibt stehen!
    Ich kann es nicht, nicht ertragen!
    Hört auf zu schlagen!

    Stop! Stand still!
    Stop! Stand still!
    I can not, not bear it!
    Stop your beating!

    Seht ihr nicht, mir geht’s nicht gut
    Doch sie pumpen weiter Blut und
    Wie sie sich vermehren, sie kommen über mich in Scharen
    Ich kann sie nicht ertragen
    Versuch sie auszumerzen
    Es dröhnt in meine Schläfen das Schlagen ihrer Herzen

    Can’t you see, I’m not well
    Yet they continue to pump blood and
    As they multiply, they come upon me in droves
    I can not bear it
    (someone) Attempt to eradicate them
    It resounds in my temples the pounding of their hearts

    Halt! Bleibt stehen!
    Halt! Bleibt stehen!
    Ich kann es nicht, nicht ertragen!
    Hört auf zu schlagen!

    Stop! Stand still!
    Stop! Stand still!
    I can not, not bear it!
    Stop your beating!

    Stillgestanden in der Brust
    Ein totes Herz ist kein Verlust
    Rührt euch nicht!
    Niemand quält mich so zum Scherz
    Ich lass’ die Sonne an euer Herz

    Frozen in my chest
    A dead heart is no loss
    Do not move!
    No one torments me as a joke
    I let the sun’s fire into your heart

    Niemand quält mich so zum Scherz
    Ich bringe Licht an euer Herz
    Die Entscheidung fällt nicht schwer
    Ich geh jetzt heim und hole mein Gewehr!

    No one torments me as a joke
    I bring light through your heart
    The decision is not difficult
    I’m going home to fetch my shotgun!

    Halt! Bleibt stehen!
    Halt! Bleibt stehen!

    Stop! Stand still!
    Stop! Stand still!

    Niemand quält mich so zum Scherz
    Ich lass’ die Sonne in euer Herz

    No one torments me as a joke
    I let the sun into your heart

  56. Hmm…nice explanations so fa…to go with one of them for a while…perhaps his hearing of other hearts is a metaphor for an extreme form of empathy…being overwhelmed with other people’s problems can also drive you mad you know 🙂

  57. To me this interprets into bullying just about. Think abut it,
    Stop! Don`t move
    Stop! Don`t move
    I cannot, cannot bear it
    Stop! Stop beating

    Stop! Don’t speak
    Stop! Don’t speak
    I cannot, cannot bear it
    Stop! Stop bullying.

    Well thats what I think anyway.

  58. As far as i can see, the song is more about a person who can hear the heart beats of the other people, and he wants them to stop, because he’s getting crazy of all the beats.

  59. I don’t see here the statement against whole humanity, as some of the responders above me had suggested, but believe the meaning is to his own hart:

    He is getting crazy from the beating of the blood in his temples, and declares that a dead hart is not a too-expensive price to pay just to get the noise off.

  60. I can definitely see the bullying connection to the song. I saw it as a more general, misanthropic view of people. Also, how it implied that you can’t “fix” insanity. And pretending that everything is alright on the surface does nothing to prevent the inevitable explosion. It speaks of obsession, paranoia, irrational anger and fear, over something as simple as the people around you. I’m not going to lie — I have felt overwhelmed by the crowds around me at times. Not enough to warrant extreme action, but enough to understand that, if that pressure never went away, that it could very easily drive a man mad.

  61. Hi,

    nice translation but with a few mistakes

    “Es dröhnt in meinen Schläfen das Schlagen ihrer Herzen”
    You translatet “Schläfen” with “dreams” but that would be Schlafen with an “a” not with an “ä”.
    Schläfen is the plural form from Schläfe wich is the part on your head behind the eye, that you sumtimes massage when you have a headache.
    In englich its called “temple”.
    So the correct translation of the sentence would be:
    “It dins in my temples, the beating of theyre hearts”

    Also I would translate the sentence “Wie sie sich vermehren”
    with “How they increase”

    The sentence “Versuch sie auszumerzen” means that he wants to kill every human life, translatet “trying to eliminate (uproot) them”

    “Stillgestanden in der Brust” Is also wrong, he talk of himself, he talks about the whole Human community, its just
    “Stand still in the chest”

    Also every “sie” can be translated with they/them because he always means the whole mankind.

    greetings from Germany

  62. Again another excellent example of the theme; seclusion.

    Instantly some sort of school shooting comes to mind. Possibly the german school shooting caused by bullying at Winnenden, north of Stuttgart where 16 people died, and the gunman killed himself.

    Clearly evident in the song, we can see bullying being used as a theme, clearly the person has been tormented, and has been torn apart by this torment. His “dead heart” means no will for life, or more so can refer to his distrust, or lost trust in life. “Still you pump blood and You grow in number Coming over me in flocks I cannot bear you” suggests the reoccurrence and increase of severity of the bullying/torment.

    I also think one of the best uses of instruments in this song was the off-key keyboard, which shows the “going off the rails” or “Going off track” of the person who is being sung about, where the person goes and kills the people and ultimately himself.

    Anyway, that was just a few of my thoughts, anyone got anything they’d like to add?

  63. “Doch das Übel an Geräuschen” = possibly “the worst sound of all”

    “mir geht’s nicht gut” = I’m not okay/ possibly “I’m sick”

    “vermehren” and “ausmerzen” have harsh connotations, so maybe “breed/spawn” and “exterminate”, respectively, would be more fitting.

    Stilgestanden in der Brust= Standing still in the chest/
    Ein totes Herz ist kein Verlust= A dead heart is no great loss
    Rührt euch nicht! = Don’t agitate it!

    “Ich bringe Licht an euer Herz” = I’ll bring your hearts forward

    Lastly, that bit with the sun and the hearts, I kind of imagined he was referring to blowing a hole in their chest, to let the sun shine in. But maybe that’s just me.


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