Rammstein Amerika lyric with English translation

We're all living in Amerika
Amerika ist wunderbar
We're all living in Amerika
Amerika, Amerika

Wenn getanzt wird will ich führen
auch wenn ihr euch alleine dreht
Lasst euch ein wenig kontrollieren
Ich zeige euch wie es richtig geht
Wir bilden einen lieben Reigen
Die Freiheit spielt auf allen Geigen
Musik kommt aus dem Weissen Haus
und vor Paris steht Micky Maus

We're all living in Amerika
Amerika ist wunderbar
We're all living in Amerika
Amerika, Amerika

Ich kenne Schritte die sehr nützen
und werde euch vor Fehltritt schützen
Und wer nicht tanzen will am Schluss
weiss noch nicht dass er tanzen muss
Wir bilden einen lieben Reigen
Ich werde euch die Richtung zeigen
Nach Afrika kommt Santa Claus
und vor Paris steht Micky Maus

We're all living in Amerika
Amerika ist wunderbar
We're all living in Amerika
Amerika, Amerika

We're all living in Amerika
Coca-Cola, Wonderbra
We're all living in Amerika
Amerika, Amerika

This is not a love song
This is not a love song
I don't sing my mother tongue
No, this is not a love song

We're all living in Amerika
Amerika ist wunderbar
We're all living in Amerika
Amerika, Amerika

We're all living in Amerika
Coca-Cola, sometimes war
We're all living in Amerika
Amerika, Amerika 
We're all living in America
America is wonderful
We're all living in America
America, America

When there's dancing I want to lead
even if you're whirling around alone
Let yourselves be controlled a little
I'll show you how it really goes
We're making a nice round dance
Freedom is playing on all violins
Music is coming out of the White House
and Mickey Mouse is standing in front of Paris

We're all living in America
America is wonderful
We're all living in America
America, America

I know moves that are very useful
and I will protect you from missteps
And whoever doesn't want to dance at the end
doesn't know yet that they must
We're making a nice round dance
I will show you the way
Santa Claus is coming to Africa
and Mickey Mouse is standing in front of Paris

We're all living in America
America is wonderful
We're all living in America
America, America

We're all living in America
Coca-Cola, Wonderbra
We're all living in America
America, America

This is not a love song
This is not a love song
I don't sing my mother tongue
No, This is not a love song

We're all living in America
America is wonderful
We're all living in America
America, America

We're all living in America
Coca-Cola, sometimes war
We're all living in America
America, America

“Amerika” was the second single released from Reise, Reise. It deals with the worldwide dominance of the culture of the United States. It is sung largely in German with a chorus partly in English: We’re all living in Amerika, Amerika ist wunderbar, We’re all living in Amerika, Amerika. It has received mixed reviews: some perceive it as anti-American, others as being opposed to globalization. The band views it as a satirical commentary on Cocacolonization.

The video shows the band in Apollo-era space suits on the Moon with shots of other cultures acting like Americans. The end of the video shows that the band have actually been in a fake Moon set in a studio, complete with film crew, a reference to the Apollo moon landing hoax accusations. Till Lindemann, Rammstein’s lead singer, wears a space suit with the name “Armstrong” on it – a reference to Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon.


  1. According to this same website when Rammstein sang Deutschland they talked about how they love Germany (you know being their home and all) but also they said they can’t love it for various reasons. So maybe what their trying to say about the U.S. isnt that bad. All in all no country is perfect there is no such thing as a “perfect” country or society or whatever its strictly prohibted by human nature humans themselves are not perfect therefore they cannot create a perfect world. But I will say this America has influenced a lot of countries whether forcefully or not both Germany and Ireland have constitutions now and are adopting more democractic views. Not to mention american pop-culture as well.

  2. I mean according to this same website when Rammstein sang Deutschland they were singing about how they love Germany cuz its their home its where they’re from but also don’t at the sametime because of various reasons. So maybe what they’re saying about the U.S. isnt too bad but they still love Germany more cuz its thier home. Also they simply could just enjoy the pop-culture that comes out of the U.S.

  3. The way I interptet the lyrics is twofold. There is a strong american cultural influence everywhere through hollywood, music, toys, fast food chains, litrature, computer games etc. While American’s are amazin entertainers, it also often suffers from dumbing down of culture. American pop culture is very commercial.

    The second darker aspect of American hegemony which I think the lyrics actually speaks mostly about is how America controls most of the world in subtle ways. This isn’t the old british empire which colonized countries. Instead America has let countries remain free on paper but heavily influenced politics and international rules.

    Often this is under the retoric of bringing freedom or peace. Hence the lyrics pointing to how when dancing America knows better how the steps should be. It is just a bit of nudging and pushing this way or that way. It is easy for people perhaps to think I am refering to the Iraq war, but all through its history especially in South American and the Caribean American has temporarly invaded or supported the overthrow of governments. Often the pretext has been democracy or freedom, yet in reality it has been more about American business interests not being served by the elected officials.

    In Europe it has of course not been as pronounced as that. But through the enormous power America wields it has a lot of ability in pressuring countries to move in its direction. Even in friendly allied countries there many people high in government working for American interests rather than national interests as uncovered e.g. through wikileaks.

    Not saying any of this means America is an evil country or anything. But especially American’s should stop imagining that America is this exceptional country out there to spread freedom and civilization everywhere. America is much like any other country, except they have the power to enforce their will on much of the world.

    • jemfrost, while you offer a rounded perspective to consider regarding the USA, I suggest that America IS an exceptional nation. It chooses to act on ideas civilizations have only deamed of. The case in point IS the Apollo project that Ramstein alludes to (frankly in their admiration). The surviving National Socialist regime would have been slated for space exploration by the de facto elimination of the USSR as a possible contender, before the undertaking. The Third Riech obviously did not survive to the next level. The songwriter seems ironically theme-aware of the aerospace german scientists and tehnicians havested by the USA that achieved the post-World War 2 goal.
      As far as the thankless “World-policeman” role is concerned, that IS a disaster the USA should walk away from (England did). The USA tending to its’ interests has always been historically evident, starting with late 1700s British naval press gang abductions and especially the Tripoli pirate attacks (it is in the Marine Corp hymn). Yet it does not use the Teddy Roosevelt “big stick” to brutally subdue the World. Instead, America offers the allure of excellence with higher ambitions. Exceptional!

  4. cant we all just get along? besides Rammstein probably wrote this song for a reason… maybe because we americans need to learn other countries dont want our influence/culture (if you can call it culture)

  5. F Van der Walt you are correct! I don’t like our government either, but won’t go there. ALL Rammstein fans are equal in my book. We all love Rammstein. Life is too short for petty difference, live and let live, and Rock On Rammstein!

  6. i don’t hate america,i hate thoe government.they ruin everything,free speach?ha!don’t make me laugh,we have no say in anything,it’s all controled.our so called ‘justice’ is corrupt,things that should’nt be legal are legal,things that should be legal are illegal.once the government is either completely gone,or completely changed for the better,america will once again become a great country,but until then,it’s the main target of every country on the planet,and i doubt it’ll change anytime soon.i actually just tend to hate most of the human race,but especially our government.our government shall bring the downfall of america,and possibly the downfall of the entire human race,depending on what they do with those nukes.

  7. Rammstein making jokes nothing more.they also making jokes about germany.i am from germany and we say: “seht es nicht so schlimm ;)”

    • What does it mean? Translate tells me “See it not so bad” but I know they’re a far better meaning

    • that’s literally what it translates to. “see it’s not so bad” seht=see es=it nicht=not so=so schlimm=bad

  8. Hahaha! guys seriously “The Germans constitute the largest immigrant group in America”. uhm yes>>> that’s it guys… your family dude! According to my research there are about 60 million americans with german ancestry living in the USA today, and the whole German population in Germany itself is 81 million thats very close! anyway both countries are actually pretty cool awesme song!

  9. I’d never heard of Rammstein till I met some people in New York that loved them, I’d never really listened to any kind of metal but about 6 months later I pulled up one of their songs and it was really good. As for Amerika, I think it’s a great song, I love my country but I hate the politics of it, I think the people of America are a little to thin skinned and just need to see there are other opinions out there, they aren’t necessarily opinions of hate but of concern.

    • Steppenwolf also did a song called America on the album “Monster” in 1970. I respectfully refer Rammstein fans to “Monster” for another take on American society by another literate German songwriter/social commenter.

  10. Whoever started this debate should feel proud. I am American, and I do enjoy the life of an American. I do stand for freedom of speech, religion, and rights of all types. I do not, neither do most youth in America, support the government. Go back a couple generations, yell at them for racism, facism, and such. We the youth, do no support them, and we are actually fighting for rights of all humans. I am not racist, homophobic, facist, or biased. I love all races and countries. I love to travel and see other countries. I would love to move to a different country. I may, in my distant future. For right now, however, I am worried about my country. I am trying and fighting to make it a better place!

  11. Germany:
    in WWII, Germany was a racistly run country under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Hitler is considered one of the worst men in history. Hitler brainwashed the majority of the German public that all problems are caused by the Jews; so they were sent to the concentration camps, along with communists, polish people, and lots of others. It was almost impossible to not be in one of Hitler’s hated categories; he believed in a group called the Arian race; a superior race of people, all of European decent, non Jewish, blond hair and blue eyes. Ironicly Hitler was none of these things (except European).

    America is by no means a perfect country; in fact its ‘perfecton’ will probably be its downfall. Truth is that a lot of American peope are very biased and racist; only in American schools do I hear racist and Jew jokes, blond jokes, sexism joks. Trust me i live in america and have been to other countries. Honestly america could very easily become the next Nazi country; the way the public eats up government lies and propoganda like its friggin candy. Also, America is one of the biggest homes to Pseudo Nazi groups, the KKK (which originated in America), and other racist groups. Conservatives also arent big fans of people who abide by conformity (boy with long hair, girl with short hair, etc).

    This song is about how the majority of America is stuck up and full of them selves, thinking that they’re at the top of
    the world (which they might be} but they bigger they are the harder they fall and were already starting to. America also has one of the worst legal systems ever. America by itself contains 25% of all prisoners IN THE WORLD. so many of these people are innocent that its crazy. also several people given the death sentence have been later found to be completely early. also if youre in court and you have a visible tattoo dont expect to get out without a sentence. a lot of Americans are very biased.

    No country is without faults. Its just America does a better job hiding them. People need to open their eyes.

    • The vast majority of Amerikans are not in the KKK or any other hate group. Und name the countries which do not have any people of the sort. This is a bit of a theory, but Europe did get attacked in this recent war on religious terrorists. And people from many countries have helped in fighting back against the terrorism. (This is not against the poster. Just adding to conversation.) But, Europe is perhaps too close for leading much in this (sometimes called) “America’s war.” And we had the planes stolen and rammed into our skyscrapers, which essentially set off this whole recent heavy military operation. We tried to stay out of at least one of the two of WWI and WWII, except financially perhaps, until it seemed necessary or ultimately unavoidable. We don’t want any more Stalins or Hitlers or Saddams or Mussolinis (etc.) in any country, including our own. And we might not want to “lead the way” all the time either. Not that we have though. But how long do you sit idly by in these world events when you know you could do something for the good? If you are president or king or part of a leadership team, what would you do when you see atrocities in the world?

  12. can we all forget our nationalistic morals and come together to enjoy the music? how in the world is that so difficult?

  13. And one more for all Americans. I am Ukrainian. In Ukraine our politicians fight every day and we have demonstration at least twice a week, we do not have a democracy at all and we are still sometimes supposed as a part of Russia. But I LOVE my country. A lot of my friends want to immigrate. Many to USA. So please add some patriotism in your heart! I know USA isn’t perfect. But neither is any other country! I disrespect people who doesn’t value what they were given.

    • I love you and hope you are ok. I think some nationalism is ok, as long as it is not overdone. I personally can’t wait for the day when there is no more war and all natural impulses and feelings are dealt with in more peaceful or healthy ways, like through sports and the arts. Speaking of arts, that is basically why many have come to this site – for the artform of music and maybe reading and discussion brought us here. God bless planet Earth and long live Rammstein!!!

  14. @tzahal I am sorry but are you stupid or what?! USSR have lost more people then USA and Germany had!!! And now you accuse USSR in smth?! My grandpa have been killed and he died while destroying GERMANIAN army, not JAPANESE!!!

    @Dave (Holland)In my country w have a saying: “First think 7 times and then do”. America sometimes forgets to think. Yeah I know US wants as better but somehow it ends as always (I mean bad) 🙂

  15. I love how so many Americans say that “all germans are nazis”, then you so nifty manage to point out that just because you’re government has done shitloads of stupid and downright outrageous and discriminating stuff, doesn’t mean you’re like that. If you do not manage to understand that it does not only go for you (i know that is hard for americans), but it’s that for most people who have a twisted government including old nazi germany. And at least the majority voted for Bush (even though i didn’t find that too trustworthy) as president, while Hitlers way to power was based on corruption and exploitation of the current situation in Europe.

    I’m sorry to generalize you, i’m well aware that there are many enlightened americans out there, but it’s the same with so many americans calling all russians communists. Do you think they all agreed with their government, who killed and tortured everyone who didn’t agree with them? How america is today frightens me, and i’m quite sure that your nurturing of incompetence, foreign-fright, racism and violence will cause more than just a small war.

    • I am an American and don’t know anybody who said that all Germans are Nazis. Honestly cannot believe that any of would say that unless being sarcastic. There may be a few. Old war sentiments have surely existed but have largely been dying off with those more of the day (more than half a century ago).

  16. As for the inventor of computers, the first thermostat computer was made in Manchester, England wiki computers and read the artical…

  17. Why is it that almost noone who decides to bash America takes the time to mention or at least think about the fact that most “American” family’s ancestor’s are immagrants from other countries? So to say people are inferior just becuase of the country they come from means that most of the time, people are possibly bashing their own country in a way.

    *This comment is not directed torawards Rammstein or the song.*

  18. Rammstein Cannot be Nazis anyway most of them Come from East Germany which is Mostly a Communtist Country (left Wing) and not Right Wing (Nazi)

    Give Them a Break on this Nazi thing and Just Enjoy the Music ..cos i Do !!

  19. I love America for it’s character. Where Europe thinks and ponders alternatives and never gets to solutions, America acts.

    As for culture, Europe is superior in every way and America remains that colony with only 400 years of history (our buildings here are older).

    And THAT is what this song is about: America’s ‘culture’ that spreads over the world, is taking for granted everywhere, and wipes out original cultures. Not really America’s fault though…

    • America has a lot of culture. A great deal of it came from other places. And a very substantial portion stems from Europe, in particular descendants of Germanic tribes. Maybe the whole humans of Earth are related – just some closer than others. Ich liebe Rammstein!

  20. Not only that but amercia has many beautiful aspects which many people also seem to be oblivious to because of their preconceived perceptions. Take the time to think before you spt out loads of ignorant, foolish, hypocritical comments.

    RAMMSTEIN ROCKS!!! (again^2)

  21. America is also a great place and there is more to it than what you people perceive. You only see the concept which is is displayed by media and generalizations which people oblivious to the truth say. America has done a lot for many people. YOU WOULDN”T EVEN HAVE A BLOODY COMPUTER TO BE ON THIS SITE MOCKING THE VERY COUNTRY WHO’S TECHNOLOGY YOU TAKE FOR GRANTED! Where would we be without america.

    Rammstein is right when they say. AMERIKA IST WUNDERBAR
    RAMMSTEIN ROCKS!!! (again)

  22. OMG some of you people are so naive. Not all germans are nazis. World war 2 was not started because the germans were all malevolent people, it was started because of a corrupt government being placed in charge. All you racist incompetent fools can just shut up. I like germany and I like german people, they don’t deserve to be frowned upon by people like those of you who are racist, naive, foolish, incompetent, idiotic & stupid. They are equal to all people. If any of you actually knew any history you would be aware of this.


  23. Good on ya LadyCrove. I don’t know about u guys, but i’m sick of Rammstein beng called Nazi. I’ve been to America for exchange and they have a certain four letter word for the six topguns. Nazi’s they may be but brilliant ones at that. America arn’t the scum of the orld, they’re just made so in movies and songs. They media make it look like they’re the ones ontrolling all life on earth. WRONG. They can just have CRTAIN opinions that range from timeto time. Amerka is a god sent song. I’ve heard Germans call Rammstein Nazi’s so don’t blame America. Every country has done things they regret. Australia made concentration camps in he Baor War, as did England AND Amerika. Let this song be a song of joy and happiness, not Nazi-izum and stupidity. STOP POINTING THE FINGER YOU MORONS. As LadyCrove said, get over your nacionalism and enjoy the music.

  24. Sayin’ that because they were born in germany they are nazi is the same thing that sayin’ all of Americans are a bunch of overweight ignorants, and that’s what most people think, even if it’s not true. Can’t talk much tho, my country if known because Porto’s Wine and crazy Bullfighters…

    After all, no matter what we are, we all share a love for this band.

    Get over your nacionalism and enjoy the music.

  25. @Tzahal – I suggest you invest in a history textbook. But I agree that Germany holds an extremely negative view towards Naziism. I would, too — as a white male American, I hold an extremely negative view of Americans who go visiting other countries expecting to be treated like princes.

  26. @ dill down below…

    I hope you just tried to piss people off. Anyway, I’d like to point out some things..

    1) America didn’t do shit in world war 2, unless you count the Japanese, who weren’t much of a threat anyway. The USSR did all the work, and even destroyed a Japanese army before you even joined the war.
    2) There are nazis all around the globe. Luckily, in Germany, any image that has to do with the Nazi party is banned. They are very strict about this.

  27. The cultures of every other nation on this earth exists here in the U.S. So is it really that big a shame if some U.S. culture spreads to other places? Here in the U.S. were all living in Britain, germany, italy, china, japan, vietnam, greece, jordan, pakistan, and you name it we got it.

  28. im from America oh boy yeah we are really the best country on the earth with our millions of homicides,drug problems,and this stupid belief were the best ive given up on good ol uncle sam and the american people long ago long live …. oh wait modern germany is just as bad so?

  29. As I was reading then skimming through the myriad of comments above, another reason came to mind. On a blog with many comments I often do not comment even though I may have something to say. I may be repeating something already said and often do not have the time to read all comments that have already been made.

  30. Does anyone else here get the feeling that this is exactly the kind of reaction Rammstein were going for when they wrote this song? They love to get a rise out of people as much as anybody – usually more. Take the song for what it is, and cool it with the flame wars already.

  31. Hey,
    I am going to admit I dont know what every things is like in the world, but here in my own little world, America rules. GM owns our infamous car maker Holden, we seem to be on a regular basis getting some new American chain. 80% of the shows on TV have come from America. WHICH is what I feel Rammstein is singing about, I dont live in America but the American influence is everywhere.

    Also every one is proud of their nation in some way, slagging nations is going to get some one fired up in some way or another.

    EosTT, Australia is NOT stupid!! I take offence. Its a great place to live.

  32. I’m surprised that more people haven’t noticed the inverse properties of these arguments.

    Not all Germans are Nazis. A very small percentage of Germans even come close to fitting that negative stereotype.

    Not all Americans are obese warmongers. Again, a very small percentage. As the name implies, I’m from Texas. By all accounts, I should be surrounded by fat, racist, blind patriots.

    But I’m not.

    Perhaps it’s time to agree that not all Frenchmen are assholes, not all Irishmen are drunks, not all Middle Easterners are suicide bombers…

    Just a thought.

  33. Hi
    i am from germany and want to comment “german are nazis”
    i am 20 years old and i learned about them in school. I NEVER saw a Nazi and both my grandfathers are dead, so i even never have talked to somebody who participated in the war.
    And i am not very interested in history. i had to do my final schooltest in the nazitopic and they gave me a bad mark, because i didn’t take this topic as seriously as it has to be taken (teacher said: in germany we have to know what let this happend bla bla….). Of course I know that really really bad things happened in the past, but for me living in germany it is nothing else as any other historical topic.
    sorry how i placed the words in my sentences^^

  34. Meh, just decided to read every comment, and i agree with the people who state that no country is perfect and that we should not bash them for their questionable “stupidity”. Canadian with many American friends, they nice to me, family is part German, English, French and native, i know no neo-nazi’s in any of my german friends, cuzins or directly related family.
    However, since i saw that no one commented on WHITE, ill say this, learn history before you make fun of the french.

    -The USA may have helped liberate france, but you musnt forget there was a french resistance, Vishy france fought with the allies after operation torch, the british and canadians, both french and english helped in the liberation.

    -The french left indo-chine (sorry, dont know countries name it split), where viet-nam became two independant factions, because the largest land military at the time (FRANCE) could not fight against an enemy in soil they do not know well. Remember that the French prime minister told the american president to not go into viet-nam because they would have to pull out… and thats what the american military did.

    Dernierement, je suis fiere de Rammstein et leur chanson. Le group est magnifique et suberbe donc le facon qu’ils construise leur music … Quebec 2010 je viens … Je me souviens.

  35. This is ridiculous…
    It’s just a song, not the fucking end of the world!
    Everyone has the right to say whatever they want about anything! And you all know that Rammstein likes to make controversial songs and watch people fight among themselves, so don’t be shocked.

    • Music is a form of art. Art sometimes sparks discussion. Rammstein does a fantastic job.

  36. “-America isn’t the Saint country we try to front, but I’d like to see the rest of the world survive without it.

    -Realize that when America’s economy sucks, the rest of the world’s sucks too.”

    Man, you have NO idea how little effect that has on our daily lives out here. Your media is overblowing things. That blowdown in America has not even affected me one tiny bit, and I’m just a commoner, not some rich person with a lot of money to fall back to. America is important, but just as important as many other countries combined.

    “-I don’t agree with the vast majority of things that go on in this country, especially as of late. But shit, I respect it. They’ve kept me safe, given me the opportunity to go to school, to have a career, be able to say whatever the fuck I want,” and you think you should be grateful for this while there are so many in your country that don’t get equal attention for it. But then again, where to draw the line of “entitled privileges” and “stop bitchin; it could be worse” ? I think the greater problem is “INEQUALITY,” not “shut up stupid american, you never had to walk 2 hours to school or walk 20 minutes for water everyday.” Inequality like “the black man gets beat up for things the white man gets off with a ticket.” or: “the ghetto kids can never get an education because the live in the suburbs, 3 hours away from school, and library closes an hour after school, and at home they can’t use the internet as a second library because they have no internet, let alone a computer. Their house has gone without water or electricity for months, and their parents are alcoholics. The governors don’t care about these folks. and focus more on folks that DO vote, like the middle-class.”

  37. its kinda stupid for an arguement over who is right.
    everyone has their opinion and you cant make them change your mind
    most americans dont understand that. people fight and kill people because they have an opinion someone doesnt agree with. im from germany and i have lived here for 6 years. (im 15) and its apalling to see the ignorance of people here.

    they hate over things that happened years ago and they say how they are upset about the way things were but they continually repeat the patterns of the past

    dont hate someone because someone similar to them did wrong when you werent even alive.

    i cant stand blacks and whites here because they fight over something they were not alive to be apart of. they continue the cycle. germans arent nazis. im german and im not a nazi. just because 60 years ago someone of my country hated people of yours doesnt mean hate me.

    obviou8sly we must get along on some aspect because as many others have already stated we are here for rammstein..

    enough of my rant….

    rammstein is my favorite band regardless of the questionable lyrics. they are innovative and have good music.
    the singers voice is so powerful.
    i listen to them all the time and i love them

  38. Regardless what we put on this poll its not going to change anybody’s outlook on what they believe/feel. we all have our own opinions and sad to say with all the arguing over this thing we all still have one thing in common needless to say……WE ALL LOVE RAMMSTEIN. so we just need to embrace the music and go on with our lives regardless of how shitty it is.

    Long Live Rammstein

  39. I came to this site so I could get translations for R+ lyrics, the music sounds fantasic, great for cleaning the kitchen at work, but all I seem to have found is a load of people arguing over wether America is good or bad and wether Germans are natzis or not, I am deeply sadend by the fact that some people in this world have such a shallow mind.

    As far as I am concerned, politics here in the uk, in Germany, France, USA or anywhere else in the world is just rich people who think they know what’s people want but don’t, wars are pointless in the first place all they do is split country’s up, wherthere on the home fromnt or in the batle feild. There have been 4,000+ dead due to this silly war that’s 4,000+ to many.

    Just listen to the musi and have fun. Chilax

  40. America has its flaws. Every country has flaws. It’s just that America’s flaws have happened to have a rather large impact on the world at large. Doesn’t mean we’re the devil country; it just means that we aren’t perfect, we can’t be expected to be perfect, and such the like. I like the idea of America, but in practice it hasn’t turned out all that well. In conclusion, this song is awesome, Rammstein is awesome, and people can be extremely silly 🙂

  41. You know, except for natives, America is just made up of people from all around the world, if no one came here all the things that America globalized would just have been globalized from various countries. (And I would probably be in Norway or Germany right now.) Who knows…

  42. Great song. There should be more bands singing about the wonderful USA. It’s a country filled with obese, arrogants. I’m listening to all you fat ass American’s, and as soon i graduate college, I’m moving to Europe. PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS EUROPEANS: america is not a glistening land of oppurtunity. I hate peoples attitudes here. People have forgotten about their morales and virtues and manners here. In school (i’m 15), even the teachers preach about how nobody can beat us in a war. I hate american patriotism, because we have nothing to brag about now. Anything you want to brag about, Europe has it. Safety, money, comfort. Everybody is already free accept a few asian and african countries. I’m not rascist, or anything, but to me, Europeans are far more attractive and pleasant. White people are. Blacks over here are rude, smelly, and are stupid. They listen to shitty musik unlike rammstein. I hate it here. And so would most Rammstein listeners, so please, All Europeans, thank yourselves for not migrating over here. I’ll try to bring the few good Americans with me when I come to Europe :]

  43. hey guys, i´m from germany and i hope you will listen to the music of r+ every day. it´s awesome, you know it. in this bloq, there are people with shit in theyr heads. germany is not a naziland. when someone in germany says he´s a nazi he get beaten up. when we have our wahlen(sorry i dont know your word) and the npd (a nazi-group) wants some bills, the plakate get burned. we have some nazis here but not more than in the rest of the world.

    enjoy the music and i think america i not as bad as the news want us to think.

  44. I don’t know why everyone always resorts to how someone is worse than another. Even joking about being a Nazi in Germany lands you in prison for three years, I highly doubt Rammstein are encouraging Nazi beliefs. Just like the Columbine shootings, they blame the artist because everyone needs someone else to blame. It’s just music, if you don’t agree with what they’re preaching, DON’T LISTEN TO IT. Also, America is PLAGUED by gangs, cults, the KKK, Neo-Nazis, etc. Where do any of us get off insulting others for their beliefs when we’re hypocrites? I don’t believe in God, Satan, Heaven, or Hell but I sure as shit don’t criticize others for doing so. I also don’t care about Neo-Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan because while I don’t agree with their philosophies, THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO BELIEVE WHAT THEY BELIEVE. All we do as Americans is whine about everything and act like we’re soooooo much better than everyone else when the truth is, we all have our faults just like Germany did. WWII was 60 years ago, GET OVER IT! It’s the same as black people crying over slavery to this day, that was 200 years ago, GET OVER IT. Are your minds so small you can’t grasp the idea that other people live life differently? That’s the problem with the world, we can’t be what we want to because there’s always someone who doesn’t like it so there’s always going to be conflict. We’re arguing over a song written about a country who’s number one in immigration, 25% of the worlds immigrants live in America and they must all be retards too if they’re coming to such an awful place right? Numbers don’t lie.

  45. Dil, its ppl like u tht make me wanna kill others 4 ur pathetic stereotypical comment,WWII has finished u no and by the way most neo nazis r American

  46. Why the fuck would you go on a Rammstein fan site, look at their lyrics and then call all Germans Nazis.

    Fuckign idiots, no wonder Americans get such a bad press with dumbasses like that around

  47. haha! all the Americans talking about Germans being Nazis by default need to look at Americas own population of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists! There is a rather large population of them. Oh yes, this song is cool also.

  48. I'm confused…Am I the only person who realizes that America was built on immigration? We all came to America from Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia…I myself am German, Norwegian, Irish, English, and Russian sooooo…let's make sense here. Why is everyone fighting over some lyrics? Just so everyone knows, the Bush family is the MOST hated and embarassing family this country has ever seen. I'm embarassed to be an "American." I'm glad someone flew planes into those fucking towers, we needed to pull our heads out of our asses and swallow our egos and see there's more important things than Paris Hilton in a bathing suit eating a cheeseburger from Carl's Jr. Fuck it!

  49. If America sucks so bad, why is everyone trying to immigrate over here? You don't see scores of illegals trying to sneak into Cambodia do you?

    I'll grant America is far from perfect, but it sure has hell is better than a lot of other countries out there.

    I don't shove Nazism down Germanys throat. America has plenty of history we are not proud of.

    • I agree with WhoCares too. I really do LOVE my homeland.

      We are just messed up right now. Although I didn’t vote for our newest President, I am full of hope he will be making a BIG difference in how we are viewed by the rest of the world.

      I know someone who is trying to come here from Holland. He is the one that told me about the "Lottery".

      WhoCares you are right. Everyone seems to be trying to come HERE. But one thing I can say from being a witness to it… I have seen some of those that DO get the chance to come here, HATE being here, and tend to put down Americans every chance they get.

      I have been called a "stupid f*cking American" many times, by people here on a visa that they have to go home to renew every so often…

      I have been to Canada and Mexico quite a few times as part of my job. NOT ONCE have I ever put down the people of those countries to their faces or otherwise.

      America is a melting pot of different cultures, but I have seen others come here and disrespect the land and the people. that’s just plain RUDE.

      If you do come here, PLEASE show a little bit of respect for our home just as any GUEST should.

      I do not expect anyone to kiss our A$$es… But, I think a little respect is in order here.

      The American people are not their Government. YES, we do elect them. But, they are Politicians… Not the everyday people.

      By the way… I don’t see a Lottery here that offers citizenship to any other country…

      Our Lotteries win us money to spend… Usually on trips to visit other countries to absorb the culture and see the beauty the world has to offer.

      Enjoy the MUSIC.



  50. You people are so fucking pathetic.

    -Not all Germans are Nazis so shut up about that shit.

    -America isn't the Saint country we try to front, but I'd like to see the rest of the world survive without it.

    -Realize that when America's economy sucks, the rest of the world's sucks too.

    -If you hate it here so much, fucking leave. I'm sick of hearing you people bitch when you have been given so much. Anywhere you go there will always be shit. Go somewhere else in the world and say these things about that country. They won't think twice about blowing your ignorant, ungrateful head off.

    -I don't agree with the vast majority of things that go on in this country, especially as of late. But shit, I respect it. They've kept me safe, given me the opportunity to go to school, to have a career, be able to say whatever the fuck I want, and guaranteed that WE don't wind up with our own dictatorship.

    -And most importantly: Shut your mouths and enjoy the goddamn music.

    • NochEinLetztesMal said it right… shut your mouths and enjoy the goddamn music!!!

      I am at least one American that can say I have an open mind. I dont fall for the brainwashing propaganda spewed out by the government controlled media.

      Americans are woefully uninformed. Until I started talking to someone from Holland, I had no clue that there WAS a visa lottery to get onto the US… I was appalled!

      Please do not let the fable of the "American dream" lure you into a place that is losing hope of survival. As much as I LOVE my homeland, I am quite aware of our flaws. Most Americans are taught from the cradle that if you do not speak english you are either deaf or stupid.

      I only speak english (if you can call it that), I have tried to learn other languages, but have no talent for it. Anyone the speaks more than one language amazes me.

      We do have a wonderful, beautiful country here, but the people of this country take all that it is for granted.

      Just like someone you love, if you take them for granted, they will be gone. Americans are losing America… and we deserve it!!!

      Some say the founding beliefs are being lost…. I say let any belief that destroys others should go down.

      Some think we live in a democracy… WE DO NOT!!! Get a dictionary… look up the definition of democracy…. Americans are brainwashed into believing we are a democracy…. we throw the word around so much it has no meaning any more.

      Americans are arrogant in their false security, and false superiority.

      PLEASE enjoy the music while we are still allowed to.

      It may be the only thing we will have in our hearts to sustain us in the future.

      Peace out yo!!!


  51. Just because people are German, doesnt mean they are Nazis, but the German's HAVE taken responsibility for World war two. So we should all forgive them. They killed my father and both my Grandfather's in Dieppe. If ANYONE should be mad at them for being Nazis, It should be me, or someone whos Parents or grandparents died in World war two. So I don't know why you have so much hate against Germany. They did nothing wrong, They were led falsly by an idol elected in the Deppression, is there anything wrong with that? So everyone should just back off.

  52. I don’t hate the U.S.A . But I hate the people who dont respect others peoples opinion, dosent matter if its wrong or right, respect stands at the main point of values and rights, so if you dont respect then you are nothing, not in life ,not in this world, not in this dimencion not even in time. you can only disrespect dose who do it also.

    I never tolerate disrespect not even at the least or minimum rate.

    I do not hate any contry land or island, I love Nacionalizim because it mean “love for you’r contry” and in Puerto Rico thats wat stands up alot!

    Long will live wat war cant solve.

    • to Spielmann u can go fuck urself and to rammstein fan Fuck you we will shove the swaztika up ur ass like we did in world war2 and anybody thats french FUCK YOU because we saved ur ass in ww2 and veitnam and u tret us like shit im gunna make a time machine so u guys will all be germans

  53. I think it’s safe to say that no matter where we are from we are all on this site for one reason: Rammstein kicks ass!!

  54. To all of you America haters posting here, “Fuck You” is the magic word.

    No here, go have yourselves a Coke.

  55. i think that america was all gut untill bush came into office but this is how god planed for it to be so the best thing to do is let it ride

  56. Amerika isnt that great ma!!

    they just happen to have all the world immigrant..and some of them are wealthy rich,so i think america isnt great le

    1.coca cola

    2.mickey mouse

    3.burger and those stuff =__=

    4.space shuttle

    thats all?

    • Russia has space shuttle’s too…of course Rammstein doesn’t like them that much either, do they XD…plus Hamburgers were invented in germany :\

    • the only two good thing in there are the burgers and the space shuttle, both invented in Germany.

  57. Chikira chan…no thanks. Just because I hate what my country has become does not make me hate my country. Do not presume to know my mind. Get over yourself.

  58. "freedom is playing on all violins"? the idea of freedom, whether given positive or negative connotation, is NOT unique to american fundamentals. If you`re going to even suggest that the problem of our government is some kind of insane lust to spread "freedom", remember that the idea of "freeom" is as old as the human race itself. As for what exactly freedom is, thats part of a much longer and quite complicated discussion.

    Just because the Bush administration has forced itself into the affairs of another nation and is trying to change it into a democracy (that sounds scary to me in a way) doesn`t mean that all of america feels that this is a good thing. many people were gainst our involvment there to begin with. On top of that, the U.S was once a widely liked coutry; we kept to ourselves and were respectful of the cultures of other nations.

    Finally. Everyone feels some kind of connection to where they were born. That place is special to them, that culture is embedded in them to where they cannot help but subconsiously compare it to other cultures they encounter. Does this make them dirty? Does this make them stupid? Is it evil to want to identify with the nation they were raised in? If so, then humans in general are dirty bias ignorant creatures. But I don`t think we are.

  59. Don't act like America hasn't done anything, kaveh. No country is perfect, and America is a paradigm of hypocritical imperfection. I don't think America is perfect, nor do I think that America is a scapegoat: I think that some claims are exaggerated but many are accurate.

  60. America is being used as an escape goat by all the tyrants in Europe, Asia, Africa, and everywhere else. America is not evil. The state of the world is not due to any one country or any number of countries trying to dominate each other and the rest. I think class struggle, and cultural elitism are better spheres to look into when trying to de-construct dynamics of social upheavals.

  61. How about everyone here stop insulting each other’s- and their own- heritage? Obviously we all have something in common or we wouldn’t be visiting this site.

    Germany has been unfairly expected by the UN to serve some eternal penance over something their government did over 60 years ago. Meanwhile look at what America’s government constantly does-to both their own citizens- and other countries.

    I’d say we’re comparing oranges to oranges in that regard.

    As far as ‘hating’ America – I neither hate my country nor will I berate myself for being American. Sadly the vision of those that originally came here has been corrupted by a government that has become ANYTHING BUT ‘of or for’ the people.

    With that said, this is a great song and the video is clever also.

  62. I am SICK of people saying, "Oh Rammstein hates the U.S.!" No! They don't. It is just their opinion on how everyone IS living in America. Western culture has spread everywhere. And Dil, seriously, if you aren't going to post anything useful just don't post at all! They aren't Nazis just because they are from Germany. I love this song, great melody, lyrics, everything!

  63. alle hassen Amerika!!! ich hasse amerika!!! Amerika ist nicht ein gut Land! is just the worst country all over the globe! tschüß!!!

    • Yeah, all the German are nazis, what a fucking cliche. I suppose what bush is doing right now keeping thousands of troops in Afghanistan killing ordinary surveillants every day because they 'suspect' tourists are still hiding there is acceptable. And I suppose that the fact that 39% of all americans want to keep all Muslims under incubation until the war is over is also alright. Why? Is it because you're american you have special privileges to shove nazi racism into every single German's throat ever day. And America kicks Germany's ass? Yeah fucking right. Next time you sit on your computer, watch TV, drive your car, listen to your ipod, eat your hamburger, drink your beer and wear your jeans remember that these are all German inventions. Face it, you would be utterly screwed without them. Germans are by an incredible level smarter, hotter and better than america.

      Oh and BTW I come from Australia, a country that is really stupid by German standards but still not as nearly as stupid as america. If they could beat other countries by anything, it would be stupidity (and fuel consumption)

    • Sorry… I know how stupid we (the USA) can be I see it every day, when I check my youtube account all I see is brainless comments left by ignorant fools.
      I could apologize all day for the people that don’t think or can’t. I know the rest of the world hates us for our ignorance, but I’ve learned something, they (our government)are making us that way by beating into our heads useless shit everyday with news, TV, Movies, and the worst Music! if you want to make a brain dead zombie give them music with no heart or meaning, Till Lindemann said in an interview about other popular musicians having “no talent” yes the popular artists of our day have no Talent music died in the 90’s for America thank god I can get music from other countries to keep me happy!
      My great uncle fought the Nazis and even talked with them the man told my uncle he didn’t want to fight, they made him… That’s what a US solder would tell you today if he was not the brainwashed ones like some of the Nazis were.
      The world is evil you can point fingers all day but you wont get any where!

    • Arschloch!

      Germany has more qualaty of life than the retarded U.S.A you are just so fucking depresd about it that you have nothing else to do but suck bush's DICK!

    • i am born in america and this country is beautiful…the lands and legions of a number of it's people are breathtaking and honourable. numerous people who live here are as frustrated and angry as i am at the current state of affairs. make no mistake, my government does not represent me. "america"…this word makes me shudder. i fervently love my country, yet have never been able to stomach the fact that its roots are bedded in hypocrisy (manifest destiny?) and perpetuated (in large part) by the HUMAN constuct of religion. i will know for myself. it is bad here…for me anyway. americans seem to have lost the mettle to stand up to injustice. the demigod of complacency has fucked the bitch of greed too many times. all hope is lost without unity…divide and conquer. if there is a revolution i would hapily join and fight because i love my country and not my government.

      btw, please stop equting R+ with nazi's just because they are German. that makes about as much sense as equating me with an american as they are perceived by the rest of the world.

      "it is better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not"

  64. hay i watch this video on youtube in english and all it sed was “will you love me” and i knoe germen and Ich kenne Schritte die sehr nützen is not that so people on youtube “fuck off and lern germen”


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