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Hello man

Hallo kleines Mädchen, wie geht es dir? Hello little girl, how are you?
Mir geht es gut, sprich nicht zu mir I’m fine, do not talk to me
Steig einfach ein, ich nehm’ dich mit Just get in, I’ll take you with me
Und kaufe dir Muscheln mit Pommes Frites And buy mussels with French fries
Es ist schon warm und du bist schön It is already warm and you are beautiful
Und hast das Meer noch nicht geseh’n And you have not seen the sea yet
Du bist alleine, ich ganz allein You are alone, me alone
Sprich nicht zu mir, steig einfach ein Do not talk to me, just get in
Sing für mich, komm, sing Sing for me, come, sing
Hölle auf dem Ring Hell on the ring
Tanz für mich und dann Dance for me and then
Kommt zu dir der Hallomann Come to the Hallomann
Die Sonne scheint uns auch auf den Bauch The sun also shines on our stomach
Sag einfach nichts und mach es auch Just do not say anything and do it
Gib mir dein Wort, nimm meine Hand Give me your word, take my hand
Wir bau’n was Schönes aus Haut und Sand We make something beautiful out of skin and sand
Nichts wird danach wie früher sein Nothing will be like it used to be
Sprich nicht zu mir, steig einfach ein Do not talk to me, just get in
Sing für mich, komm, sing Sing for me, come, sing
Hölle auf dem Ring Hell on the ring
Tanz für mich, komm, tanz Dance for me, come, dance
Blondes Haar und Rosenkranz Blond hair and rosary
Hallo kleines Mädchen Hello little girl
Wir geht es dir? How are you?
Sing für mich, komm, sing Sing for me, come, sing
Frag nicht nach dem Sinn Do not ask for the meaning
Sing für mich und dann Sing for me and then
Auf den Wellen dein Gesang On the waves your singing
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  1. I think this song is about Marc Dutroux, he is a serialkiller/pedofil in Belgium who has abducted, then killed sereveral girls. He locked them up in his basement, raped them and let them starve to dead. 2 escaped (Jullie and Melissa) 2 other girls where taken during there vacation at the sea in Belgium, also mussels with French fries is a famous dish in Belgium.

  2. Er singt erstmals – «Hölle auf den Ring» – nachstmals «Perle auf dem Ring» …egal was ins verschiedene beigelegte Texte und übersetzungen geschreibt bist….

  3. Halloman refers to the creepy adult strangers who with no right introduce themselves to children. The idea is that it’s best to be weary of strangers having any contact with adults that aren’t their caregivers. Hallomann puts evil in “Hallo”. The pearl ring and mussel with fries is just an expensive trinket to lure a child into his plan of raping and maybe… murdering the kid? Anythings possible with boogeyman types

  4. Prügelknabe, your interpretation is the best out of all the comments.
    Makes complete sense. There are some other comments that could be added
    to your interpretation but yours makes the most sense given how the band likes to makes songs
    based on world issues and events.

  5. Klaus Ritter; He definitely sings, “Perle auf dem Ring” It’s written as such in the booklet accompanying the album.

  6. OK, so I believe, like Weit Weg, this song is very dark. The “Hallomann” is his penis, there’s no two ways about it. I don’t think there can be any doubt that the antagonist of this song rapes, and possibly murders, a young girl. But unlike Weit Weg, this song’s imagery comes less from the allegory of the lyrics and more from the structure of the song itself. The lyrics are very self explanatory, a man tries to entice a young girl into his car. He’ll take her to the seaside, possibly to a secluded place, and “make something beautiful from skin and sand.” I believe the reference to the pearl on the ring and the rosary beads are simply a highlight of the girls innocence, and the man’s attraction to it. Now for the interesting part, I think the guitar solo immediately following the mention of the rosary is an indication of the man’s happiness at having his way with the young girl. It’s a fairly uplifting solo. But then, at the end of it, he darkly asks how the girl is feeling. Then we get a very dark, painful, almost screaming keyboard solo that is a reflection of the girls torment and pain at what is happening, and perhaps also possibly her death because at the end of the song, she takes her place on the waves and her spirit sings in an echoing, haunting voice. I think he dumped her body at sea after he had his way with her.
    Again, I think this album is much darker than they are getting credit for.

    • The words “Hölle auf dem Ring” is a reference to Dante’s Inferno and the Nine Rings of Hell… not pearl on the ring.

    • imma just add to that: that haunting voice can be heard before too. That might mean that this song is about rape AND murder, but… In reverse order. Guitar seems to indicate at guy having his way with his victim, but that haunting voice thingy can be heard before that part, soooooo…

    • Yes, agreed. Pearls are a traditional symbol of purity. I think the commenter above who speculates that this song is likely about that Belgian pedophile is probably correct.

  7. This is definitely incorrect. I have the official lyrics booklet from the album in front of me.

    He writes:
    “Perle auf dem Ring” (it is not “Hölle auf dem Ring”)

    This means “Pearl on the ring”. This is probably an actual gift (a ring adorned with a pearl), which he is offering to the “kleines Mädchen”. The pearl fits the ocean/beach/sand/waves imagery. It is also a euphemism for ejaculation.

    Classic poetic writing and wordplay from Till.

    • Yes, I agree with this, too! Typical multi-layered meanings for lyrics by Till. He is a true poet. I love the dramatic monologue format he uses so often to expose the madness of his twisted poetic personas, too.

  8. Okay so Halloman doesn’t actually mean anything it is more a term of phras Hallo,mann right? I find this song interesting as It’s almost him retelling what he did to the little girl over and over again


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