Rammstein Awards


Rammstein awards

A Platinum Record is the award given to a performing artist (typically musical artist) for the sale of million units of records, CDs, or cassettes through legal distribution sources. The Platinum Record award was created after the Gold Record award was popular and as the industry saw the sales of individual singles and albums reach one million units. In 1998 the Diamond Record awards were created for the sales of 10 million copies of an album or single.

Platinum Record

Herzeleid 2x
Sehnsucht 2x
Mutter 2x
Reise, Reise


Golden Record

Herzeleid 2x
Engel 2x
Live aus Berlin


1998 – Echo : Video (Engel)
1998 – Viva Comet : Live Group
1999 – Echo : Group
2002 – Echo : Nu-Metal
2002 – Kerrang! Awards : International Live Group
2002 – Kerrang! Awards : International Concert
2004 – MetalHammer : Best Video (Mein Teil)
2004 – MetalHammer : Best Album (Reise, Reise)
2004 – MetalHammer : Best Song (Mein Teil)
2005 – Echo : Best alternative group
2005 – Echo : Best national live act
2005 – Comet (viva) : Best video (Keine Lust)
2005 – MTV Europe Music Awards : Best german artist
2005 – Krone : Best live performance
2006 – LEA Awards : Best managemen (Emanuel Fialik from Pilgrim)
2006 – Echo Awards : Best artist/German group
2006 – Emma Gaala : Best international artist
2006 – Edison Awards : Best alternative music with Rosenrot


1998 – MTV European Music Awards : Best rock song
1999 – 42e`me Annual Grammy Awards : Best metal performance
2002 – Best video (Sonne)
2005 – Kerrang Awards : Best live performance
2005 – Neo Award : Best TV album
2005 – Comet (Viva) : Best Live performance
2006 – Grammy Awards : Best metal performance
2006 – Echo : Best national live performance


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  1. Para mi Rammstein es lo mejor soy re fanatica ojala que siempre sigan asi.ojala que vengan para la Argentina ;):)

  2. i totally agree with + Kein Engel +, there all fucking brain washed to pop culture and media/society, if Rammstein can’t get recognition in awards like the Grammy(‘s). I don’t need to say here, how brilliant their lyrics, music, to show performance, and mini stories that we all love in music videos..

    at least we all know who should be getting the awards..

  3. Those platinum awards above are fraudulent. It’s NOT a million copies anywhere else but in the United States. In other countries the numbers are considerably smaller. In Germany, which I presume the above numbers are from, it’s only 200,000 to earn platinum. The sole platinum album in the United States has been “Sehnsucht.” Now I see why so much wild misinformation is out there on the Internet regarding Rammstein’s worldwide sales. People read this junk, and assume that albums have gone double-platinum and platinum in the United States, which is not the least bit true with the sole exception of “Sehnsucht.”

  4. I seriously don’t get why Rammstein never has won a Grammy Award! I mean, why can’t they see what great artists Rammstein are? Even that annoying piece of shit Lil’ Wayne won 4 awards at the most recent Grammy’s!! That’s just SO wrong!!! They don’t know what they’re doing at that Academy!

    Rammstein hasn’t even won a VMA!! But “of course” Tokio Hotel has!! I mean, WTF?! Rammstein’s videos are so much more brilliant than Tokio Hotel’s!!! :@

    If I seem pissed off right now, then it’s because I am pissed off! xD

  5. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Rammstein are the best German band in the world. i love em. Till, Richard, Christian, Christoph, Paul and Oliver you are all Kick ass

    Rammstein, Rammstein, Rammstein. Rammstein, der beste band. ich liebe rammstein. gehen rammstein woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. cnt wait for new album


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