Rammstein Führe mich lyrics with English translation

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Du bist mir ans Herz gewachsen You have grown in my heart
Wenn ich blute hast du Schmerzen When I bleed you have pains
Wir müssen uns kennen We must know ourselves
Ein Körper, zwei Namen One body, two names
Nichts kann uns trennen Nothing can disunite us
Ein Zweilaib im Samen A twinbody in semen
Wenn du weinst, geht es mir gut If you cry, it’s okay with me
Die Hand deiner Angst, füttert mein Blut The hand of your fear, feeds my blood
Führe mich, halte mich Lead me, hold me
Ich fühle dich, ich verlass Dich nicht I feel you, I won’t abandon you
Du bist mir ans Herz gebaut You are constructed at my heart
Zwei Seelen spannen eine Haut Two souls span one skin
Und wenn ich rede bist du still And when I speak you are silent
Du stirbst wenn ich es will You die when I want
Wenn du weinst schenke ich dir When you cry, I give to you
Kinder der Angst, Tränen von mir Children of fear, tears from me
Führe mich, halte mich Lead me, hold me
Ich fühle dich, ich verlass Dich nicht I feel you, I won’t abandon you
Zwei Bilder nur ein Rahmen Two pictures, only one frame
Ein Körper doch zwei Namen One body, yet two names
Zwei Dochte eine Kerze Two wicks, one candle
Zwei Seelen in einem Herzen Two souls in one heart
Führe mich, halte mich Lead me, hold me
Ich führe dich, ich verlass Dich nicht I lead you, I won’t abandon you
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  1. I hear clear BDSM references in the text. The same in “Ich tut dir Weh”. (And lots more lyrics)…
    My German is not that strong, sice its 30 years since school where I thankfully chose it over French (for 5 years). So my interpretations could be more what spills the heart

  2. While every single Rammstein song seems to have hidden metaphors of several kinds and the lyrics are to be interpreted solely by the listeners themselves, based on the lyrics,

    “Wir müssen uns kennen
    Ein Körper, zwei Namen”

    I believe that the lyrics are constructed surrounding the idea of one being intact with different personas of oneself.

    “Und wenn ich rede bist du still
    Du stirbst wenn ich es will”

    These lyrics could describe the event in which one speaks, though, anything they say is being lubricated, while their inner dialogue doesn’t make a sound, thus, creating the illusion of an inner demon being restricted, or simply inner thoughts being restrained from being spoken. These lyrics could describe anyone ranging from split personalities to psychopaths.

    There are number of metaphors that could be overseen within this song which is why it never fails to remain in my top 5 favorite songs by Rammstein.

  3. Always had the feeling that this song and Ich Tu Dir Weh are actually about the on stage persona vs real life Till. But hey, there are always a million different ways you can interpret Rammstein lyrics.

  4. i reckon it’s a song about the human conscious, and it referrers to the mental tug of war that goes on in the head of a person torn between their morality, and hedonistic desires, like the the god and the devil, good and evil, the frontal lobe and the amygdala, whatever you want to call it.

  5. I first heard it in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac and since then it’s
    been strongly associated with this movie, that’s why the lyrics have
    completely different meaning to me 🙂 I prefer the movie version of this
    song, where Till sings Nymphomaniac in the chorus.

  6. I’m fairly confident that this is about someone with split personalities, someone who has two sides to him like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or possibly someone battling addiction.

    “Und wenn ich rede bist du still”

    This line in particular shows that only one of the two is in control at a time (the dominant personality/state).

    “Zwei Bilder nur ein Rahmen
    Ein Körper doch zwei Namen
    Zwei Dochte eine Kerze
    Zwei Seelen in einem Herzen”

    This continues the theme of two objects existing in one containing entity, rather than one object being composed of two distinct entities. If the lyrics were about a relationship between two different physical bodies the opposite would be true (e.g. “one soul, two bodies”).

  7. my interpretation from “Halt” ;

    it is not to siamese twins but it treats schizophrenia
    Good additionally take in the movie “Fight Club” at suffering schizophrenia Edward Norton and Brad Pitt as its other ego Tyler Durdon

  8. I think it’s about leading a double life. There’s two parts to you, and one is dominant and wins in the end.

  9. I think it might be interesting to mention that the song has been featured in Lars von Trier’s movie Nymphomaniac. Therefore it might be connected to the relationship between our consciousness and our basic instincts, ego and id.


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