Rammstein Feuerräder lyric with English translation

Leg mir das Halsband um
dann geh ich auf die Knie
und fang zu bellen an
der Schmerz ist schön wie nie

Mach den Käfig auf
hol mich ins Sternenreich ja

Komm tuh mir langsam weh
leg mir die Ketten an
und zieh die Knoten fest
damit ich lachen kann

Mach den Käfig auf
hol mich ins Sternenreich ja

Dort wo die Sterne waren
drehn sich Feuerräder
wir feiern eine Leidenschaft
der Schmerz ist schön wie du
Put that collar on me
then I'll go down on my knees
and begin to bark
the pain has never been better

Open the cage
bring me into the realm of stars

Come hurt me slowly
put chains on me
and tie the knot tightly
so that I can laugh

Open the cage
bring me into the realm of stars

There where the stars have been
wheels of fire turn
we celebrate a passion
the pain is beautiful like you


  1. 1994…VERY early in the bands developement…the basic Rammstein elements are there…theme, formula, cohesion, etc…what is missing is not really “missing” at all…it is the confidence that comes only with time. Here we see the band still in the cocoon…

    • The whole band ang together more often back then.
      While they, and Till, say they are atheists their content is often oddly religious. Perhaps there is also a touch of Ezekial’s Wheel here… A very spooky tale in the Old Testament…

  2. I think this about training circus animals, realm of stars may be indeed circus and burning wheels of fire are wheel of fire that dog must jump through, everyone at circus is happy about the show and stuff, but the animal got through lots of pain. Or knowing Rammstein, this is about sex, S&M, and more sex.

  3. I love this song, the rhythm is great, the lyrics are great, they’re sung really well, it’s dance-metal at its near-best. Rammstein (or their management, or record company or whatever) is stupid for not releasing this song on an album. As much as I don’t like critisizing Rammstein, this was a stupid decision. Same with Kokain, Schwarzes Glas, Halleluja and Das Modell.

  4. @ Hans, yeah I know. And yes, I’ve heard Sehnsucht. And Bestrafe Mich, Ich Tu Dir Weh, and so on. I know it’s very “Rammstein’ish” to sing about SM etc but it’s HOW the lyrics are preformed I don’t find Rammstein’ish.
    But mostly it’s Till’s voice who annoys me. It doesn’t sound like him. I knot it is, I hear that, but it’s not how he usually sings.

    But since that comment, I’ve changed my mind. I like this song ^^

    • This happens to me with many of their songs. First listen I will actively dislike it, second listen I’ll feel neutral, third listen and I’m hooked. It has happened too many times to not wonder what is happening lol. I can’t not like their music! They ALL grow on me eventually.

  5. awesome song.
    and to Eszett, who says the song isn’t like rammstein…
    I have no idea what you’re talking about.
    1st guitars, very recognisable.
    and the keyboard bit in the beginning.
    and the lyrics come on, very sexual/sm which is totally Rammstein (maybe you’re never heard Sehnsucht?)

    and to Nicht spiel mit Feuer:
    it is clearly “Schön wie du”, if you hear dir you need to get your ears checked.
    and dir is grammaticly incorrect.

  6. I find this song interesting. But I can’t say I like it. It annoys me, I think. Mostly cause it doesen’t sound a bit like Till or Rammstein at all. Maybe the guitarrplay but not the rest. Not even the lyrics are “Rammstein’isch”


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