Rammstein Zwitter lyric with English translation

Ich hab ihr einen Kuss gestohlen
Sie wollte sich ihn wiederholen
Ich hab sie nicht mehr losgelassen
Verschmolzen so zu einer Masse
So ist es mir nur allzurecht
Ich bin ein schoenes Zweigeschlecht
Zwei Seelen unter meiner Brust
Zwei Geschlechter eine Lust
Ich gehe anders durch den Tag
Ich bin der schoenste Mensch von allen
Ich sehe wunderbare Dinge
Die sind mir vorher garnicht aufgefallen
Ich kann mich jeden Tag begluecken
Ich kann mir selber Rosen schicken
Da ist kein zweiter und kein dritter
Eins und eins das ist gleich


Ich bin so verliebt
Ich bin in mich verliebt
Eins fuer mich eins fuer dich
Gibt es nicht fuer mich
Eins und eins das bin ich
Ich bin alleine doch nicht allein
Ich kann mit mir zusammen sein
Ich kuesse frueh mein Spiegelbild
Und schlafe abends mit mir ein
Wenn die anderen Maedchen suchten
Konnt ich mich schon selbst befruchten
So bin ich dann auch nicht verzagt
Wenn einer zu mir Fick dich sagt


Ich bin so verliebt
Ich bin in mich verliebt
Eins fuer mich eins fuer dich
Gibt es nicht fuer mich
Eins und esins das bin ich
I have stolen a kiss from her
She wanted to get it back
I have not let her go again
We melted into one piece
It is just too right for me
I am a beautiful bisexual
Two souls under my chest
Two genders, one lust
I go differently through the day
I am the most beautiful person of them all
I see marvelous things
I did not notice them before
I can make myself happy everyday
I can send myself roses
There is no second and no third
One and one that is the same


I am so in love
I am so in love with myself
One for me One for you
Is there not one for me
One and one that´s me
I am alone but not alone
I can be together with myself
Early I kiss my reflection
And at night I fall asleep with myself
When the others searched for girls
I could already fertilize myself
I am not even downhearted then
When one tells me 'fuck yourself'


I am so in love
I am so in love with myself
One for me One for you
Is there not one for me
One and one That's me

This song talks about narcissism and bisexuality through the point of view of a hermaphrodite. The chorus, departing from the Rammstein norm, is in a major key and is sung quite high.


  1. Zwitter is not about Narcissism, This a complete miss on the song and narcissism.
    It’s about being balance in terms of Anima and Animus. That simple!

    • It is. Particularly in eflat major. The refrein goes from e flat to d which is characteristic major 7th. There is also a major third g because if the guitar would play power chords the fifth of a second power chord is g.

    • In fact there is a very often used modulation from c minor to e flat major. These two scales have completely same tone material but the tonic center changes. It causes that your ear is very steady and you don’t feel any tonal schift much. The chords progression is classic pop 1 6 5. This basic type of modulation is very useful for example for Mozart but all the composers you can think of are using it frequently

  2. Some mistakes in the translation there. The meaning and whole genius of the original german text is lost in some places. For example:
    – It’s not “bisexual” but about somebody with a dick and pussy.. “twosexual” is the direct translation.
    – “Is there not one for me” should be “Doesn’t exists for me”
    – “I am alone but not alone” should be “I am alone but not lonely”

  3. Hermaphrodite was the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, and he was so handsome that he loved himself (like Narcisse… well there’s a lot of people like that in greek mythology 😛 ) And there was that nymph loving him, she ran and hugged? him. He didn’t want to, but then she said “I want us to never be separed again” the gods hear’d her and their body merged into a mix of both.

    • No they are not banned, some idiot in the government purposed a law that requires bands to have a US record label and US manager in order to tour inside the US and unfortunately it passed. Either that’s been reversed or they obtained both cause I’ve already got tickets to the PA show in 2021.

  4. LMFAO at these lyrics.

    I am a huge fane and know very lil german
    but I had no idea what this song met for the most part
    I read the english lyrics and it cracks me up!
    Luv it! lol :L:L

      • If you’re going to insult someone for their use of a language, at least know the difference between “to” and “too.” Better yet, keep your insults to yourself.

        • Exactly!!! Thanks for pointing that out. I’m not saying that whomever wrote that comment made some kind of typo(probably not) but I always see people who do make typos are so extremely quick to point that out.

  5. 'Zwitter' is a metaphor, the song is not about an hermaphrodite in the physiological sense, narcissism, or about bisexuality. It is about being completely balanced and fulfilled by oneself. Psychotic neediness proliferates so much music anymore (at least in the US). It is refreshing to find a song that celebrates independence and self-love. I love this song, it makes me smile too.

    • ((Answering 14 years later…oops)

      From my understanding it was a forced relationship, with the guy controlling his partner as if they were one. The obsession makes them one… Or that’s what I understand, greetings! 😀

      • It could be also viewed as two people who fell in love with and lost their identities in each other by thus forming an unity of some sort. And it become perversion fixed on itself. Till sometimes views love as destructive force or perversion – “Amour” for example.


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