Rammstein Wiener Blut lyric with English translation

Komm mit mir, komm auf mein Schloss
Da wartet Spass im Tiefgeschoss
Leise, leise woll'n wir sein
Den Augenblick von Zeit befrei'n
Ja, das Paradies liegt unterm Haus
Die Tür fällt zu, das Licht geht aus

Seid ihr bereit?
Seid ihr soweit?
Willkommen in der Dunkelheit
In der Dunkelheit

Keiner kann hier unten stören
Niemand, niemand darf uns hören
Nein, man wird uns nicht entdecken
Wir lassen uns das Leben schmecken
Und bist du manchmal auch allein
Ich pflanze dir ein Schwesterlein
Die Haut so jung, das Fleisch so fest
Unter dem Haus ein Liebesnest

Seid ihr bereit?
Seid ihr soweit?
Willkommen in der Dunkelheit
In der Dunkelheit

In der Einsamkeit
In der Traurigkeit
Für die Ewigkeit
Willkommen in der Wirklichkeit

Und wanderst du im tiefen Tal
Seid ihr bereit?
Und sei Dein Dasein ohne Licht
Seid ihr soweit?
Fürchte kein Unglück, keine Qual
Macht euch bereit
Ich bin bei dir und halte dich
Ich halte dich in der Dunkelheit
In der Dunkelheit

Lyric © Rammstein
Come with me, come into my castle
Fun waits for us in the basement there
Gentle, gentle, we want to be
Liberate the moment from time
Yeah, paradise lies under the house
The door falls closed, the light goes out

Are you ready?
Are you good to go?
Welcome…to the darkness!
To the darkness!

No one can disturb us down here
No one, no one must hear us
No one will discover us
We enjoy life
And (because) you are alone sometimes 
I plant you a little sister
The skin so young, the flesh so tight
Under the house, a love nest

Are you ready?
Are you good to go?
Welcome…to the darkness!
To the darkness!

To the loneliness
To the sadness
For eternity
Welcome to reality

And when you walk through a deep valley*
Are you ready?
And if your life (existence) was without light
Are you good to go?
Fear no misfortune, fear no torment
Prepare yourself
I am with you and I hold you
I hold you in the darkness!**
In the darkness!

Translation © Affenknecht.com

Submitted by EinHeisserSchrei

Translation Notes:

* In German, this refers strongly to the 23rd Psalm (”Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”)

**Double meaning: Ich halte Dich in der Dunkelheit can simply mean I hold you in the darkness (like hugging), but also I keep (or detain) you in the darkness (like you keep a bird in a cage).

This song was purely inspired by the Fritzl case.


  1. Take for instance Spieluhr, this is such a beautiful song melody and lyrics, it makes me want to hold my girl and cry into her shoulder, I can relate to this song as it is often how I felt as a child, not once in this song does he talk of sin even in the smallest amount. he was clearly neglected as a child, also ohne dich, this also reflects that even tho the love he had for his mother was strong, she did not appear to feel it towards him.

  2. I listen to Rammstein a lot, and I too did not care for what the English translation was, it just sounds so frikkin cool in German, and I felt you could kind of guess what he was talking about via the music/melody. Upon reading a lot of the translation, he often talks about such dark things as forced sex and sex with young girls, I think it is not a case of what he is like as a person, only that this is how people turn out when they are deprived of motherly love such as he mentions in the song Mutter.

  3. It’s worth noticing that Till used both, singular and plural forms of “you” during the song…

    When the German says “ihr” and “euch”, it’s plural.
    When the German says “dir, dich, du, dein”, it’s singular.
    This is important because it’s obvious he’s only speaking to one person the entire time: the victim.

  4. Rammstein is my favorite band. IDK German, but this band insisted me to learn it. Their every bit of lyric is fabulous. Keep going…………………

  5. Yes Christopher, I feel the same way! This song scares the SHIT out of me when I’m playing it (LOUD) in my car while I’m driving home at night. But still I always ‘fast forward’ the CD to this one 🙂 Never, ever felt like this with any other song! The way Till says “Wilkommen”, is probably the most scariest thing I ever heard. Damn, this is a mighty good song 😀

  6. I have often claimed that nothing shocks me. This song scared the Hell out of me the first time I heard it. Now, knowing the meaning, I become more afraid each time I listen to it…and I can’t stop listening to it…

  7. To any German speaker;

    “niemand, niemand darf uns hören.” doesn’t “darf” translate to may? why isn’t “mussen” appropriate in this case? Thanks

    • If I say “Darf ich telfonieren?” I mean “Can I phone?” but in the way when I see the phone is there but I ask for permission

    • Although müssen translates as must, it’s easier for an English
      speaker to think of it as “have to” or “required to” since the opposite
      “nicht müssen” means “don’t have to” rather than “must not”.

      Dürfen = it is allowed

      Müssen = it is required

      “niemand muss uns hören” would translate to: “nobody is required to hear us”.

    • I am steadily starting to understand the differences in the use of certain words and how they often change places in the sentence due to the before/after text, for instance, it is my understanding, that I Love you in German is Ich Liebe du but if it is followed by an extender such as never again or forever then it changes to Ich du liebe?? Is this correct??

    • A bit late, but in German you want the verb after the subject carrying out the verb, and you’d use the accusative form of du which is dich, because that’s the object being acted upon instead of the subject. ‘I love you’ would translate more correctly to “Ich liebe dich.” If you were to add to that statement it would stay the same in this context, like ‘I love you forever’ or ‘I love you too’ translating to ‘Ich liebe dich immer’ and ‘Ich liebe dich auch’ respectively.

  8. this is probably going to sound a tad strange and reading some posts from people on other sites for other rammstein songs im pretty sure some people might get a little bit mad about what i am asking but there is a reason.

    Anywho back to what i was going to ask, is there a way to get rid of or make it much harder to hear the sound you can hear at about 00:41 or so in the song? i am listening to the song from a youtube link here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Eha8q47HCI) and my reason for asking is because i had a cat that just died today/yesterday depending when you consider the day to end/start (and this is my first time hearing the song) the cause of death was her having too much fleas and we couldn’t get rid of them in time before they sucked too much blood and she was too weak, and the few days to weeks that she was really weak she sounded exactly like that and every time i heard it it just reminded me of her and made me sad T_T.

    if anyone is willing to get rid of that sound i would be grateful

    • My friend, we all have our problems in life, death is a part of life, you should have looked after your cat much better. I am way more of a cat person than a dog person so it actually saddens me to hear of your loss, but even more so that you did not get regular checks to see your cat fit and healthy.

  9. Mavis, I understand.
    Screaming in a crowded room and nobody hears you, nobody understands you. They are there, but they’re not there. We are two diffrent paths that still feel the same in the end. Try to keep within your dreams as much as you can, but also keep both hands on the wheel, for we both have to balance reality and fantacy in order to keep some shred of sanity.

    I do admit this song has it’s allure to me when I first read the translations. I did not read further into the commentary, did not see that the poetry was more litteral. Tier is a very good story of foreboding, forcing the offender to look him/herself in the face and view themseves from the world’s point of view. I cross my chest in honor for Till’s boldness in this.
    It’s such a pitty that they don’t tour down into Texas. I’m deffinately sure that Paul would LOVE Tex-Mex.

  10. To the girl who has day dreamed about this do not feel bad, so you have the ability to think in this manner, understand to a degree this exsistence. If it will make you feel any better, I’ve masturbated to a similar idea,where I was the victim(and I am a woman) since I was 5 years old. I was molested by another 5 year old at this time so maybe that is where it came from, I don’t worry and I would never act on it. I firmly believe in life imprisonment for pedophiles and rapiers- death is to good for them. As for this song, it touches a little to close to home;) which is something I always enjoy. I am a cab driver that works third shift and in my part of the world the night can last over 12 hours during the cold season. It was lonely (I learned I just needed to feel safe in my own skin) and I only get sad because I cannot escape reality. If I lie to myself I am totally conscious of it; so all of my illusions are being stripped from me-one by one- and they are like borrowed children, I could never have them they were never mine to own, and now that I have to let go, I miss them. My life has become a riddle; it is something until you know what it is, then it is nothing. I feel like I’m in a dark jungle without a light at the end of it for me, now why would that make me happy?

  11. For Anyone who thinks Rammstein delights in the sinister details of the descriptive songs that tell of incest and rape, please read Till’s comments on the matter (sorry for the long entry, but hey, it’s Till calling it like it is)


    Lindemann: We reveal emotions. Necrophilia and child molesters you won’t find in mainstream songs. We sing about it, and a lot of people are consternated but attracted by it at the same time.

    Playboy: Most disturbing is you singing in the first person singular about these topics. Why do you do it?

    Lindemann: It’s more direct. That’s the polarising effect: I am the cannibal, I am the child molester. In my opinion it would be cowardly to write it in the third person and make her responsible.


    And, regarding a similar song, “Tier”, Till said this:

    “My daughter’s in an age [12/13 at this time] in which something like that could happen to her … And that’s why I dare to imagine how this would be like. Would my daughter be a victim, I’d cut one of the balls of the perpetrator off or shoot him or something like that. On the other hand, I can sit down in the dark somewhere in a corner of the room and think about what made him do that. And about what made me imagine and maybe understand his urge. These are the two sides: on the one side is the reason, the moral, my perfectly normal life – that’s out of question for myself. But then I’m sitting down, I’m closing my eyes and I’m thinking about – for example – that moment the day before yesterday when I felt a particular desire for that adult woman – why shouldn’t a person feel such a desire as well? Somebody who can’t be blamed because he had been abused in his childhood as well. And he might not be able to judge on what it means to feel that kind of desire for a child. In which way are you going to valuate on that?

    Our song “Tier” (“Beast” or “Animal”) is about incest. Sex between father and daughter is something that only happens among animals. “Was macht ein mann; der zwischen mensch und tier nicht unterscheiden kann?” (“What makes a man? Between man and beast, who can tell the difference?”) is something I ask at the beginning of the song. “Er wird zu seinen tochter gehen. Was willst du; was fühlst du. Du bist eigentlich ein Tier” (“He will go to his daughter. What do you want; what do you feel? You are simply an animal.”) I have a daughter of twelve I try to raise. And I try very hard to understand how someone can answer to himself for the love he makes with his own child.

    I simply cannot imagine that someone would lie on top of his child and be aroused. In the first part, I describe the situation with one conclusion; only animals can do this. There is no difference between animal behaviour and this. In the second part, I ask myself “was macht eine frau; die zwischen Tier und mann nicht unterscheiden kann?” (“What makes a woman; between beast and man, who can tell the diffeerence?”) Here, the focus lies on the child who has grown up to be a woman, but has to go through life with the nightmare from her childhood. She writes a letter to herself about her youth. When her father slept with her. She basically became an animal.

    The fact is she has been destroyed. It is a cycle: What happens to you in your childhood you have to carry for the rest of your life.

    On his inspirations for lyrics/poems
    I try to put myself in the mind of certain people: how do some f**ked up situations happen. I want to enter their brain: a space with brightly colored and black and white cobwebbed nooks and crannies, the ones you don’t like to come close to because of the mess you will find. I only try to describe, without attacking. I understand that people can be shocked by that.

    Only five minutes ago, I read in a newspaper that we incite people to violence. I have read that before, but the reaction that came closest to me was a letter from a girl that had been raped when she was nine or ten years old. She wrote that she could identify with the song “Weisses Fleisch” – that was also in the index for a short while. I spoke about rape while she couldn’t. She had grown up with the idea that she had to keep that period from her youth a secret, and couldn’t tell anyone. Through my song, she understood she could talk about it. She was so grateful I had written that song… I still don’t understand what people get so excited about.

    I have seen in Indonesia what happens to children and prostitutes. And if you would know what happens in this town at night behind the curtains, my lyrics are very innocent. Those little studios and basement steps of the Red Light district, those small S&M shops with cages and whips: how sick is humanity? And in comparison, how little the themes are that I use in my lyrics, or the things I do onstage? ”


  12. I have to agree with you Till. There are two Rammstein Songs that, Whilst I don’t mind them, They aren’t like Rammlied, Ohne Dich, or Du Hast, where they are Heaps good; They are Mein Teil, and this one. I like the Beat for Both Of them, but the lyrics, after looking them up, puts me off. If I’m forced to choose between one ot the two songs to listen to, It have to be Mein Teil, for ethical reasons. I mean, being slaughtered to be eated by someone else, that bad enough. But to be locked up in a basement for 24 years straight, and raped, misstreated, and threatened death by various methods, is just pure evil.

  13. about Fritz yes maybe but like so many rammstein lyrics it could have a secondary interpretation , could be about another er famous man [ who did live in vienna] who was in love with a female relative , who had an affair with er famous mans rival , so both lovers ended up dead ?. really original song , one of best on lifad.

  14. liese, liese woll’n wir sein…. silent. we want to be silent .or we want sielnce…..

    Den Augenblick von Zeit befrei’n..free the moment and time……

  15. This song is about Josef fritzl, who lived in Austria, not Australia, hence Weiner (viennese being from Vienna, Austra) Blut

  16. @salem

    i honestly believe that no even with all the therapy in the world will elizabeth EVER be healed of her trauma…after alll..this is a one in the world case ( that we know of )and it is just the sickest in the world

    also, if you read the repport in fritzl on this page…you have to realize,,,,THE GUY WAS A GENIUOS. i mean, he was able to transform his own basemend home into a dungeon…

  17. I think my mind is seriously fucked up.
    Before ever knowing that people really do lock victims in cellars and rape them in real life, I thought about it happening in my mind. Plus I’m just 16 O_o

    God… WTF is wrong with me?

  18. To continue with Jenn’s take on what Sam-the-girl said, yes, they had running water and apparently Fritzl said he’d occasionally bring them toys, food and would spend evenings watching TV with them, but that doesn’t change that currently Elizabeth’s (that is, Fritzl’s imprisoned daughter) suffer from panic attacks, are anemic, and have OC trauma behaviours like hair-pulling which they’re needing a whole huge deal of therapy to get rid of.

    How exactly is that “not as bad as it’s made out to be”? It sounds pretty horrible to me.


  19. This song, for me, combines the pedophilic, twisted themes of ‘Tier’ and ‘Hallujah’ (Taken from the ‘antagonists’ point of view), the thrumming, taboo erotisism of ‘Mein Teil’ and the violent, destructivism of ‘Zerstören’. It’s easily one of the heaviest, most powerful, most imposing and most sosphisticated of Rammstein’s songs, and my favourite on ‘Liebe ist für alle da’. I don’t know how they made that mindfucking hum, the one that resembles something alive, a child, a living doll or an animal. And the giggling and the chopping in the sound — fffff. And every word is spoken so deliberately — you can clearly hear Till’s lips curl into a snarl or a malicious grin the entire time! Needless to say, ‘Weiner Blut’ combined and outdone most of my R+ favourites. It makes me a very happy fan.

  20. Ummm… Please stop saying “Stupid Americans!” etc, Jonathan’s a retard and doesn’t represent all of us. I’m an American and I corrected him as well, don’t be so ignorant and curse all of this country because of one idiot.

  21. The strings in this song are great, cello melodies really turn me on … imagine how it would sound played in concert with apocalyptica!

    I must say, the musical style very much reflects on Stein um Stein, except Rammstein have replaced emotionally deep guitar picking with the beautiful bowing of the cello. The sinister melody, like Stein um Stein, gives way to crushing electric guitar.
    Like Tier, the lyrics are about incest, although this song is about an actual case, and Tier talks about the man’s daughter getting revenge. Also, Wiener Blut is in 1st person, while Tier is in 3rd person.

    Great song, thanks Rammstein.

  22. I love how in many Rammstein songs (like this one) you get a look into the very messed up logic of the speaker,and it really makes one sympathize with the speaker’s victims.

    In a really good Rammstein song (like this one), you get a bit of the Lolita effect– by which I mean, you start to emphasize and understand the speaker’s logic a little.
    Steim um Stein, Klavier, Mutter, Heirate Mich… even Laichzeit (just to name a few) manage this.

    Some of the others on this album are failing at this horribly. Es Tut Ihr Weh, Waidmanns Heil– I’m looking at you.


    errrhhm… you mean in Austria right? damn americans..

    Nevertheless this is an excellent to storytell with a song. So sinister, evil. It really gives you the feeling of that pour little girl.

  24. Well, this song is a masterpiece. Despite the fact that it’s really creepy, it rocks…I mean, seriously, don’t you just love Rammstein being so heavy?

  25. Finally got the album. It is great. This song is perfect, except some of the translations are off. I would have to say Rammstein is now even with Metallica on the awesome scale. Good day.

  26. Its curious: Josef Fritzl (also press-nicknamed the Amstetten Monster) kept his daughter in his cellar, where he didn’t have a daughter, but 3 children. 2 daughters and a fetus who died because of lack of medical atention. Sadly, in my country stories such as that or worse happen almost weekly, ometimes even more frequently

  27. as i am a german i have to correct this translation.

    1.gentle is definitely not correct I would use silent or quiet.
    2.and you should say in the darkness !!!
    3.And (because) you are alone sometimes = and if you are alone sometimes , i will plant you a little sister
    4.in the loneliness , in the sadness

    greetings from germany

  28. as if someone thinks that joseph fritzl story was from australia haha trust an american to get australia and austria mixed up haha

  29. I remember hearing from that story. What a sick story. What did go trought this man head to do that to is own daughter?? I can’t understand it.
    I like it when Till sings: “Willkommen in der Dunkelheit
    In der Dunkelheit”. It has lots of power and anger!!! The guitars are loud and i like it a lot, lots of drive!

  30. i thought this song was actually somewhat sexual, in a good way, when i first heard it and was translating it in my head..but when i realized it was based on the fritzl case and read up more on the case, it’s definitely a lot more creepy. and @Sam–the girl and the ‘downstairs children’ did have the ‘necessary amenities’, like electricity and water and food and tv, but no natural sunlight, and supposedly he would make them behave by threatening to shut off the electricity to the garage and the basement. and it seems like i read that he also made a sort of ‘solitary confinement’ chamber where there wasn’t light, and he’d send the kids there if they were being bad or making noise or something. nonetheless, i do really like this song. i heard schneider say in an interview that he’s scared of this song too, haha.

  31. the 1st time i heard this song i didnt like it, but on the 2nd time i was hooked, on the intro with the eerie sounds it makes me feel sad and alone, so it really does live up to the heavyness of the song, which is incredible!!!

  32. I really love how Rammstein used samples of wolf sounds, it really makes you feel like being trapped out in the wilderness.

    I was looking forward to this song, seeing how well Rammstein did with Mein Till. This does not dissapoint, really expresses the tragedy of what happened well.

  33. “Fürchte kein Unblick, keine Qual” – no, he sings this:

    “Fürchte kein Unglueck, keine Qual”

    which translates as:

    “fear no misfortune, fear no torment” 😉

  34. “in der Dunkelheit” is not in two ways, just one: “in the darkness”

    if you meant “in” as movement, it would be “in die Dunkelheit” 😉

    “Den Augenblick von Zeit befrei’n” should be something like: “for a moment (we are) liberated from time”

    cheers from Metallica fans!

  35. Well, i love the song, just has many say creepy, and i get thinking of all that happen. I think for this guy, should be cut to pieces, and make him suffer has long at possible. He is not a human.

  36. Und bist du manchmal auch allein = And (because) you are sometimes alone

    is not correct there is nothing there that could possibly mean because and bist do means “are you?” not “you are” and auch means “as well” or too/also.

    best translation in my opinion: and are you sometimes lonly as well?
    I plant in you a little sister

  37. RE: Jonathan UNITED STATES

    It was actually a case in AUSTRIA and NOT Australia. Please get your facts right!
    Terrible story, great song.Reminds me of Stein um Stein.


  38. Ohh, thanks for every body for helping me realize what is that song about… 🙂
    I thought about it a lot and finally I was happy to find that site and get to know more about the backgrounds of the songs

  39. But to be fair – can I (to be able to) ? may I (to be allowed to) just as können ? dürfen.
    Bah nevermind . Awesome song

  40. Didn’t the girl from this case have decent light, running water, a kitchen, a tv set and and toys for her kids? This isnt as bad as it’s made out to be, the case that happened here in the US is more comparable to this song

  41. Just a few translation corrections here; some minor things –
    “Leise, leise woll’n wir sein”
    Leise means quiet/ silent and not gentle
    “Quiet, quiet we want to be”

    Oh, and before I forget it
    “Niemand, niemand darf uns hören” translates into:
    “No one, no one may hear us”
    darf (dürfen) means “to be allowed to …” (may)

    Great translations! Keep up the good work

  42. This song is like “Purity” from Slipknot, they are both about a terrible crime. I dunno if this song had a positive affect to the case, actually, as there seems to be no… how would I say it… answer how to avoid these things, or anything to judge the criminal. Like Purity did, this song feels very sinister.

  43. Please note that sometimes translations are not literal.

    The song itself is truly dark, one of the darkest things ever. Impressed me most when I read the translation and the article on Josef Fritzl published here by Eternal. Gives the song more meaning, if I might say so… No, I just can’t pick the right word, just try it.

  44. This song carries me to a very scary place in my soul. You can almost feel the door shutting behind that man and the survival mode of the girl. The words alone bring a feeling of the negative energy that must have encompassed that poor girl. She must be completely fearless now.

  45. No it was in Austria, not Australia;)
    And Die Tür fehlt zu= (literally) the door falls closed. So the door closes, and not ‘ there ain’t no door’.
    Ain’t isn’t even proper English

  46. This song appears to reference the real-life horror-story about a man who kept his daughter in a cellar and had kids with her …

  47. I love this song at times till sounds as creepy igor from frankenstein at others as sinister as the devil . my favorite from the album

  48. This song is definately a grower for because It took a while for me to get into. Till doesnt really sing in this one, but storytells more.

  49. When I first heard this song, I was a bit terrified. Then, I listened to it again- it was again creepy. Then it became sinister… This song is, with no doubt, a re-tell of a horrific story. It’s heavy, really heavy, and very, very good. It could be a direct sequel to Mein Teil, but this case is a bit different…… While you listen, just think about it- that girl has been trapped in the cellar for 24 years and experienced all that trauma… Unimaginable…..


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