Rammstein Wiener Blut lyrics with English translation

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Komm mit mir, komm auf mein Schloss Come with me, come into my castle
Da wartet Spass im Tiefgeschoss Fun waits for us in the basement there
Leise, leise woll’n wir sein Gentle, gentle, we want to be
Den Augenblick von Zeit befrei’n Liberate the moment from time
Ja, das Paradies liegt unterm Haus Yeah, paradise lies under the house
Die Tür fällt zu, das Licht geht aus The door falls closed, the light goes out
Seid ihr bereit? Are you ready?
Seid ihr soweit? Are you good to go?
Willkommen in der Dunkelheit Welcome…to the darkness!
In der Dunkelheit To the darkness!
Keiner kann hier unten stören No one can disturb us down here
Niemand, niemand darf uns hören No one, no one must hear us
Nein, man wird uns nicht entdecken No one will discover us
Wir lassen uns das Leben schmecken We enjoy life
Und bist du manchmal auch allein And (because) you are alone sometimes
Ich pflanze dir ein Schwesterlein I plant you a little sister
Die Haut so jung, das Fleisch so fest The skin so young, the flesh so tight
Unter dem Haus ein Liebesnest Under the house, a love nest
Seid ihr bereit? Are you ready?
Seid ihr soweit? Are you good to go?
Willkommen in der Dunkelheit Welcome…to the darkness!
In der Dunkelheit To the darkness!
In der Einsamkeit To the loneliness
In der Traurigkeit To the sadness
Für die Ewigkeit For eternity
Willkommen in der Wirklichkeit Welcome to reality
Und wanderst du im tiefen Tal And when you walk through a deep valley*
Seid ihr bereit? Are you ready?
Und sei Dein Dasein ohne Licht And if your life (existence) was without light
Seid ihr soweit? Are you good to go?
Fürchte kein Unglück, keine Qual Fear no misfortune, fear no torment
Macht euch bereit Prepare yourself
Ich bin bei dir und halte dich I am with you and I hold you
Ich halte dich in der Dunkelheit I hold you in the darkness!**
In der Dunkelheit In the darkness!
Lyric © Rammstein Translation © Affenknecht.com

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Translation Notes:

* In German, this refers strongly to the 23rd Psalm (”Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”)

**Double meaning: Ich halte Dich in der Dunkelheit can simply mean I hold you in the darkness (like hugging), but also I keep (or detain) you in the darkness (like you keep a bird in a cage).

This song was purely inspired by the Fritzl case.



  1. Take for instance Spieluhr, this is such a beautiful song melody and lyrics, it makes me want to hold my girl and cry into her shoulder, I can relate to this song as it is often how I felt as a child, not once in this song does he talk of sin even in the smallest amount. he was clearly neglected as a child, also ohne dich, this also reflects that even tho the love he had for his mother was strong, she did not appear to feel it towards him.

  2. I listen to Rammstein a lot, and I too did not care for what the English translation was, it just sounds so frikkin cool in German, and I felt you could kind of guess what he was talking about via the music/melody. Upon reading a lot of the translation, he often talks about such dark things as forced sex and sex with young girls, I think it is not a case of what he is like as a person, only that this is how people turn out when they are deprived of motherly love such as he mentions in the song Mutter.

  3. It’s worth noticing that Till used both, singular and plural forms of “you” during the song…

    When the German says “ihr” and “euch”, it’s plural.
    When the German says “dir, dich, du, dein”, it’s singular.
    This is important because it’s obvious he’s only speaking to one person the entire time: the victim.

    • This is actually not entirely true, since “Ihr” spelled with a capital ‘I’ means you in “höflichkeitsform” which is a politeness form to address superiors or the elderly for instance.

  4. Rammstein is my favorite band. IDK German, but this band insisted me to learn it. Their every bit of lyric is fabulous. Keep going…………………

  5. Yes Christopher, I feel the same way! This song scares the SHIT out of me when I’m playing it (LOUD) in my car while I’m driving home at night. But still I always ‘fast forward’ the CD to this one 🙂 Never, ever felt like this with any other song! The way Till says “Wilkommen”, is probably the most scariest thing I ever heard. Damn, this is a mighty good song 😀

  6. I have often claimed that nothing shocks me. This song scared the Hell out of me the first time I heard it. Now, knowing the meaning, I become more afraid each time I listen to it…and I can’t stop listening to it…

  7. To any German speaker;

    “niemand, niemand darf uns hören.” doesn’t “darf” translate to may? why isn’t “mussen” appropriate in this case? Thanks

    • If I say “Darf ich telfonieren?” I mean “Can I phone?” but in the way when I see the phone is there but I ask for permission

    • Although müssen translates as must, it’s easier for an English
      speaker to think of it as “have to” or “required to” since the opposite
      “nicht müssen” means “don’t have to” rather than “must not”.

      Dürfen = it is allowed

      Müssen = it is required

      “niemand muss uns hören” would translate to: “nobody is required to hear us”.

      • I am steadily starting to understand the differences in the use of certain words and how they often change places in the sentence due to the before/after text, for instance, it is my understanding, that I Love you in German is Ich Liebe du but if it is followed by an extender such as never again or forever then it changes to Ich du liebe?? Is this correct??

    • A bit late, but in German you want the verb after the subject carrying out the verb, and you’d use the accusative form of du which is dich, because that’s the object being acted upon instead of the subject. ‘I love you’ would translate more correctly to “Ich liebe dich.” If you were to add to that statement it would stay the same in this context, like ‘I love you forever’ or ‘I love you too’ translating to ‘Ich liebe dich immer’ and ‘Ich liebe dich auch’ respectively.

  8. this is probably going to sound a tad strange and reading some posts from people on other sites for other rammstein songs im pretty sure some people might get a little bit mad about what i am asking but there is a reason.

    Anywho back to what i was going to ask, is there a way to get rid of or make it much harder to hear the sound you can hear at about 00:41 or so in the song? i am listening to the song from a youtube link here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Eha8q47HCI) and my reason for asking is because i had a cat that just died today/yesterday depending when you consider the day to end/start (and this is my first time hearing the song) the cause of death was her having too much fleas and we couldn’t get rid of them in time before they sucked too much blood and she was too weak, and the few days to weeks that she was really weak she sounded exactly like that and every time i heard it it just reminded me of her and made me sad T_T.

    if anyone is willing to get rid of that sound i would be grateful

    • My friend, we all have our problems in life, death is a part of life, you should have looked after your cat much better. I am way more of a cat person than a dog person so it actually saddens me to hear of your loss, but even more so that you did not get regular checks to see your cat fit and healthy.


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