Rammstein Feuer Frei! lyric with English translation

 Getadelt wird wer Schmerzen kennt
Vom Feuer das die Haut verbrennt
Ich werf ein Licht
In mein Gesicht
Ein heisser Schrei
Feuer frei!

Geadelt ist wer Schmerzen kennt
Vom Feuer das in Lust verbrennt
Ein Funkenstoss
In ihren Schoss
Ein heisser Schrei
Feuer frei!

Gefaehrlich ist wer Schmerzen kennt
Vom Feuer das den Geist verbrennt
Gefaehrlich das gebrannte Kind
Mit Feuer das vom Leben trennt
Ein heisser Schrei
Feuer frei!
Whoever knows pain becomes criticized
From the fire that burns up the skin
I throw a light
in my face
A hot cry
Fire at will!

Whoever knows pain is raised
From the fire that burns in desire
A sparking thrust
into her womb
A hot cry
Fire at will!

Whoever knows pain is dangerous
From the fire that burns the soul
The burned child is dangerous
With fire that separates from the life
A hot cry
Fire at will!

This song is about releasing anger that has been held in for a long time. It was used as the introductory song to the movie xXx. The literal translation of the title is Fire freely!, while a more idiomatic translation would be Fire at will! or Open fire!.


  1. At first I took this song to be an anti-war or anti-violence song before looking here for the translation and seeing the sexual bits. A lot of metal bands are pretty anti-war after all. Blind Guardian’s Battalions of Fear, Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train, and many others come to mind. Then again it would only take a change of a few lines here and there to take on a similar context to Crazy Train or Mandatory Suicide by Slayer.

    • Not to mention that almost every other song cover by Sabaton is an anti war metal song of some sort and they did cover this one.

  2. The song is directed at Marilyn Manson over the song Antichrist superstar and his behavior (which explains a lot even without the proper understanding of the translation). It’s hard to know the exact meaning of the lyrics, people of other countries put thoughts, words and phrases together differently. Different translations are saying completely different words and hence meanings that can come of it. Without translating word for word myself it looks like the song is saying “They are letting the public know that people who use deep psychological emotional pain to punish others or entertain should be criticized. The same for those who use lust for or against women. And that pain is dangerous and spreads one to another on down to children and can cause people to hurt one another”. I think that deep emotional pain is alright if done right from the Holy Ghost – kept Holy by Gods use of you and not of your own work (Manson being the result of that) as Christ taught. But you can never go deep enough to prove that anything is not of the Holy Ghost (without them specifically saying they are) then i say fire at will. Lol

  3. I will admit that a lot of their songs relate to sex, but that doesn’t mean all of them do. Benzin, Alter Mann, Haifisch… Feuer Frei! does have sexual undertones, but it’s not exclusively about sex, so much as anger and rage. And about Rammstein being all about sex… do YOU even know Rammstein, Mr. Sykes? Herr Lindemann writes songs meant to display the darker side of humanity; a lot of this includes obscene sexual fetishes, such as in Mein Teil or Wiener Blut, but sex isn’t the darkest act humans can commit. Psychological abuse, cannibalism…

  4. Josky…do you even know rammstein ? IT S ALL ABOUT SEX WITH RAMMSTEIN, you think yourself superior yet you know NOT what you are talking about…be a little more huble kid.

    • RammSykes appears to lack intelligence and maturity. He also seams to only have a one tract mind, you can tell that he is not smart and most likely someone who believe that everything is about sex and only that. Honestly he’s probably a teenager who doesn’t know his Backside from a hole in the ground.
      He needs to grow up and learn that even though a song has a sexual connotation doesn’t mean that it is about sex. He shows a lot of immaturity and that his intelligence is found lacking. It’s okay zforest, go back to school.

  5. I shall try my hand @ translating it.

    How ’bout this?

    Blamed is he who knows the pain
    that burns from within the Skin
    I shed a light
    [into my face
    A flaming shout
    Fire at will!

    Blamed is he who knows the pain
    [that burns from within desire
    A sparking thurst
    [within her skirt
    A flaming shout

    Dangerous is he who’s known the pain
    [from firery burns within the soul
    Dangerous is the scorched child
    [from the fire that has life divided

    A flaming shout
    Fire at will!

      • Both translations are badly skewed, and it’s not an informative way to acquire an understanding of German grammatical arrangements that are expressed as so.

        For example, ‘ein heisser schrei’ isn’t ‘a hot cry’ or ‘a flaming shout.’ In proper english, ‘ein heisser schrei’ would be something like ‘burning with desire to scream’ .. FIRE AT WILL! Because if you’re going to let go of or let out something you held onto like a burning stone in your hand, the flaming energy of your intent will be acknowledged in that sense. Sometimes there are fewer words in what in English takes twice as many words, or vise versa.

        Feuer Frei is a sister song to Metallica’s ‘Fuel’ in a sense that there’s a similar type of adrenal rush to be had if you want to let loose that fiery energy that you’re been holding back for far too long.

        The three words ‘ein heissen schrei’ are pretty powerful when said or sung (expressed) in the right context. Linguistics. Every language anyone learns has a different grammar structure. Nothing is more painful than watching an international film with direct-port-over translations. Only one with a fluent understanding of the two tongues can properly translate. Just don’t direct translate. You’ll sound worse than a broken record and it’s painfully awful to tell that to someone that doesn’t see it.

        • THANK YOU!!
          You said it well.
          Agreed, it doesn’t come out correctly if you don’t understand both languages intimately.

        • Thank you! I was thinking that the translate of “ein heisser Schrei” should be closer to “An impassioned scream” just based on the context.

  6. “Ein Funkenstoss
    In ihren Schoss”

    I know a few years have passed and this doesn’t effect the meaning of this verse but I would not translate “Schoss” as “womb”. It rather means “lap” or “crotch”.


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