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  1. I’m 57 and still loving Rammstein, getting my Rammstein tattoo soon! Love hearing them sing in German, it is so beautiful and powerful. Please come to Texas!

  2. Nice website you have here, whoever the owner or owners are, I like the website! It is very informative and looks cool. One question, what exactly does ‘affenknecht’ mean? I am American, thanks… lol.

  3. This site just helped my ten year old daughter translate and distribute the lyrics of ‘Donaukinder’ to her year 6 classmates and teacher. They were studying rivers and my daughter mentioned the incident at Baia Mare and therefore Rammstein to the teacher, who wanted the lyrics translated and transcribed! Spread the word! The gospel according to Till! Hallelujah!

  4. 50 years old an still not outgrowin my taste for intense music . Rammstein can be best appreciated at extremely loud levels.

  5. My brother has just got me into Rammstein and i am so hooked i play CDs and DVDs every bit of spare time i have.
    Would so love to see you live so please please do a UK tour. 02 stadium would be brilliant!!

  6. My 19 year old daughter introduced me to your music and I absolutely adore it. I don’t speak German,would love to learn, but music is universal. Oh and Germany has the best food and wine on the planet!!!


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