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  1. ????????????Rammstein……??????????????????????????

    It was just at the beginning of this year that I met Rammstein… Since then, this group of exotic musicians, who are very different from my age, has lived in my heart.I hope you know that you also have many fans in China
    (///?///)i love you guys?
    ich liebe Rammstein?

    Je vous aimes bien ma grande sœur adore RAMMSTEIN et EMIGRATE(Richard ZVEN KRUSPE) .Et ma mère aussi aime RAMMSTEIN et ma sœur plus tard va êtres chanteuse et son groupe serra:DAMMSTEIN c’est cool non?

  3. RAMMSTEIN je vous aime Richard tu joue bien de la guitare , Paul tu joue aussi bien de la guitare , Till tu chante bien personne arrive a timier pour le chante , Christoph tu joue bien de ta baterrie , Oliver tu joue bien de la bass , Christian tu joue bien du piano. RAMMSTEIN vous êtes cool je vous remerci pour vos concert que vous nous auffrée c’est un GRAND BRAVO et MERCI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DE votre fan et ma fille

  4. Rammstein
    Vous êtes trop cool je vous adore c’est cool, je n’ai pas pus acistée à votre concert, a Nimês. Mais peutaire à PARIS, je n’en c’est rien si vous, fait un concert à PARIS sa me ferait, plésair mais sinon c’est pas grave. (J’ai une question, pour la foire au vin si vous si participée, il y a une en France à Colmar, si vous êtes d’acore avec votre directeur je vairairée avec le maire de Colmar, si oui envoier-moi une lettre, à cette :6 rue des mélèzes munster,code postal :68140 munster.). Un grand MERCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A vous, ne vous arrétéppa contunier comme ça c’est très très très bien encore un GRAND MERCI et un GRAND BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Votre fan et ma fille aussi

  5. Thanks for everything Rammstein you helped me through depressions and made me smile…and your concert always rocks!!!

  6. Rammstein is the best band ever, the first time i listen to them i was 15 and going through some issues, since then i listen to them day and night…i have even learned german :). i love them all but my favorite member is Richard 🙂

  7. you guys make my world!
    i’m nothing without you,without your music!
    i listen it whenever i can and it makes me feel alive.

    The first time i heard one of your songs (it was ,,du reichst so gut,,)i was 2 HOURS old.my dad was driving us home and he turned on that song on the radio.from this you can understand that i’ve loved you since i was born! (p.s. i’m a 12 year old GIRL)

  8. I like Rammstein they sing some awsome music most of the music I listen to is from the 1930’s 1940’s 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s but I do like Rammstein a lot a like 1 other person who was big in the 1990’s and that is about it

  9. I was in Florida at my son’s graduation some years ago now and hear “Du Hast”… I have been collecting your music ever since! Rammstein is magnificent… just keep doing what you do best guys, you are without a doubt THE PREMIERE METAL BAND in the world! (and I am 58yo!!!) You are truly a group of artists!

  10. RAMMSTEIN are fucking amazing, I love all of their songs i especially adore RICHARD, but for fuck sake everyone hates me only cause I like them..fucking girly girls

  11. I Love Rammstein,It’s 3Years That I Know Your Band,After I Heard Your Songs I Decided To Learn Your Language Seriously,Your Songs Are Amazing,I Love All Of Your Songs,Each One Of Your Songs Are Special And Amazing,And Rammstein Is The First Muisc Band That I Really Really Love,Rammestein Is The Best In The World.I’m Sure.
    I Love Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  12. Here in India “Rammstein” is damn famous. I’ve learnt German just to understand their songs, you guys are fucking awesome!!

  13. Rammstein is the best band in the entire fucking world! I love every song you guys have made. I want to see you in the U.S. again! Hell I dont CARE Where you guys play next. I WILL be there for sure…. I still remember the “family Values” tour in 1999 where you guys got in trouble! That’s the united states for you! Uptight assholes with a grudge against anything that ROCKS! RaMMSTEIN R0CK$!

  14. Really? They are popular in Iran? Wow… I live in Australia, but I’m half-Iranian! I’m glad to hear Rammstein are becoming famous all around the world…

  15. Thank you Rammstein boys for being inspiring, and your new album is totally an incredible phenomenon!
    You guys are so damn famous and popular in my country, Iran.

    luv & respect

  16. even though they hate americans(which i agree with) i still think they should come to new york and play a concert or somewhere near here

  17. no no no, not the west coast. Too many fires happening. Please concider Asbury Park or Atlantic City New Jersey!!!

  18. Their first song I heard was morgenstern. I love Rammstein and the members.:) Only in my school they don't. They hate the Germans. Including me because I listen to them.:(

    • thats bullshit they only hate germans because they’re better than wherever you’re from ingmar and dont feel bad all the girly bitches in my school hate me for it to but my friends love thei music now

  19. When cumming in the US one must keep their dildo in private. Very funny stage act though, not as gross as when Alice Cooper smeared his face with his band mates feces. Like in Sonne, drugs will certainly make you do wierd things, and change what would be a beautiful story into something, well, other.

  20. I am still discouvering Rammstein – I first hear them in a remix they did on "Last Cup of Sorrow" from Faith No More, and later with Mann Gegen Mann, on MTV. I am astonished with this band, specialy when I heard "Sehnsucht". Simply a SUBERB album – pure music, full of rythem! After FNM they are certainly one of the best bands I've ever heard and will continue hearing! Just hope the guys come soon to Lisbon/Portugal! You have a very nice audiende in here to! 😉

  21. la verdad Rammstein es el mejor!!! a webos!!

    Espero el dia en que vuelvan a venir a Mexico, se les aseguro que estare alli, en verdad es lo mejor en metal de este miserable planeta!!
    RRRRammstein!! Yeah!! la neta la rola DE
    ” TE QUIERO PUTA” EN ESPAÑOL es la mejor aparte de “ich will”

    por favor vengan!! necesitamos un poco de locura aki en mexico!!

    este es mi numero se los doy para que me avisen cuando vienen!! 2292113997

  22. screw u guys america is great but honestly europe is the shit but i absoutly love rammstein and i would just die if they came to the u.s but i dont think they will 🙁 but i hope that they keep making the bad ass music they were born to make.

    -rock n roll forever baby!

  23. Where else can you be fat lasey and stupid and make a good living? Come to the Jersey shore for a concert on the beach. There is plenty of imported beer to enjoy till the sun rises!

  24. Wooo! Yeah R+ forever! They rock my world.

    Hope they come out with a couple of new tracks soon.

    I mean, I love their past work, but what about the present? I miss 'em! *Can't wait till they go on tour again and make another c.d*


  25. I agree w/ Matt!!!! -> COME TO THE U.S.!!!! -> I love you guys!! The music you guys make is like candied heaven to my ears!!You would think God made it!!!!!! LONG LIVE RAMMSTEIN!!!!!! Flaky can go fuck himself.

  26. Hi, boys! Only I can say you are great and even more than that! Your energy, lyrics/poetry, originality, unique style, made me learn German language trying to understand, interpret and feel your music, lyrics deeper. Your music has become a part of my everyday life, and not just mine! Whatever happens, your mission has succeeded! The greatest thing would be your concert in my country Montenegro or in Serbia, so I hope I shall see you soon and enjoy your exquisite performance! Great greetings for all of you and just keep going!!!



  27. hey when the fuck are you guys coming to the U.S. i will watch you guys 3 times in a row if i have a chance to do so. And i am not even the biggest fan in my area…


    • that i can agree with … the only good thing about American is the constitution which the system continues to attack it …

  28. I live for Rammstein and only Rammstein, today is my birthday and I got the beautiful pair of earrings bought at Rammstetinshop.com 🙂

    Kruspe most me the moste beautiful man on earth, hope they'll visit Sweden next year!


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