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Has Till Lindemann a girlfriend?

Till has a girlfriend who speaks Spanish and helped him write “Te quiero puta!” (“I love you, whore!”). And in a 2005 interview with the German Playboy, Lindemann stated that he had finally found “a woman he could spend the rest of his life with.”

Mein Teil: Who’s voice is it in the intro?

This question was asked as part of a raffle to get tickets for the LIFAD rehearsals. There was only one way of finding out if you didn’t already know and it was very complicated. Thanks to affenknecht, you shall know. It’s Olly! Mystery solved!

Christian Flake Lorenz: Why doesn’t he sail anymore?

On Völkerball´s interview Anakonda Im Netz Flake says that he doesn’t sail anymore above the audience because he has had enough injuries, bruses and broken bones.

Why is this site not translated into my language?

We have not found anyone who would like to translate the website into other langauges. If you are interested in doing so, please contact me using the contact form. If you would like to translate the texts into your language, you can send me all the texts and I will do the rest (all the neccessary coding work which is also very exhausting). This is the only way how to extend this web.

Origin of Rammstein’s Name

Rammstein is translated to ‘ramming stone’ but that isn’t why the group chose the name. They chose the name after the terrible plane crash at Ramstein (note only one ‘m’ in the spelling) Air Base. That is what the song ‘Rammstein’ is about.
About 80 people died that day the accident happened.

What is 110393 Rammstein?

110393 Rammstein is an asteroid (officially a minor planet) named after the German industrial metal band Rammstein. It was discovered by Jean-Claude Merlin.

The Minor Planet Center (MPC) which is responsible for the designation of minor bodies in the solar system, officially announced the naming of the minor planet in its circulars of February 23, 2006.

The Style

“Our style came out of knowing exactly what we didn’t want. We didn’t want to make American rock music or punk, that’s something we couldn’t do at all. We realised we can only make the music we make, which happens to be kind of simple and melodious. We wanted to mix machines and homemade music.” And this they do very well. A mix of grinding guitar and electronic background tunes and melody, Rammstein’s unique industrialist style is amplified by the nature of Till’s voice and the German language. Rammstein sounds much less impressive in english. Self-described as ‘Tanzmetall’ (dance-metal), Rammstein’s style and lyrics raise many eyebrows, approving or otherwise.
“Our background would be groups such as Kraftwerk and also older artists, such as Wagner. All have had an influence on our music. You will have quite a surprise when you see us. There are quite a number of show details in the whole show which is not very typical of a rock band. There are pyrotechnics, fireworks and we do feel we are as theatrical as Wagner in his operas. Wait until we will be there on stage and you will see what it is really all about!”

Christoph offers his views.

Rammstein – Du hast

“Du hast’ does NOT mean ‘you hate,’ but really ‘you have.’ Yes, I know that on the english version of du hast at the end of the Sehnsucht album and the lyrics on the official page say ‘you hate,’ but to say you hate, there has to be another s, du hasst. The infinitive form of hate is hassen, while the infinitive form of have is haben. Haben is an irregular verb, so when it’s conjugated into the you/du form, it’s hast. The only reason the song was ‘translated’ as ‘you hate’ is to appeal to an english speaking audience, but luckily, radios refused to play this Rammstein version of the song and stuck to the german version. The same applies to Rammstein Engel’s ‘english version.’

Schwarzes Glas

The song Schwarzes Glas is a Rammstein song that was never officially released. It was given to the original German fanclub members.
It is also available on some editions of the Mutter album. I found it there as a
bonus together with “Blutige Risse” – also officially unreleased.

Mislabeled Songs

There are a lot of mislabeled songs on Napster and other p2p applications. Here are a list of some of the common ones and the band that it actually belongs to.

* Es ist nicht Leicht ein Gott zu sein/Gott sein – Megaherz
* Mitten ins Herz – Oomph!
* Smurf song
* South Park/Eminem song
* Barbie song – Ome Henk (the song is in Dutch)
* Witt Heppner Die Flut/Die Flut – Joachim Witt f/Peter Heppner
* Ohne dich – Megaherz (Freiflug), but also Rammstein(other song)
* Böse – Knorkator
* Durch die Wand – Rammstein, but this is just the live Fanabend version of Links
* Juden Hasst – Lube (Mladshaja Sestrenka [Russian for my sister])
* Blutige Risse – Rammstein (=Feuerräder)
* Leichenhalle – Die Ärzte
* Die Prinzessen – Schmerz

Rammsteien and Guest Singers

On the songs Engel from Sehnsucht and Nebel from Mutter, Bobo guest sings. On the songs Sonne and Hallelujah from Mutter, the female voice is a sampling from the ‘Symphony of Voices.’ On Spieluhr, Khira Li guest sings.

Rammstein and Orchestra

The orchestra used on the Mutter album is the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg and is conducted by Günter Joseck.

Rammstein Live aus Berlin Outro Song

The song at the end of Live Aus Berlin and the Mutter tour is ‘Was hast du mit meinem Herz getan?’ by Nicolas Lens and is sung by Claron McFadden.

Rammstein Covers

Rammstein has covered three songs. Stripped was originally by Depeche Mode, Das Modell was by Kraftwerk, and Pet Sematary was by The Ramones.

Zwo oder Zwei?

During Links 2 3 4, Till says ‘zwo’ instead of ‘zwei’ because zwei and drei sound too much alike. When on the phone, Germans will use zwo a lot so as not to confuse 2 with 3.

Khira Li Lindemann

Khira Li Lindemann is the little girl in the Live Aus Berlin video during the song ‘Tier.’ No, she’s not Till’s daughter. According to Alex Becker, Till and his wife divorced, but she kept the name Lindemann. She later dated Richard and had a child with him, but they never married. So, it’s actually Richard’s daughter.

Snow White Actress

Snow White is played by Joulia Stepanova. She is a Russian soap opera actress. During many parts though, it’s not really her. It’s a basketball player and Joulia’s arms and head are superimposed onto his body.

Rammstein members in Movies

Till and Christoph have been in the French movie, Pola-X. Their parts are VERY small. They both play drummers in the background with no speaking lines.
Rammstein performed the song Bück dich in the movie The Debtors, but the movie was never released due to legal problems.
Rammstein perform the song Feuer frei! in the opening scenes of the movie xXx (not a porn).
No one from Rammstein was in any of The Crow movies.

Are Rammstein Nazi’s?

The members of Rammstein are not and have never been nazis. They have said in interviews that they try to stay away from making their songs political and they have said flat out that they are not nazi’s. Links 2 3 4 is their only political song and it’s about not being nazi’s (right wing).

Olympic Swimming

There have been a lot of rumors about Till(Rammstein singer) being an Olympic swimmer in the 1988 Olympics, but he wasn’t. In the Rammstein trivia contest on the Live Aus Berlin DVD, one of the questions asks about Till’s swimming career. He was a European Youth Swimming Champion. He tore a muscle in his abdomen ending his swimming career and if you look closely in the LAB video, you may be able to see a scar on his stomach.

Anybody from Rammstein death?

No, they are all alive and well. This rumor started sometime in the Fall of 1999 when bassist Christoph Zimmerman from the band Blind Passengers was killed in a plane crash in Mexico. A Mexican paper there reported that Christoph Zimmerman was the touring bassist for Rammstein. The only connection that Zimmerman has to Rammstein is that he used to be in Feeling B along with Paul and Flake.

Richard’s(guitarist of Rammstein) Name

After Richard married Caron Bernstein, he took her last name. According to Richard, the ‘Z’ in his middle name stands for Sonne, a few of us don’t get that and aren’t sure if he was actually serious. But, if he was serious, Richard’s name is Richard Sonne Kruspe-Bernstein. Someone else emailed me that his middle name is ‘Zeke.’ Others say Zwen or Swen. Who knows?

Are Rammstein Gay?

No. Does it really matter anyway?

Bück dich liquid

The liquid that is shot out from the dildo during Bück dich is, according to Flake(Rammstein eyboardist) in a interview:

What we want to know is what does squirt out of Lindemann’s ‘instrument’ onstage? ‘Now it’s Pernod [a French liqueur] and water,’ laughs Flake. ‘It smells good. Last year, we got milk and it was horrible–it created quite an odor. And then he tried a powdered mix, but that, shall we say, clogged the pipe. As much as he tried, nothing came out. And we know how embarrassing it is when nothing comes out!’

Herzeleid Flower on Rammstein album cover

The name of the flower on the original Herzeleid cover is Gerberra daisy

Does Till really urinate on the crowds?

No. During Bück dich he uses a fake penis that sprays liquid everywhere. It is attached to a hose running down his leg and off stage if you look.

What is a digipack?

Basically it is a type of CD case that is not like the standard one. The CD tray is glued or attached by some other means to the cardboard case and the front cover is just a flap that folds back.

What is ‘Pet Sematary’

It is a cover of a song from the Ramones, with Flake doing vocals! On the officially released version from the Ich will single, the singer from the band Clawfinger sings the last verse.

What is ‘Schtiel’?

It is a cover of a song from the Russian band Aria done by Till and Richard, not Rammstein. It was recorded for Harley Davidson’s 100th anniversary in Moscow. The song was only released on a very limited single in Moscow.


A very combustible element found after an awesome plane crash, just touching this orange offshoot of industrial metallium causes you to catch on fire and speak German, then die while being sodomised by angry shirtless men, who do indeed Ohne Dich. It might also you cause you to scream, here comes the sun. Famous for making mein Teil edible, it makes drunk German men forget that they are German & make them scream at their wives, girlfriends, and/or bitches: TE QUIERO PUTA.


  1. Hey but head, it does matter if they are homos or not! I sure don’t want to rock with a bunch of homosexuals. I go for what is natural, Man with Woman, that’s it jack!!!

  2. We’re any of the band members pyros as kids or have a fascination with fire?Also has any of the band members been accidentally or on purpose burned by fire?What does the band think about other groups like Metallica,Megadeth,Anthrax,Five finger death punch,the Ramones,Alice Cooper,or any other band?

  3. I haven’t read all of the comments, but what about the song “Kein Engel Sein”? I’ve read about it, but I can’t find it anywhere. Does it exist?


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