Rammstein: Made in Germany 1995-2011 album

SOME BANDS entertain, Rammstein destroy!

On 2 December 2011, MADE IN GERMANY 1995-2011 was be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! The international store date for this Rammstein retrospective was the 5th of December 2011.

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MADE IN GERMANY 1995-2011 will be available in three different editions:
Standard Edition: CD Digipak – Best of Album
Special Edition: CD Digipak – Best of Album / Best of Remixes
Super Deluxe Edition: limited steelbox – Best of Album / Best of Remixes / 240- pages photobooklet/ full RAMMSTEIN Video catalog + all Making ofs incl. 8 unreleased Making ofs (2 discs and 3 DVDs).

Rammstein - Made in Germany CD covers
Rammstein – Made in Germany CD covers

All songs & videos of MADE IN GERMANY 1995-2011 have been remastered for this release!

AS ANY follower of the Rammstein journey knows, it is in the live arena that the band truly connect with their fans. Cue mountains of pyro,
flame-throwers, bazookas and enough ordnance to level a small country! This time, the musicians are looking to surpass their already formidable reputation as masters of orchestrated chaos, promising that no-one will leave disappointed …

Marketing Points:

  • Press campaign focused on album reviews
  • Outdoor marketing campaign to promote the album, including billboards, snipes and more
  • US tour confirmed for the spring of 2012
  • Online advertising campaign to promote album’s release
  • Album contains one brand new song, “Mein Land.”
  • A video for that song is already in the can and will launch 4 weeks prior to release. The video
    was directed by acclaimed director Jonas Akerlund.
  • Monica Seide at Speakeasy PR wil handle all press.
  • A full metal radio campaign will be handled by The Syndicate with a focus on the new single
    and giveaways. Commercial active rock specialty shows will also be targeted.
  • A 45-minute EPK is being put together and should be released in clips around the release.
  • Print ad campaign to launch in magazines like Decibel, Revolver, and more…
  • Product will be shipped a day before the release date.

Made in Germany 1995-2011 – SUPER DELUXE EDITION tracklist:


# Title Length Lyrics Single
1. “Engel” (Angel) 4:24 lyrics single
2. “Links 2 3 4” (Left 2 3 4) 3:40 lyrics single
3. “Keine Lust” (No Desire) 3:42 lyrics single
4. “Mein Teil” (My Part) 4:21 lyrics single
5. “Du Hast” (You Have) 3:55 lyrics single
6. “Du Riechst So Gut” (You Smell So Well) 4:52 lyrics single
7. “Ich Will” (I want) 3:38 lyrics single
8. “Mein Herz Brennt” (My Heart Burns) 4:44 lyrics single
9. “Mutter” (Mother) 4:30 lyrics single
10. “Pussy” (Pussy) 4:00 lyrics single
11. “Rosenrot” (Rose-red) 3:54 lyrics single
12. “Haifisch” (Shark) 3:45 lyrics single
13. “Amerika” (America) 3:42 lyrics single
14. “Sonne” (Sun) 4:35 lyrics single
15. “Ohne Dich” (Without You) 4:32 lyrics single
16. “Mein Land” (My Land) 4:26 lyrics single


# Title Year
1. Du riechst so gut ’98 – Remix by Faith No More 1998
2. Du hast – Remix by Jacob Hellner 1997
3. Stripped – Remix by Johann Edlund – Tiamat 1998
4. Sonne – Remix by Clawfinger 2001
5. Links 2 3 4 – Remix by Westbam 2001
6. Mutter – Remix by Sono 2002
7. Feuer Frei! – Remix by Junkie XL 2002
8. Mein Teil – Remix by Pet Shop Boys 2004
9. Amerika – Remix by Olsen Involtini 2004
10. Ohne Dich – Remix by Laibach 2005
11. Keine Lust – Remix by Black Strobe 2005
12. Benzin – Remix by Meshuggah 2005
13. Rosenrot – Remix by Northern Lite 2005
14. Pussy – Remix by Scooter 2010
15. Rammlied – Remix by Devin Townsend 2010
16. Ich tu dir weh – Remix by Fukkk Offf 2010
17. Haifisch – Remix by Hurts 2010


# Title Video
1. “Du Riechst So Gut” (1995) – Album “Herzeleid” + Making of details
2. “Seemann” (1996) – Album “Herzeleid” + Making of “Seemann” details
3. “Rammstein” (1997) – Album “Herzeleid” + Making of “Rammstein” details
4. “Engel” (1997) – Album “Sehnsucht” + Making of “Engel” details
5. “Du Hast” (1997) – Album “Sehnsucht” + Making Of “Du Hast” details
6. “Du Riechst So Gut ’98” (1998) – Album “Herzeleid” + Making Of details
7. “Stripped” (1998) + Making Of “Stripped” details


# Title Video
1. “Sonne” (2001) – Album “Mutter” + Making Of “Sonne” details
2. “Links 2 3 4” (2001) – Album “Mutter” + Making Of “Links 2 3 4” details
3. “Ich Will” (2001) – Album “Mutter” + Making Of “Ich Will” details
4. “Mutter” (2002) – Album “Mutter” + Making of “Mutter” details
5. “Feuer Frei!” (2002) – Album “Mutter” + Making of “Feuer Frei!” details
6. “Mein Teil” (2004) – Album “Reise, Reise” + Making Of “Mein Teil” details
7. “Amerika” (2004) – Album “Reise, Reise” + Making Of “Amerika” details
8. “Ohne Dich” (2004) – Album “Reise, Reise” + Making Of “Ohne Dich” details
9. “Keine Lust” (2005) – Album “Reise, Reise” + Making Of “Keine Lust” details


# Title Video
1. “Benzin” (2005) – Album “Rosenrot” + Making Of “Benzin” details
2. “Rosenrot” (2005) – Album “Rosenrot” + Making Of “Rosenrot” details
3. “Mann gegen Mann” (2006) – Album “Rosenrot” + Making Of details
4. “Pussy” (2009) – Album “Liebe ist für alle da” + Making Of “Pussy” details
5. “Ich tu Dir weh” (2010) – Album “Liebe ist für alle da” + Making Of details
6. “Haifisch” (2010) – Album “Liebe ist für alle da” + Making Of “Haifisch” details
7. “Mein Land” (2011) – Album “Made in Germany 1995-2011” + Making Of details


  1. Best Release Since Herzeleid!!! This site posted the wrong English names for a few of the songs though. Oh well. Bitte Bitte Gib Mir Gift!

  2. @CA?R They ain’t done. If you watch the video of mein land, the making of, you’ll see Ollie states they arn’t splitting up, despite the lyrics of Ferguiss uns Nicht and the Death Masks. If you recon they can’t make epic songs anymore then obviously you havn’t heard Mein Land. Rammstein ain’t going anywhere, they will reign until their deaths.

  3. you knowi when bands start to release albums like this, their “charge” is finished. I fear R+ may not be able to make epic songs any more :/

  4. you knowi when bands start to release albums like this, their “charge” has finished. I fear R+ may not be able to make epic songs any more :/

  5. I wish they would release the DVDs with the music vids and making of’s separately. I already own all their CD’s, it would be a grievous waste of money to re-buy songs I already have.

  6. @RAMMSTEINFAN95,I just saw this. So sorry, I would never ignore another fan. I am glad you have the U.S. tour dates and I hope you have your destination and your tickets. 😀 Peace to you as well!

  7. They put just 16 original songs, but all 23 music videos and 17 remixes?? The thing is, the music videos might even be worth it, but the songs are kind of a waste.

    A live CD from the LIFAD tour would serve them very well however! I think they might still do it, considering how much new stuff there was on that tour (and how long ago the last one was released.)

  8. So many good songs! But so many missing!
    Kuss Mich
    and Strib Nicht vor Mir??
    Also going to see them next year, first time, can’t wait!

  9. ITS CONFIRMED EVERYONE!!! 19 SHOWS IN THE US AND 2 IN CANADA PRE-SALE STARTS NOV 18TH REG SALE STARTS 19TH (pre-sale dates start different depending on show location check http://www.rammstein.com for more info on tours) <3 peace out brothers and sisters of R+!!!

  10. Went to the concert in NJ this year. Definitely buying the super deluxe. Gotta look for a date to go with next year.

  11. @ Sic Fan of Six Ram.. can you please reply with a link to where you see about 2012 US tour date?? i have see many many people saying they seen dates and ive heard richard said they were coming back 2012 with like 21 dates for north america but i see nothing about it anywhere anyone please help i missed two shows of them already and if theyr coming back again for one last show god damnit im going!! R+ FOREVER!!!!

  12. No Feuer Frei!? That’s really odd… thought that was one of their biggest songs! They had better perform it live though!


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