Rammstein Mein Land video

Making of
Making of the video here.

Scene breakdown

Scene #1 – Till is wearing Swiss shorts which probably allude to the anti-immigration parties of Switzerland). Even the lines “Hier ist nichts mehr frei” seem to be crafted to show a double meaning because it could mean both there isn’t enough room here anymore *or* that it isn’t free here anymore which could be the side-effect of xenophobia.
Scene #2 – This is obviously a reference to their previous video Amerika, shots of other cultures acting like stereotypical Americans and some using American-owned products, such as cigarettes, with the implication that American culture is negative but also everywhere
Scene #3 – please write to comments what you see on the picture
Scene #4 – Jonas Åkerlund (born November 10, 1965) is a Swedish film and music video director, and drummer. He is best known for directing music videos, which are often mock forms of movie trailers and short films. In this video, we can see only his skull. The meanig could be that this is the last video he produced for Rammstein. And maybe it is the last video by Rammstein.
Scene #5 – This screen is related to the Keine Lust video. One of the girls is fat while the others seem to be slim and fit. The evidence is fairly overwhelming, and there is recent research that shows that discrimination against fat people is more prevalent than discrimination based on race or gender. They’re noticing discrimination in many areas – whether or not people are hired for jobs, how much room there is for advancement, salary, college acceptance, the availability and price of fashion, attitudes in the service industry and airline seats. When you start to look at all of this, you see that it’s tough to live as a fat person; there are so many judgments.
Scene #6 – please write to comments what you see on the picture
Scene #7 – please write to comments what you see on the picture
Scene #8 – please write to comments what you see on the picture
Scene #9 – please write to comments what you see on the picture
Scene #10 – please write to comments what you see on the picture
Scene #11 – please write to comments what you see on the picture
Scene #12 – Here we see Till acting like David Hasselhoff from Baywatch, running down the beach. What sets this off from the actual, “Hoff”, is the rather flappy man scene happening on Till’s chest
Scene #13 – Till is seen wearing white facepaint and white contact lenses. His black lipstick is worn perhaps to resemble the Glasgow smile. His makeup may also be a reference to the photography on the cover of their earlier album Sehnsucht.
Scene #14 – please write to comments what you see on the picture
Scene #15 – Lesbian as a concept, used to differentiate women with a shared sexual orientation, is a 20th-century construct. Throughout history, women have not had the freedom or independence to pursue homosexual relationships as men have, but neither have they met the harsh punishment in some societies as homosexual men. Why are the lesbians in this video is not really known.
Scene #16 – the end of the video is almost like a scene from a movie From Dusk till Dawn. It is a 1996 horror film directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Quentin Tarantino depicting naked scenes. The movie stars Harvey Keitel, George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino and Juliette Lewis.


  1. Jonas Akerlund.=Genius
    The album cover cover will cause mayhem in years to come.
    Old folks will buy it thinking “these young men look a friendly and harmless bunch” Then be blown away when playing Rammstein at home having expected something like the Beach Boys.
    Fantastic.Love the video and the large girl is a babe.

  2. I have to assume that it is very difficult to put Gothic and pop-art together.As far as I know there was only one successful “marriage” of this kind and it was made as movie based on Marvel story in “Sin City”. This video is sweet but it looks like commercials daytime and lunatic party at night.This two parts of video should interfere,’talk’ together and they do not.I cannot find the art and depth of Rammstain here to compare it with other amazing performances they did so far.If I put the artistic frame of Mein Teil video for example to this one, it reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger taking role of pregnant man in comedy, after playing the “Terminator” and “Predator”..We can mix non compatible materials but the art frame must be the same so we can embrace differences and keep the level of our performance.

  3. I don’t really think that the Scene 16 is like From Dusk Till Dawn. A little bit because of the girls and the music, but its a completely different setting :\

  4. In scene 2, I disagree with the caption at the bottom. I can take a joke and I love the Rammstein song America. I live here and I have the freedom to voice my opinion, good or bad. This county is a land of immigrants and my ancestors came here from Germany. I am half German. Most peoples ancestors came here trying to make a better life. We are not perfect but are no more negative then others. I do not know why everyone is so against this country. We are people, not the politics. Not sure what the flag represents in this video, but Rammstein is coming here again, so it cant be all bad.

  5. Scene #3: I loved the Beach Boys/Beach Party theme. To look at it simply, surfing has always been sexy, and symbolic of the earthy/oceanic forces we all have to try to navigate.


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