Mann gegen Mann video

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Rammstein Mann gegen Mann videoRammstein Mann gegen Mann video

Premiere: 2. February, 2006 (MTV Rock Zone)
Shoot date: NA
Shoot place: NA
Directed by: Jonas Akerlund
Album: Rosenrot

Description: The video premiered on February 2, 2006 on MTV Germany and was directed by Jonas A*kerlund. In it, the entire band aside from Till plays totally naked with only their instruments to cover them up. As Till only has a microphone, he wore a latex diaper (according to guitarist Paul Landers in an interview) as well as a long, black wig and above the knee PVC boots. The video alternates between shots of the band playing and a teeming mass of naked men, covered in what appears to be oil and writhing all over one another.

Towards the end, Till becomes more manic and a forked tongue flicks from his mouth. The band is carried over the naked men and Till has turned into the demon, that can be seen on the cover, singing melodiously along with the guitar. The hands and the arms of naked men reach up towards him; the music picks up pace and the naked men begin to push each other around and everything begins to degenerate into chaos. Till then starts to rip his hair out as the song ends.



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