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Rammstein Amerika videoRammstein Amerika video

Premiere: 20. August, 2004 (MTV Select)

Shoot date: 6. and 7. August, 2004
Shoot place: chemical industrial plant (Rüdersdorf) near Berlin
Directed by: Jörn Heitmann
Album: Reise, Reise

Description: The video shows the band in Apollo-era space suits on the Moon with shots of other cultures acting like Americans. The end of the video shows that the band have actually been in a fake Moon set in a studio, complete with film crew, as a reference to Apollo moon landing hoax accusations. Till Lindemann, Rammstein’s lead singer, wears a space suit with the name “Armstrong” on it – an obvious reference to Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon.


  1. This video rocks like there is no tomorrow! I just love Flake's solo, and the fact that they were playing pin ball on the moon. Haha.

    This is my dad's favorite Rammstein video after Keine Lust. Rammstein's just bad ass.


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