Dating and Relationship Stories of Rammstein Members


Some people define love as being in a committed relationship, while others are solely interested in being laid. The dynamics of love and relationships had shifted dramatically since the 1970s and 1980s when they were more personal. This cleared the way for the advent of online dating.

Evolution is bound to occur over time. The same may be said regarding Rammstein members’ dating and relationship experiences. They’ve broken with tradition when it comes to dating and has been outspoken supporters of the LGBTQ+ community despite being straight themselves. If you’re a fan of Rammstein’s unconventional lifestyles, may be of interest to those who prefer unorthodox approaches to dating. The site is heavily focused on accepting various kinks and sexual freedoms, allowing members to be in an environment as bold and revealing as some of Rammstein’s most explicit songs.

Richard Z. Kruspe Love Life

Kruspe had a child together with another Rammstein bandmate, Till Lindemann’s ex-wife, Marika, but they never married. But someone’s finally got him, as on October 29, 1999, Kruspe married South African actress Caron Bernstein.  During their marriage, he assumed the name Richard Kruspe-Bernstein. He relocated from Berlin to New York in 2001 to be closer to Bernstein, but the marriage didn’t last long, and the couple divorced in 2004.

He had at least four relationships after that. In 2010, he was in a relationship with Marina Drujko, and from 2005 to 2008, he was in a relationship with Margaux Bossieux. He is now single.

Oliver “Ollie” Riedel Love Life

Oliver Riedel, unlike other superstars, keeps his personal and love life a secret from the general public and his devoted followers. He has been in at least one relationship previously and has 2 kids from it. The name of the lucky woman he has had a relationship with remains unknown. Keeping track of all his relationships is relatively hard, as he often changes his girlfriends and keeps private about it. Oliver is still single as of 2021.

Christoph “Doom” Schneider Love Life

Regina Gizatulina was Christoph Schneider’s first wife from 2005 through 2009. Before this marriage, he’d been in at least one other relationship. He hasn’t been married before but found happiness eventually, as he’s married Ulrike Schmid in 2014 and is the proud father of two sons.

Till Lindemann Love Life

Till is reported to have married at the age of 20. Marika eventually became his wife. Their daughter, Nele, was born a few years after their wedding, in 1985. Till divorced his wife a few years later, and she started dating Richard Kruspe, a friend of Till’s and a colleague in the group. Anya Keseling, a teacher, was the musician’s next wife. He was already highly popular at the time, and his demeanor became insufferable. He continued to drink excessively and walk on the side, which resulted in the dissolution of this marriage.

This incident with his second wife became a public scandal and a reason for the musician to stop sharing his personal life. Since then, it is said that Lindemann has had many women come and walk out of his life. However, all of it remains gossip. After marrying Anya Keseling, he went on to have a relationship with Alycen Rowse, and after that, he married Anja Koseling, but that too didn’t last for long.

Paul H. Landers Love Life

Paul married Nikki Landers at the age of 20, whom he had met at a festival while attending Hiddensee. There was no formal celebration; it was simply a way for Paul to gain his freedom. In Germany, a husband can legally take his wife’s last name. Hence, Paul dropped Hiersche in favor of Landers since the latter name sounded nicer to him.  In 1986, he and Nikki divorced. Still, they lived together until 1987 or 1988, at which point they went their separate ways.

Paul had a son named Emil in the early 1990s with another woman, but after Paul divorced his first wife, he never remarried. Yet, it is public knowledge that he has been in love with a lady named Arielle since 1997 and has a daughter named Lilli with her.

Christian “Flake” Lorenz Love Life

Currently, Lorenz and his second wife, Jenny Rosemeyer, are very content with their marriage. His wife is a photo collage artist. Having dated for several years, the couple decided to tie the knot on September 12, 2009. They also have two children and are happy in their lives. Flake has a daughter named Annie from a previous marriage. He was divorced once before this one.

Which Rammstein members’ love life has caught your interest? Does their approach to relationship and dating match yours? We would certainly say it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. After all, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to dating.


  1. Christopher Kent, I hope you read this…I feel exactly the same way about their music!!!!!! I found Rammstein about 2 years ago by accident while searching for music documentaries on amazon prime streaming. I am 63 years old but absolutely obsessed with Heavy metal music! I watched the video of the band and I was obsessed right from the start! Their stage shows are absolutely breathtaking! They put every American band to shame with their shows, hands down. Watching their videos is like watching a great movie that I watch over and over and over again with eyes wide open and mouth in awe. If I feel down all I have to do is put them on and I am happy instantly! I hope you get to to see them live some day

  2. One of these moons I would love it immensely to find an couple grand and jaunt over to continental Europe and attend an musical gathering, a.k.a. “concert”, and even possibly meet the fellows! Each time I play their tunes…I become lost in musical rapture as it were. I enter an fog of sorts where I am happy to dwell for an number of hours, encased in musical bliss,,,an shell from which I am reluctant to emerge. I still enjoy other artists, but Rammstein is an lifejacket from which I never wish to separate from.

  3. Richard is a Big lover : he went back to Margaux, not long ago with a Russian Porn model (who made questionable pics at Auschwitz) n is now dating a young South American girl !

  4. Fascinating….I always thought that Paul & Richard were lovers….clearly not! Hope all the band members and team are well at this trying Covid time….thank goodness I saw you all in Stockholm! Thats my last gig and has kept me going! Especially now I have a month in bed to face with a serious foot injury!! Thanks to all!….Pete in Greece!


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