Rammstein Mein Teil Single

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Rammstein Mein Teil single cover

Track list

[01] Mein Teil 04:23
[02] Mein Teil [You are what you eat edit] Remix by Pet Shop Boys 04:07
[03] Mein Teil [The return to New York buffet mix] Remix by Arthur Baker 07:22
[04] Mein Teil [There are no guitars on this mix] Remix by Pet Shop Boys 07:20


Released: 26. July, 2004
Music and lyric: Rammstein
Production: Hellner with Rammstein
Album: Reise Reise
Video: Mein Teil
Lyrics: Mein Teil


  1. Wow one of my absolute favorite song ever….. When I found out what the lyrics meant in english. I was totally surprised. I had no idea that it was about cannibalism. I like to listening to Rammstein even know I don’t understand German. I enjoy listening to the guitar riffs and the rhythms and ahhh. This band is amazing I hope to learn german someday so I can sing along with the songs. Lol I dont have as much talent as Till does but i don’t know this is an amazing band and I will continue to listen to them for along time. Rock on Rammstein Can’t until your new album drops!!!!


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