Ohne Dich video

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Rammstein Ohne Dich videoRammstein Ohne Dich video

Premiere: 8. November 2004

Shoot date: 23. – 25. October 2004
Shoot place: Kaunertal and Pitztaler Gletscher (glacier) in Tirol (Austria)
Directed by: Jörn Heitmann
Album: Reise, Reise

Description: The video was filmed in the Kaun Valley and on the Pitz Valley glacier in Tyrol, Austria. It shows the band climbing in the mountains when Rammstein’s vocalist Till Lindemann falls and gets badly hurt. The song then ends and there’s a quiet minute as the band sits in the tent and Till longingfully watches up on a mountain peak. The music starts again as the band starts to climb up on a mountain, carrying Till on their shoulders. In the end, they reach the mountain peak, Till takes a look around and dies with a satisfied smile. It is also interesting to note that while all the band members have goggles on, Till has the goggles he wore in the first video they made, Du reichst so gut.



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