Du hast video

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Rammstein Du hast video
Rammstein Du hast video

Premiere: 1. April, 1997

Shoot date:
Shoot place: Berlin – Brandenburg
Directed by: Phillip Stölzl
Album: Sehnsucht

Description: The video for the song was influenced by Reservoir Dogs movie directed by Quentin Tarantino.


  1. Are you that girl who is Till Lindemann’s friend on myspace? ^
    Just so you know, it’s a fake myspace.
    And you’re really freaky.

    Du hast is really good. I didn’t get it at first. Also, knowing that they are inspired by Quentin Tarantino is cool.

  2. When I watched this video, I pretended that I was in it, and in the part where they sing at you, I'm like "What are you guys doing to me?!"

  3. This is the first of Rammsteins’ music video I ever saw and I have to say I was not disappointed, they did a spectacular job with it and just… WOW on all of their music videos they did an awesome job with all of them.


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