Rammstein Ich tu dir weh video


Premiere: December 21st, 2009 (visit-x.net)

Shoot date: ???
Shoot place: Berlin
Directed by: Jonas Akerlund
Album: Liebe ist für alle da

Lyric: Ich tu dir weh translated

Description: The video is essentially a performance video that shows off the antics Rammstein get up to when playing in concert, some things that can be seen are the CO2 “cannons” from Keine Lust, The Claw shaped flamethrowers from Waidmanns Heil, and for a brief second, the microphone used during Mein Teil.

The video itself is just the band performing on the stage used live with sparks flying off parts of it at times. During the breakdown, it has till simply singing/talking into the camera, and during the drum/guitar hits it has the bands head retching all about.


Interesting facts: The band would still play the instrumental version song live in Germany until it was ultimately banned from live performances.

Rammstein frontman Till Lindenmann pierced his cheek for the sole purpose of running a cable through the hole to add LED lighting in his mouth for the band’s new video. Band members advised Till they could hide the wires by shooting from various angles, but Till was determined to do it right.



  1. If you watch the making of this video, Akerlund says they shot almost five hours of film to condense into this four minutes of awesomeness. There’s so many small touches put into this video (the Emigrate ring, Till wagging his finger, Olli staggering about) that you keep noticing something that you didn’t catch previously.

  2. I don’t think there is anything plain about this video. I love Jonas’s videos because they are so creative and this one is no different. This is one of my favorites. This is Rammstein at their explosive best, on the stage. Jonas’s nailed this one. I love this song and the video! Ich Tu Dir Weh!!!

  3. Plain or not, I like the ‘eye candy’ of the special effects. I don’t think Till would risk his singing voice by forking his tonge… altho he does have a Doktor in the band.
    I keep on thinking of the chorus and wondering… He does have a teenage child… :\
    “It does you good”


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