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Rammstein Stripped videoRammstein Stripped video

Premiere: 27. August, 1998

Shoot date:
Shoot place:
Directed by: Phillip Stölzl, Sven Budelmann

Description: A 1998 cover version of “Stripped” was recorded by the German band Rammstein, and released as a single, as well as on the For the Masses compilation and some versions of Sehnsucht. The only real difference in the lyrics is that in the chorus “Let me see you Stripped down to the bone” is shortened to simply “Let me see you Stripped”.

In the video, there are parts of the Leni Riefenstahl’s Olympia movie. In 1936 Riefenstahl qualified as an athlete to represent Germany in cross-country skiing for the Olympics but decided to film the event instead. This material became Olympia, a film widely noted for its technical and aesthetic achievements. She was the first to put a camera on rails, in this case to shoot the stadium crowd. Riefenstahl’s achievements in the making of Olympia have proved to be a major influence in modern sportscasting.


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