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Rammstein Benzin videoRammstein Benzin video

Premiere: 16. September, 2005

Shoot date: August 2005 (3 days)
Shoot place: Berlin
Directed by: Uwe Flade
Album: Rosenrot

Description: In the video, Rammstein are firefighters. The alarm goes off, and they climb into a giant fire engine. In the video, the firetruck is indestructible; it blows a train right off the track, knocks down rows of trees, and plows through a line of cars. Rammstein carelessly plow over everything in their path on the way to the alarm. While they are driving there, Paul has a fantasy involving rescuing a damsel in distress while seeing his bandmates playing their instruments through smoke.

The truck eventually flips over after taking a turn too quickly, and crushes the side of a building, destroying the truck. One man points up at a tall building. Till, lying on the ground after the crash, looks up and sees someone (Flake) about to jump off the roof. Five of the members roll out and hold onto a safety trampoline to catch the jumper. As he jumps, the trampoline begins to rip in half.


  1. I love the video from Rammstein called “benzin”, it’s a cool one, I liked the final part from the video. I’m wondering what will hapened with the people on the streets if Richard dirves like in the video.:) I’m jokeing, do not worry people Mr. Kruspe knowes how to drive a vehicle 🙂 . Heil Rammstein!


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