Rammstein Haifisch video

Premiere: April 23rd, 2010 (myspace.com)
Shoot date: November 2009
Shoot place: Postdam, Germany
Directed by: Jörn Heitmann
Album: Liebe ist für alle da

Lyric: Haifisch translated

Description: The music video was released on 23 April 2010 on the band’s MySpace page.

The video features the band at lead singer Till Lindemann’s funeral along with some other mourners, Marilyn Manson is one of the mourners, a cat fight breaks out between two women while the rest of the band contemplate on who should replace Till as the singer (with James Hetfield seeming to be the popular choice).

As the video goes on it shows many scenarios of how Till died which are all based on previous Rammstein videos, being beaten and set alight (Du Hast), being thrown from a cliff while rock climbing (Ohne Dich), having his oxygen pipe removed from his space suit while on the moon (Amerika), and a fat Till being suffocated by spaghetti fed to him by Flake (Keine Lust).

Paul Landers also imagines himself being spanked by Till in a Snow White costume (Sonne). Later in the video the band begins to fight amongst themselves and Flake finds himself falling into the grave and breaking Till’s coffin open only to find there is no body.

It is then revealed that Till is alive and well in Oahu, Hawaii where he sends a postcard that reads “Viele Grüße vom Arsch der Welt” (German: “Greetings from the butt of the world”) to the band showing a shark that he has caught.

Scene breakdown:

Scene 1: Quotes from Ohne Dich and Seemann. Ich werde in die Tannen gehen (=I'm going to go into the fir trees), am Ende bleib ich doch alleine (=at the end I am left alone)
Scene 2 - Marilyn Manson has, for a while, had thick eyebrows, notably absent in his appearance here. In all but one shot of 'Manson' he looks weird, and far taller than his actualy 6ft.1in height. The shot of him behind the band (0:34 ish) is a superimposed image of Manson, since the only movement he does whatsoever is blink.The so called Manson is also dining behind Paul and Richard when they fight.
Scene 3: The catfight that follows is most likely between the pregnant mistress posing in front of the coffin and the wife. Till has mentioned before that he has many children with many women, the depressed man in the background is most likely the pregnant woman’s husband.
Scene 4 - Henry Rollins (born February 13, 1961 as Henry Lawrence Garfield) is an American singer-songwriter, raconteur, stand-up comedian, spoken word artist, writer, publisher, actor, radio DJ, and activist. After joining the short-lived Washington D.C.-based band State of Alert in 1980, Rollins fronted the California hardcore punk band Black Flag from 1981 until 1986. Following the band's breakup, Rollins soon established the record label and publishing company 2.13.61 to release his spoken word albums, as well as forming the Rollins Band, which toured with a number of lineups until 2003 and during 2006. It is not known yet, why he was considered as Till's replacement.
Scene 5 - James Alan Hetfield (born August 3, 1963) is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and co-founder of the American thrash metal band Metallica. In the video, the remaining Rammstein members are considering him as an appropriate replacement for the dead Lindemann
Scene 6: Doesn’t mean much besides the funny fact that the coffin is off balance and badly tilted to one side as Paul is much shorter than Oliver. In addition, in the end we find out that the coffin was empty.
Scene 7: A take on the Du Hast video, Till kneels on the ground, his face covered in blood looking pleadingy at Schneider, who has an open petrol can in his hand, he douses Till in the liquid before lighting a match. He also seems to have no reason to want Till dead. This also is a direct reference to Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs when Michael Madsen douses Tim Roth in petrol and sets him on fire.
Scene 8 says Till’s date of birth and when he died. But also the, Endlich allein, means finally single or finally alone. It may be the interpretation of the joke of Peter Steele a few years ago: he posted on the webpage of Type O Negative a picture of a tombstone with ‘Peter Steele 1962-2005 – Free At Last’ written on it.
Scene 9: This is a reference to the Ohne dich video, where Till died for the first time. Rather than falling accidentally as in the original video for Ohne Dich, the rope is intentionally cut here.
Scene 10 - This a reference to Sonne video, which features the band as dwarves working for a gold-addicted Snow-White. In the Haifisch video Till is spanking Paul but it seems that Paul is the only one that didnt try to kill Till, but was the only one that had reason to.
Scene 11: A reference to Amerika video. Till colapses on the moon’s surface, with the earth in the distance, after having his oxygen tube removed from his suit by Oliver. Oli’s Revenge for Till’s argue when he played Star Trek game. Oli pulled out Tills oxigen, after that Till turn to blue, Oli salute as a good astronaut.
Scene 12: A reference to Keine Lust (where everyone but Flake was fat), possibly Mein Teil as well, given the violent motif surrounding the act of eating. More obviously, a reference to the film Se7en (a man who was forced to feed himself to death to represent Gluttony).
Scene 13 - Theese are the teeth of the Du Riechst so Gut’s vampire’s. On the video you could see that the castle behind the funeral is looks like in the Du Riechst so Gut video. The little girl seems to be wearing a dress similar to Rosenrot’s – plus she has black hair like Rosenrot.
Scene 14: Flake falls, and breaks the coffin. The coffin is empty, so maybe Till isn’t dead. In “Asche Zu Asche” Till sings: “Ich komm wieder in zehn Tagen” (I will return in ten days). So Till has returned, or he is immortal. Or maybe Till is in heaven?
Scene 15: Till trying his best to look like one ‘Mr.Fritzl’ Probably a link to ‘Weiner Blut’, A song later in the album. It would appear that Till has been in Hawaii for quite some time considering his Firtzl-like moustache and Gray hair…This scene may be a long time after his funeral as the postcard shows Till looking like his Non Gray, Non moustached face.
Scene 16 - This is written on the post card: “Viele Grüße vom Arsch der Welt” (=Greetings from the butt of the world). There is a discrepancy in the fact where is the postcard being sent from, the postcard is probably bought in Hawai, however the stamp is from Easter Island (Rapa Nui) - a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

Video on MySpace:


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  1. This is just my first interpretation, but after reading all the comments I don’t think it’s impossible. What if instead of suspecting other band members off’d Till in the flashbacks, the flashbacks are all in each murderer’s mind? Like the person flashing back to force feeding Till to death is Flake, and the person flashing back to pulling Till’s Oxygen is Oli.

    I think this could fit the lyrics by implying that they all hated Till(The shark) but now that they’ve killed the ‘bad guy’ they are all somewhat regretful and start to think better of him.

    They turn their guilt on each other and start fighting, but once it’s revealed he’s not really dead, the guilt is gone and there is no reason to fight.

    I know this doesn’t follow the lyrics, but not all videos do. Pretty cool video!


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