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Released: September 29, 1995
Recorded: Polar Studios, Stockholm, 1995
Genre: Tanz-Metall
Length: 49:22
Label: Motor
Producer(s): Jacob Hellner and Carl-Michael Herlöffson

Song Information

1. Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? (Do you want to see the bed in flames?)

During a live concert (example: Live aus Berlin) Till Lindemann would often have flamethrowers attached to his fingers, and would stand in an upright position with his hands behind his back to hide them. When they started singing “Sex ist eine Schlacht, Liebe ist Krieg” (Sex is a battle, Love is war) the flamethrowers would be activated, and he would swing his hands in a circular motion, spraying flames and sparks all around him.

The song was used as the theme music for the nearly identical Space Ghost Coast to Coast episodes “Brilliant Number One” and “Brilliant Number Two.”

This song also features samples used on the Doom PC game, the marine death scream after each verse and the shotgun cocking during the “Sex ist eine Schlacht, Liebe ist Krieg” chorus.

2. Der Meister (The master)

“Der Meister” is about God, as Christian Flake Lorenz (keyboards) states in an interview: “Flake: Der Meister is about God”. It is also one of Rammstein’s few songs in a major key.

3. Weißes Fleisch (White flesh)

“Weißes Fleisch” (pronounced ˈvaisÉ™s flaiʃ]) is about assault and rape. Till Lindemann once said in an interview that he received a letter from a girl who was raped thanking him for making the song.

She wrote that she could identify with the song “Weißes Fleisch” – that was also in the index for a short while. I spoke about rape while she couldn’t. She had grown up with the idea that she had to keep that period from her youth a secret, and couldn’t tell anyone. Through my song, she understood she could talk about it. She was so grateful I had written that song… I still don’t understand what people get so excited about.

The song also was credited by American journalists as one of the influences behind the Columbine High School massacre due to the opening words of the song (“Du, auf dem Schulhof ““ ich, zum Töten bereit”, “You, in the schoolyard ““ I, ready to kill”) and the fact that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were professed Rammstein fans. In response, the band issued this statement:

“The members of Rammstein express their condolences and sympathy to all affected by the recent tragic events in Denver. They wish to make it clear that they have no lyrical content or political beliefs that could have possibly influenced such behavior. Additionally, members of Rammstein have children of their own, in whom they continually strive to instill healthy and non-violent values.”

Rammstein’s keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz is known for the unusual dance he would do when Weißes Fleisch was performed live. Also, there are unofficial recorded lives of this song, where it is extended with instrumentals and it lasts almost 9 minutes. It was played like this only at the beginning of 1996.

4. Asche zu Asche (Ashes to ashes)

“Asche zu Asche” is usually interpreted as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, despite the lines “Ich komm wieder/in zehn Tagen”, which means ‘I will return/in ten days.’ During live performances, the microphones would catch fire when they began to sing the chorus, just as the cover of the single depicts.

5. Seemann (Sailor, literally Seaman)

“Seemann” is noted to be one of the few slow paced songs by the band. During the live performance, Flake Lorenz used to “surf the crowd” in a boat. However, after being injured several times and almost completely stripped at one concert, the band’s bassist Oliver “Ollie” Riedel took his place. It is one of the few songs by the band performed in a major key.

6. Du riechst so gut (You smell so good)

Also see: Du riechst so gut ’98.

“Du riechst so gut” describes a predator and him stalking his victims.

7. Das alte Leid (The old sorrow)

“Das alte Leid” is about the old sorrow of unfulfilled sexual desires, as explained in the line, “Ich will ficken” (“I want to fuck”). At live performances during this line, Till would emerge with a large firecracker protruding from his pants, which would explode emitting sparks.

8. Heirate mich (Marry me)

“Heirate mich”, is about necrophilia and love for the dead, representing a deep longing for lovers past. In the lyrical booklet for Herzeleid, the lyrics are printed in French, because according to the band, no one would be disturbed if it was in French. It is considered to be one of Rammstein’s more controversial songs, and was inspired by the death of Till’s father.

The song is considered to be very impressive when played live. During certain performances, a collection of sex dolls could be seen on-stage. After the introduction, the dolls’ heads would explode. During a performance at Bizarre Festival in 1997, Flake was replaced with a mannequin that’s head was knocked off by Till – emitting sparks.

The song has appeared on the soundtrack for David Lynch’s Lost Highway and in the theatrical trailer for American Psycho.

9. Herzeleid (Heartache)

The song is about how short love can be, and warns to “save each other from togetherness” (Bewahret einander vor der Zweisamkeit).

10. Laichzeit (Spawning-time)

“Laichzeit” has very accented synthesized sounds. It makes references to a fishes spawning-time, apparent in the title and many of the lyrics. Laichzeit makes many references to incest and bestiality throughout the song.

One lyric for example: Er liebt die Schwester und von hinten der Fisch frißt sich zum Mund, die Kiemen blutig noch vom saugen an den roten großen Augen / He loves his sister and from behind the fish devours itself to its mouth, the gills still bloody from sucking on the big red eyes, can be interpreted very darkly.

Another example: Er liebt den Hund. Oh Gott von oben, der Fisch jetzt mit der Zunge küsst, Speit tote Milch dir ins Gesicht. Ihn anzufassen wagst du nicht / He loves the dog, oh god from above, the fish now kisses with his tongue. It spits dead milk in your face, you don’t dare to touch him, is very obviously referring to sex with a dog.

In their performance in Live aus Berlin they had a large glitter cannon that shot metallic confetti and smoke 50 feet into the crowd and a very long guitar solo in which Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe slowly back up towards each other while playing slower and slower.

In their 1997 performance at Bizarre Festival in Cologne, Germany, Till had a bow fitted with sparklers that shot out as soon as the guitarists began playing, nearly the exact same bow used live during Du riechst so gut.

11. Rammstein

The song is titled Rammstein, with two “m’s”, after the band, but it refers to the Ramstein airshow disaster of 1988. In the Live aus Berlin performance of “Rammstein”, singer Till Lindemann ascends from underneath the stage, via a trap door. He wears a burning coat, and special goggles from which a laser beam is projected, from one of the lenses.

While performing the song in the 2004-05 “Ahoi” tour, the jacket was replaced with dual arm mounted flame throwers(although the jacket was worn once during a performance in Japan).

Midway through the performance at the Bizarre Festival 1997, Rammstein cut to the Eskimos and Egypt remix, or their version of it, at least, from the Engel Fan-Edition single.


The album’s original cover (see right) depicted the bandmembers’ upper bodies without clothing. This caused critics to accuse the band of trying to sell themselves as “poster boys for the Master Race”. It is unknown if they changed the artwork to the new cover because of these rumors, or if they just preferred the new one over the old one.


  1. Du riechst so gut single
    Du riechst so gut (1995)
  2. Seemann single
    Seemann (1996)
  3. Du riechst so gut 98 single
    Du riechst so gut ’98 (1998)
  4. Asche zu Asche single
    Asche zu Asche (2001) Only released in Australia.

Copyright Information:

Catalog Number: CD 529160-2 | MC 529160-4 released: September 24, 1995 (P) & (C) 1995 Motor Music GmbH, Hamburg Music & Lyrics by RAMMSTEIN Produced by Jacob Hellner & Carl-Michael Herlöffson for BomKrash Production Mixed by Ronald Prent For Seemann additional production by Emanuel Fialik & Olav Bruhn Photography & cover idea by Praler Sleeve design by Dirk Rudolph Published by BMG/UFA

Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herzeleid Read the copyright at the bottom.


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