Rammstein Du hast lyrics with English translation

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Du You
du hast you have
du hast mich you have me
du hast mich gefragt you have asked me
du hast mich gefragt, und ich hab nichts gesagt you have asked me and I have said nothing
Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet Do you want, until death seperates you,
treu ihr sein für alle Tage to be faithful to her for all days
Nein No
Willst du bis zum Tod, der scheide Do you want, until death, which would seperate,
sie lieben auch in schlechten Tagen to love her, even in bad days
Nein No

This song is by and large Rammstein’s most well-known song in their entire library. It is a play on German wedding vows; however, it can be interpreted many different ways. The first lines of the song can have a double meaning; the phrases Du hast and Du hasst mean You have and You hate, respectively, but they are homophones (in the official German it means “you have”). For more info, see the singles page.



  1. Hey ppl, I know this song came out on Guitar Hero 3 but I havent bought it yet but I wanted to know if any of you knew if the song on the game is in German or in English? Either way, its a cool song. GO Rammstein!!!!

  2. It means ‘You have’ (hast = have) but hasst (slang) Two ss’s means hate. It’s a play on words like they always do..
    The song means literally you have and those who have said that it means you have are correct.
    But Til could very well have thrown the word hasst in there as well…. the english version has no bearing on the german lyrics…
    Lafee wrote a song called ‘Heul doch’ (go cry) which was turned into SHUT UP for her english album titled the same.
    Halt den mund und horen…

  3. Whoops Im a Pollock and I forgot the punctuation. So Du hast one way…den dis otter way (That’s V pronunciation for you who hasst that. Or is it Hassst? more S’s means more shit in America right?) Mein Gott!!! Holy Schizen! Du makin me Kaput! When readin zeist Schit! (Don’t Du Hasst it when idiots Hast it their way) Now go listen to “Stick it out” and “Sofa 2”

  4. you clearly do not listen to much Rammstein
    there are only two lines in this song that could even be vaguely misconstrued by people who no nothing

  5. line ten of the song spring

    Die Menschen fangen an zu hassen
    The people begin to hate

    clearly demonstrates the difference in pronouncement
    between have and hate when spoken in german

    Zak Valentine Cooper you fucking dumbass

  6. I personally think the reason he says you hate in the english version is the way he sings it

    You, You have, You have me doesn’t fit in with thye theme of the song however

    You, You hate, You hate me fits in perfectly

  7. Proudclod:
    no=nein (not nien as you wrote, 2 dif. pronunciations) it is pronounced like the number nine
    9=neun –this is pronounced like ‘noyn’ sort of.
    The “r” with the vibration of the tongue is just a rolled R. different languages and different dialects of individual languages do this. some german speakers do this (evidenced by the lyrics of rammstein) while others do not.

    on this ‘du hast’ debate, if there are still some people that haven’t figured it out it is a PLAY ON WORDS. the actual title ‘du hast’ means you have, while ‘du hasst’ means you hate and is pronounced the exact same way. for artistic reasons and to make it make more sense, the english version is translated to say ‘you hate’. if you speak german, you will notice that MANY of rammstein’s lyrics incorporate a play on words.. part of the genius of it.

  8. Maybe one of you german ladies or gentlemen can help me…Im learnine German and nien and neun which is no and 9 how are they pronounced? and also when I hear “R” why is it sometimes spoken with a vibration of the tongue?

    thank for any assistance.

  9. Did you ever think that they punched it up for the English version. Americans are violent people and I’m sure that it was for them that the english version was sung that way. It is art and you must hit your prime target for sales. Personaly I like the German version better.

  10. ok, i am german, and it is u hate, because thats the same way its pornounced in german, i can tell the difforence between hate and have, have a nice day

  11. its means you hate me jsut say it and i did not obey come on you guys are fucking stupid i lived in germany for 3 years and went to some concerts of rammstien and i have met them in person and i hate to tell you you have is hi german and du haust is hi german meaning you hate me the words are total difrent in meaning look it up before you fucking post and look like a fucking retard


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