Rammstein Weit weg lyrics with English translation

Niemand kann das Bild beschreibenNo one can describe the picture
Gegen seine Fensterscheibeagainst his windowpane
Hat er das Gesicht gepresstHe presses his face against it
Und hofft, dass sie das Licht anlässtand hopes that she will leave the light on
Ohne Kleid sah er sie nieHe never saw her without a dress
Die Herren seiner FantasieThe masters of his fantasy
Er nimmt die Gläser vom GesichtHe takes the glasses off his face
Singt zitternd eine MelodieTrembling, sings a melody
Der Raum wird sich mit Mondlicht füllenThe room will fill with moonlight
Lässt sie fallen, alle HüllenLet them fall, all the covers
Der Anblick ist ihm sehr gewogenThe view is very favorable to him
Spannt seine Fantasie zum BogenStretches his imagination
Der Atem stockt, das Herz schlägt wildHis breath stops, his heart beats wildly
Malt seine Farben in ihr BildHe paints her picture in his colors
Steht er da am FensterrandHe stands there at the edge of the window
Mit einer Sonne in der Handwith a sun in his hand
Ganz nahVery close
So weit weg von hierSo far away from here
So nahSo close
Weit, weit weg von dirFar, far away from you
Ganz nahVery close
So weit weg sind wirSo far away are we
So nahSo close
Weit, weit weg von mirFar, far away from me
Wieder ist es MitternachtAgain it’s midnight
Sie stehlen uns das Licht der SonneThey steal from us the light of the sun
Weil es immer dunkel istBecause it’s always dark
Wenn der Mond die Sterne küsstwhen the moon kisses the stars
Ganz nahVery close
So nahSo close
Ganz nahVery close
So weit weg von dirSo far away from you
So nahSo close
So weit weg sind wirSo far away are we
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  1. Pretty self explanatory. He’s watching the woman next door undressing, and he’s jerking off.
    Very clever lyrics. “He stands there at the edge of the window with a sun in his hand”, ie, something hot in his hand… and he’s very close, so close…..

    That reminds me, I must dust off my old binoculars……….

  2. To me, this song relates to how it feels being in a long-distance relationship. Especially given the 2020 lockdown and living in two separate countries, we’ve been unable to see each other since January.
    I’m trapped on the other side of this window, able to watch my love but not touch. It feels agonizing and while I can see her so close, she’s still so very far away.
    The breakdown lends to this feeling as well. It’s midnight, the sunlight is gone from us, and it seems i always get to see her when the moon and stars are out.

    So, that’s just how the song has been hitting me lately. I figured you guys might enjoy another interpretation to it.

    • This song came out in May 2019 I believe so it definitely has nothing to do with lockdowns or anything it is just about a man looking in the window at a chick and jerking off lol its not that heavy lol till is an artist and a poet but this ones not that deep lol


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