Rammstein Weit weg lyrics with English translation

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Niemand kann das Bild beschreiben No one can describe the picture
Gegen seine Fensterscheibe against his windowpane
Hat er das Gesicht gepresst He presses his face against it
Und hofft, dass sie das Licht anlässt and hopes that she will leave the light on
Ohne Kleid sah er sie nie He never saw her without a dress
Die Herren seiner Fantasie The masters of his fantasy
Er nimmt die Gläser vom Gesicht He takes the glasses off his face
Singt zitternd eine Melodie Trembling, sings a melody
Der Raum wird sich mit Mondlicht füllen The room will fill with moonlight
Lässt sie fallen, alle Hüllen Let them fall, all the covers
Der Anblick ist ihm sehr gewogen The view is very favorable to him
Spannt seine Fantasie zum Bogen Stretches his imagination
Der Atem stockt, das Herz schlägt wild His breath stops, his heart beats wildly
Malt seine Farben in ihr Bild He paints her picture in his colors
Steht er da am Fensterrand He stands there at the edge of the window
Mit einer Sonne in der Hand with a sun in his hand
Ganz nah Very close
So weit weg von hier So far away from here
So nah So close
Weit, weit weg von dir Far, far away from you
Ganz nah Very close
So weit weg sind wir So far away are we
So nah So close
Weit, weit weg von mir Far, far away from me
Wieder ist es Mitternacht Again it’s midnight
Sie stehlen uns das Licht der Sonne They steal from us the light of the sun
Weil es immer dunkel ist Because it’s always dark
Wenn der Mond die Sterne küsst when the moon kisses the stars
Ganz nah Very close
So nah So close
Ganz nah Very close
So weit weg von dir So far away from you
So nah So close
So weit weg sind wir So far away are we
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  1. weit weg is about something romantic, maybe something to do witha long distance relationship, or how the celestial bodies work

    or its just about a perv looking into some girls window

    you choose
    (i chose perv, cause Rammstein is Rammstein)

  2. This is definitely about a peeping Tom. I think the “sun in his hand” refers to the flashlight he is shining in her window.

  3. “Die Herrin seiner Fantasie” = “The (female) master of his fantasy.”
    “Ich stehle uns das Licht der Sonne” = “I steal the sunlight for us”
    “Ganz nah” = “Pretty close”/”fairly close”, rather than “very close”
    “Fensterrand” = “window sill”, maybe?
    My interpretation:
    He watches his secret love in the colourless light from the moon, but in his imagination he colours the picture of her with the full colours of sunlight, therefore he has “einer Sonne in der Hand” while he “malt seine Farben in ihr Bild”. That is also why he, now from a first person perspective, has stolen the sunlight for them in the last verse. He only gets to see her in moonlight, and he needs the sunlight to vision her in her full splendour.

    Love the song, probably my favourite, at least right now.
    Also hommage to Affenknecht for this great website.

  4. I think most of the lyrics will be understood if you understand how the Sun and the Moon work. Moon does not have its own source of light. The light comes from the sun and is reflected from the moon, which we perceive as Moonlight. This is in line with the lyrics, “He paints her picture in his colors” The Moonlight is basically reflected Sunrays i.e. his colors. The line “He never saw her without a dress” implies that Sun has never seen moon on the day of its lunar phase when it is not visible. Once every month moon is not visible in its lunar phase. This is being perceived as being naked because the line “Because it’s always dark, when the moon kisses the stars” implying the stars and moon consummate when the sun cant see” This is from a third person’s perspective, as all the pronouns are He and Him.

    To the more subjective part, I do think this is the story of a stalker who is madly in love with someone who is already with someone else and all the other lines imply the same, “His breath stops, his heart beats wildly” is something that happens during masturbation. I think the stalker was madly in love with someone but their relationship never reached the physical stage so he longs to see her naked.

  5. Nothing romantic or subconscious about this. People are reading too much into the lyrics. This is Rammstein. Every song they ever wrote had their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks. Every lyric in their songs had a double meaning, usually sexual. This is about a peeping pervert watching the girl next door undressing. There’s no subconscious subtext. Rammstein are not subtle in their lyrics.

    • That’s one of the dumbest comments I ever read about Rammstein. TIll is pretty much genius in his poetic expression. Rammstein lyrics go as deep as it gets.

      • Poetic expression? Yeah. Pussy is so poetic and romantic. As is Buch Dich, or Ich Tu Dir Weh. Or how about Rein Raus? Have you ever actually listened to Rammstein? I hate idiots that take something simple and obvious, and try to complicate it to soothe their own sensibilities. Sometimes a hammer is just a hammer.

  6. I think it has more to do on a subcoscious level.

    It describes the man longing and fantazising about a woman he loves but has never seen naked.

    “The picture against his windowpane” may very well mean his mind, the picture he keeps in his mind.

    “He presses his face against it and hopes that she will leave the light on” he tries hard to focus on how she looks and hope that he can remember.

    “The room will fill with moonlight, Let them fall, all the covers” He lets his imagination paint the picture, and he lets all the covers fall, moonlight fills the darkness, he holds nothing back from the imagination.

    “The sun in the hand” i think means more that he has hope in his hands, sun represents hope, he keeps hope in his hands that she will someday visit him and show him sunlight.

    “Again it’s midnight, They steal from us the light of the sun, Because it’s always dark, when the moon kisses the stars” The tragic ending, it’s always dark when the moon kisses the stars, means that his imagination and fantasy is never fulfilled.

    A very beautiful song and very beautiful lyrics.

  7. Pretty self explanatory. He’s watching the woman next door undressing, and he’s jerking off.
    Very clever lyrics. “He stands there at the edge of the window with a sun in his hand”, ie, something hot in his hand… and he’s very close, so close…..

    That reminds me, I must dust off my old binoculars……….

    • Hahah i like your sun =hot explanation. I think it is his dick in his hand too. It is A sun he holds not The sun. Also for me the melody playing can be the sound of flapping lol. And also this so close so far so close so far thing is totally like masturbating. XD

      Still genious song, love it XD

  8. To me, this song relates to how it feels being in a long-distance relationship. Especially given the 2020 lockdown and living in two separate countries, we’ve been unable to see each other since January.
    I’m trapped on the other side of this window, able to watch my love but not touch. It feels agonizing and while I can see her so close, she’s still so very far away.
    The breakdown lends to this feeling as well. It’s midnight, the sunlight is gone from us, and it seems i always get to see her when the moon and stars are out.

    So, that’s just how the song has been hitting me lately. I figured you guys might enjoy another interpretation to it.

    • This song came out in May 2019 I believe so it definitely has nothing to do with lockdowns or anything it is just about a man looking in the window at a chick and jerking off lol its not that heavy lol till is an artist and a poet but this ones not that deep lol


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