EMIGRATE: New album “The Persistence Of Memory”


The new studio album will be released on November 5, 2021 in three different formats: Digital, CD, Vinyl and a Special Edition on Red Vinyl available only in the RammsteinShop


  1. Rage
  2. Always on my mind (feat. Till Lindemann)
  3. Freeze my mind
  4. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  5. Come over
  6. You can’t run away
  7. Hypothetical
  8. Blood stained wedding
  9. I will let you go

The album can be pre-ordered.

We can find in Sonic Seducer magazine more information about the album, It will contain nine tracks based on ideas from the past two decades. “These songs were written at a certain point in my life,” says Krupse, “but ideas don’t have an expiration date.”  With a new coat of paint and a brand new revision, the titles now shine in a current, contemporary glamor.

According to Krupse, the new disc is an insight into his world of thought. ” I do hope that after listening to this they got to know me better” , the musician reports. Incidentally, “The Persistence Of Memory” is named after the famous Dali painting with the melting clocks. 


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