BLACK VEIL BRIDES: An Interview with Andy Biersack


00:01 Interview with Andy Sneap

Andy Sneap shares insights about his latest mini-album and the upcoming tour. He talks about his plans to release a full-length album after the tour. Additionally, Andy opens up about his experience donating blood and his profound love for music.

06:11 “Trinity of Terror” Tour

Andy reflects on his participation in the “Trinity of Terror” tour, where he performed alongside three other bands. He highlights this as a unique experience and expresses his joy at the opportunity to revisit some of his older songs.

08:50 Memories from the “Scream” Tour

Andy reminisces about his time on the “Scream” tour with the Murder Dolls in 2011. He describes this tour as a significant event for him and his band, mentioning how he misses the late Joey Jordison.

10:47 Andy Danzig and Metallica

Andy Danzig, guitarist and vocalist of Danzig, discusses his relationship with Metallica and their influence on his career. He candidly mentions that while his recent albums haven’t been up to his expectations, the latest tracks he worked on were phenomenal. Andy also expresses a strong desire to be more involved in film and television, particularly in horror projects.

12:57 Metallica and Danzig

Andy Danzig reveals his admiration for Metallica, recounting his experience working with the band in 2012. He also mentions that his guitarist, Jinx, is a Metallica historian and knows everything about the band.

14:24 Metallica and Danzig

Andy Danzig talks about his friend Brian Downey’s podcast about Metallica and how it deepened his understanding of the band. He also shares his enduring love for Danzig and their significant influence on his life, especially during his childhood when he listened to their recordings on cassette tapes.

In this captivating interview, Andy Sneap and Andy Danzig provide a fascinating glimpse into their musical journeys, reflecting on tours, collaborations, and the profound impact of legendary bands like Metallica and Danzig on their careers.


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