Mötley Crüe feud, CARMINE APPICE “invented heavy rock drumming”


00:09 Interview with Carmine

  • Carmine talks about his experience with the band Cactus and how he got started playing drums.
  • He also discusses his new album, Temple of Blues, which features a host of notable guests including Ted Nugent, Steve Stevens, Joe Bonomasa and others.

04:15 Making the album.

  • Carmine begins recording the album by playing drums, utilizing different rhythms and tempos.
  • He then invites other musicians including his vocalist, guitarist, bassist and others to play their instruments.

09:01 Working with other musicians

  • Carmine discusses how he invited other musicians to record the album including Ted, Doug Pinnick of King’s X and others.
  • He also talks about how they expanded the intro of the song “Let Me Swim” to be similar to Van Halen’s “Eruption.”

11:43 Cactus’ influence on other bands

  • Cactus influenced many bands, including Van Halen, who used their patterns and ideas.
  • Cactus also influenced other musicians such as Eddie Van Halen, who played on their album “Hot for Teacher”.

15:34 Working with other musicians

  • Cactus has worked with a variety of musicians including Derek St. Holmes, Steve Morse, Tony Franklin, and others.
  • Cactus continue to perform and tour despite lineup changes.

20:54 Cactus’ influence on other musicians

  • Cactus have influenced many musicians, including Ted, who was their manager and played with them.
  • Cactus didn’t have a wide audience, but their influence on other bands was significant.

27:47 Memories of Led Zeppelin

  • Tim Bolan talks about his experience playing with Led Zeppelin when they were still unknown.
  • He recalls playing with them as a warm-up act and how they became a big band.

31:02 Touring and rehearsals.

  • Tim Bolan talks about his touring and rehearsals with the band Cactus.
  • He talks about their time together, listening to music and supporting each other.

33:43 Experiences with other bands

  • Tim Bolan talks about his experiences playing with other bands like Vanilla Fudge and Cactus.
  • He talks about how he enjoys playing different types of music and how he relishes every opportunity.

39:43 Discussion about heavy metal and progressive rock

  • Discussing how heavy metal and progressive rock are often confused even though they have different roots and styles.
  • Mention that the band Rush were not heavy metal bands, but they are referred to as such.

41:28 Tribute show and plans for the future

  • Discussion of the tribute show featuring Kinda Stewart and future plans.
  • Mentioning that they plan to release an album of instrumental tracks and hold concerts featuring Stewart’s Kin.

47:41 Discussion about working with King Cobra

  • The band King Cobra was formed in 1982 and recorded two albums with the original members.
  • The band broke up in 1995 due to disagreements between members.

51:55 Working with other bands

  • King Cobra has collaborated with other bands such as the Bullet Boys and Cactus.
  • Mick from King Cobra was angry at the Bullet Boys for contracting with another band.

56:30 Influence on other musicians

  • King Cobra influenced other musicians such as Motley Crue and Cactus.
  • Some of the members of King Cobra were invited to work in other bands, but not all of them accepted.

59:53 Influencers and friends

  • The narrator discusses how he connected with influential people and friends who helped him in the creation of the song.
  • He mentions that the band Cactus was one of the bands he listened to and that Paul Stanley and Gene once went to their concert.

01:01:12 The album “Temple of Blues Influences.”

  • The narrator talks about hearing the track “Evil” from the “Temple of Blues Influences” album, which was recorded for the “Hafa Teacher” album.
  • He also mentions that this track was used as a template for Teacher.

01:02:21 Acknowledgement and conclusion

  • The narrator thanks his friend for helping him make the album and for spending a lot of time with him.
  • He also says that the album Temple of Blues Influences will be released on June 7 and that he would love for his friend to come back and continue the discussion.


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