Ted Nugent said: “BLM are terrorists”!


Theodore Anthony Nugent got into an altercation with a Michigan man after the conservative rocker called the Black Lives Matter movement a “terrorist organization.”

According to WWMT, the altercation occurred Sept. 17 in downtown Centreville, Michigan, where Nugent was performing as part of the Jack Coleman Presents Ted & Shemane Nugent Constitution Tour, which featured various Republican candidates for Michigan elected office.

“Aren’t there any BLM punks here who want to come up and harass me?”

A few seconds later, Jalen Brown approached the stage to challenge the singer.

“What’s wrong with Black Lives Matter?” – Brown demanded an answer.

“‘Black Lives Matter’ didn’t care about black lives. They stand by while black people slaughter each other. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization!”

Brown took the microphone and addressed the crowd, chanting, “Black lives matter too.”

“We’re not here by choice,” Brown said.

One man in the crowd shouted: “We didn’t bring you in.”

Several dozen people began chanting, “USA” and “All lives matter,” and insulted Brown as he left the stage.

Brown later told WWMT that he was offended when Nugent called Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization.

“I love the Constitution, I love the rights it has to uphold. There are people who take them and misinterpret them and misdirect them in the wrong direction,” Brown said.


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