Rammstein Rein Raus lyric with English translation

Ich  bin der Reiter
Du bist das Ross
Ich steige auf
Wir reiten los
Du stoehnst ich sag dir vor
Ein Elefant im Nadeloehr

Rein raus

Ich bin der Reiter
Du bist das Ross
Ich hab den Schluessel
Du hast das Schloss
Die Tuer geht auf ich trete ein
Das Leben kann so prachtvoll sein

Rein raus

Tiefer tiefer
Sag es sag es laut
Tiefer tiefer
Ich fuehl mich wohl in deiner Haut
Und tausend Elefanten brechen aus

Der Ritt war kurz
Es tut mir leid
Ich steige ab hab keine Zeit
Muss jetzt zu den anderen Pferden
Wollen auch geritten werden

Rein raus
I am the rider
You are the horse
I climb on
We ride off
You moan, i whisper to you
An elephant in the eye of a needle

In, out

I am the rider
You are the horse
I have the key
You have the lock
The door opens, i enter
Life can be so splendorous

In, out

Deeper, deeper
Say it! Say it loud!
Deeper, deeper
I am well within your skin
And a thousand elephants break out

The ride was short
I am sorry
I climb off, i have no time
I must go now to the other horses
They also want to be ridden

In, out

This song is about rough sex. However, it is impossible to tell if he is singing about homosexual, or heterosexual intercourse.


  1. @Charismatic Enigma: Ha ha!! Yeah, they love us SO much they wouldn’t mind dig our asses. I really liked your point of view. xD

    Please Rammstein, come back to Spain!!

  2. Also, nowhere in the song is the gender of the speaker’s audience mentioned, even in subtle grammar. The entire thing is second-person; the listener is the audience.

    I may just be pulling this out of my hat, but perhaps a secondary meaning could be of the band themselves saying that they really LOVE their fans? 😛

  3. You moan; I say to you, “An elephant in the eye of a needle.”

    Man, talk about blaspheming… “It would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven”, is the Bible verse I strongly believe Till is referencing with that lyric.

    All in good fun, though; they’re just words. For the record, I particularly enjoyed that line myself.

  4. this song kicks ass Rammstein kicks ass they are the greatest band in all the land they rape all other bands and make them their bitch


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