FLOOR JANSEN on the possibility of AFTER FOREVER returns

FLOOR JANSEN, as part of a recent interview with Metal Hammer, talked about the early stages of her career and the possibility of AFTER FOREVER’s comeback – short excerpts are available below.

You joined the band when you were 16 years old. Did you already know that’s what you wanted to do?

“No. Imagine a bunch of teenagers who wanted to play music, and think back to a time before the Internet. I liked metal. And I wanted to sing in a metal band. That was my ambition; I was playing guitar and writing my own acoustic songs, then playing at friends’ parties. And one day while I was doing that, someone said: “I know a group of guys who have a metal band, and they’re looking for a backup singer,” and that band was AFTER FOREVER. That’s how I ended up with them.”

Is there any possibility of AFTER FOREVER reuniting?

“No, not as far as I’m concerned, no. I’m very happy with the current state of affairs. It’s good to have things in the past. A lot of AFTER FOREVER albums have been re-released, unfortunately, without my consent. But the latest album is going to be out next year, the band participated in it’s creation and it is very different from what we had before. That’s the one I can heartily recommend to fans or nostalgic people.


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