Blaze Bayley talks about new Iron Maiden album


Former soloist of Iron Maiden, Blaze Bayley tells us what he thinks about new Iron Maiden album.

In a new interview with Metal Musikast, former IRON MAIDEN vocalist Blaze Bayley expressed his opinion on the band’s latest album, titled “Senjutsu”:

“I only listened to it a couple of times; I didn’t have time to properly appreciate it. But I liked what I heard. I like ‘Death Of The Celts’ and ‘Hell And High Water’, and I think it’s something new [editor’s note: presumably meaning ‘Hell On Earth’], and the single [‘The Writing On The Wall’] too. So yeah – there’s great music on the record.

I think it’s a deep album, and it’s not the kind of album that’s easy to get on the first time. I think you have to give it a chance; there’s a lot of stuff on there, and there’s a lot of mood shifts in the form of chords and instrumentals that they’ve created. So it’s an album that I think you have to get into: what’s the story? And then when the instrumental part starts, it’s just like an orchestral piece. What are they talking about now? What does this music make me feel? Why did it become somber at this point? So I think it doesn’t go in right away, but it’s a good album. And what I’ve heard so far, I really like.”


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