Rammstein Benzin lyric with English translation

Ich brauche Zeit
Kein Heroin kein Alkohol kein Nikotin
Brauch keine Hilfe
Kein Koffein
Doch Dynamit und Terpentin
Ich brauche für Gasolin
Explosiv wie Kerosin
Mit viel Oktan und frei von Blei
Einen Kraftstoff wie


Brauch keinen Freund
Kein Kokain
Brauch weder Arzt noch Medizin
Brauch keine Frau nur Vaselin
Etwas Nitroglyzerin
Ich brauche Geld für Gasolin
Explosiv wie Kerosin
Mit viel Oktan und frei von Blei
Einen Kraftstoff wie


Gib mir Benzin

Es fliesst durch meine Venen
Es schläft in meinen Tränen
Es läuft mir aus den Ohren
Herz und Nieren sind Motoren


Willst du dich von etwas trennen
dann musst du es verbrennen
Willst du es nie wieder sehen
lass es schwimmen in Benzin
Ich brauch Benzin
Gib mir Benzin
I need time
No heroin nor alcohol nor nicotine
I don't need help
Nor caffeine
But I do need dynamite and turpentine
I need oil for gasoline [2]
Explosive like kerosene
With lots of octane and free of lead
A fuel like


I don't need a friend
Nor cocaine
I need neither a doctor nor medicine
I don't need a woman, just Vaseline
Some nitroglycerine
I need money for gasoline
Explosive like kerosene
With lots of octane and free of lead
A fuel like


Give me petrol

It flows through my veins
It sleeps in my tears
It leaks from my ears
Heart and kidneys are motors


If you want to part with something
then you have to incinerate it
If you never want to see it again
let it swim in petrol
I need petrol
Give me petrol

“Benzin” (The German word for Petrol, or Gasoline) was the first song to be introduced from Rosenrot. Rammstein first played “Benzin” live at Berlin’s Wuhlheide Park in June 2005. Theatrical flames shot twenty meters into the air during the live performance. Later, the song was also played at several other concerts, one of them at Nîmes, which is included on the band’s new live DVD Völkerball. It is the only song to have been played live to date.

Benzin can be interpreted as a political reference to the high gas prices being experienced in many countries around the world (Ich brauche Geld für Gasolin/I need money for gasoline). “Gasolin” is not actually a German word, but an English word made German. There was, however, a German chain of gas stations called “Gasolin.”

Also, bassist Oliver Riedel briefly discussed the song on Rosenrot with Kerrang!, a music magazine published in the United Kingdom, where he said “We have so much fire in our shows that we wondered if we could have some lyrics about petrol, because it’s been responsible for our success outside of Germany. It’s basically our ode to pyromania.”

The Music video depicts the majority of the band as bored firefighters who receive a call and drive an oversized firetruck, destroying everything in their path to reach one survivor – Christian Lorenz – who they totally fail to save.

  • Emil

    Who’s this Christian Lorenz? All I saw was Flake.

    • Marie-Pier Larose

      Are you kidding? Christian Lorenz is the real name of Flake.

    • Emil

      Flake is the only name I accept! lol

  • Tya

    he don’t need drugs, medication neither a woman or a friend, gasoline run in his veins, no matter what it is as long as it burns, and Vaseline smooth the pain. If you wanna be part of something with him incinerate it. Gasoline is what he needs cause he get off on burning things, total destruction, pyromania is a addiction, a sickness that brings pleasure and death.

  • Mescaline Mew

    “I don’t need a woman, just Vaseline” lol

  • Nikolai Novikov
  • Andrea (firefightingamerikan)

    I am not that fussed about this song, to be honest. It is cool. I absolutely LOVE the video. Being a firefighter myself, I just love seeing most of the band as firefighters. Extremely reckless ones, yes, but firefighters nonetheless. It warms my heart.

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  • chris


    I think he meant the only song from the Rosenrot album…

  • H

    I’m curious about your comment that this is the only song to have been played live to date, are you saying that they mime at their concerts?

  • Richard Venue

    To me this song is about America’s addiction with gasoline and oil no matter what anyone says. In the video America is the firetruck. It shows how much destruction we cause in order to help ourselves. At least thats what I got out of it.

  • Bobby

    South Park should do a video, where they say, “Oh my God, they killed Flake! You Bastards!!!”

  • Ashlee

    Dude kraftstoff means fuel. Benzin is the German word for petrol

  • Jagan

    Lol dude Benzin didn’t mean Petrol
    Mean Fuel so learn more about that k mr. Traduces us Man

  • Danutz

    nice video! I like Richard’s driving style. The killed thousands of people just to get to Flake and fail to save him :)).

  • Segeta

    Hi, I'm a german fan …

    Benzin can be interpreted as a song about pyromania. And Gasolin is a only a good rime for Terpentin and Kerosin…

  • matriX

    nice song the video is AwEsOmE and richards driving *chukle*


    by (= M A T R I X =) >-(^_^)-