WILD TRIBE released the first part of their album


“Desperation Fire I” is the first part of Wild Tribe’s full – length album. It combines songs of completely different moods like joy and flirtation, hatred and frustration, even fatal grief. The album was recorded under strict quarantine, mixed and mastered in London, and released on the Turkish label Hexe Music. The overall mood of the work is incendiary and cheerful, with a slight addition of a fly in the ointment with song “Lullaby”, which is dedicated to all the children who died due to the irresponsibility and frivolity of their own mothers. The composition “Gravedigger” is a metaphorical narrative that everything that is hidden, sooner or later, will become known and the skeletons in the closet will be found. The key song of the first part was the track “Nonsense for free” – a classic Broadway story about how a provincial girl comes to a big city in search of happiness, but falls in love with a rock star and as to face the harsh realities. They shot a video for this song, and the work was done in a fairly short time (3 months for preparation and 2 shooting days). This is a kind of short film, based on the song. The work was done by the best specialists of the city. The sequel to Desperation Fire is scheduled for release in 2021 and will complete the concept started by the first part.

Wild Tribe is a hard rock band formed in Odessa, in 2008. The main genres are hard rock, glam metal, and AOR. There is a significant influence of the 1980s, transferred to our time. Band members are Chieph Quickstring (vocals / guitar), Kaya (keys), Mounty K (bass) and Alex Kila (drums). In October 2020, guitarist Julius Shred joined the band.

The first EP “Desire, Lust n’ Violence” was recorded in July 2018 and released on the Italian label PA74 in January 2019.From December 2018 to May 2019, they conducted their first tour in support of the mini album “Desire, Lust n’ Violence”. In October 2019, they released the experimental synthwave single “Eyes of an Angel” along with the lyric video. Also from September 2019 to December 2019, they arranged the “Wild City Nights Tour”.


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