BRAMA band canceled lockdown in London


Electropunk band BRAMA has released their debut music video and new single “Fucking Amazing”. The video was shot in London during a total lockdown at the very end of 2020. The team arrived in the capital of Great Britain, which was closed for a strict quarantine two days later. In order not to stop working on the video, they found a pub, which became the only open bar in the whole city that evening. In the first shots, the song is drowned out by the speech of a street preacher from Piccadilly, promising hell to all non-believers. Part of the filming was conducted in the famous Banksy Tunnel, where the leader of BRAMA turned into a living canvas for the local graffiti party. The role of the main character was played by Bambie Thug – an Irish artist and musician.

The song was traditionally recorded at the band’s project studio. Andy Wake was responsible for the guitar riffs, and the mixing was handled by Nikolai Lobanov, known for his collaboration with the labels Gazgolder and StartUp music, as well as many Russian musicians – “Samsara”, “Quatro”, The Neopolitans and others.

“This track was born out of a completely spontaneous jam session” says frontman Nick.  “So much fun that it literally came out of nowhere. I sat and played this riff endlessly on my guitar and jokingly specified how to write the name of the riff in the recorder. Perry randomly gave out a line, which I just shouted into the microphone in the spirit of English football fans. In the notes there was a text from two years ago, which immediately became a verse. Then we just threw a barrel on top, and everything started playing. And the choreography in the video is taken from the Dutch gabber-hardcore. A lot of graffiti, a little friendly provocation in the verses – and you’re done. Pure impromptu.”

BRAMA consists of three members: Nick, who is “idea-person”, Andrey Sonorus, responsible for music, and Andrey Perry. A chance acquaintance led to the fact that within two weeks they rented a house, brought equipment and began to write music. The public launch of the project took place at the end of 2020, when the first single of the group was released.


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