CANNIBAL CORPSE vocalist: “Chuck Billy is nicer to me than Cher”

The CANNIBAL CORPSE singer told a story about how he once hung out at Cher’s house with her son, and then his mother appeared:

“Cher’s son, Elijah, who sings in DEADSY, is a big CANNIBAL CORPSE fan and 15 to 20 years ago, he wanted us to come to Los Angeles and play at his birthday party. His birthday is a couple of days away from mine, so my wife and I decided to come over early to hang out, and then we’d have a good time at the show.

The day before the concert, he invited us home. She wasn’t at home when we arrived — she was out shopping. And I’m like, ” Yeah, sure, come to Cher’s house when she’s not home.” But I didn’t know she would come again. We were talking with Elijah, when suddenly my wife gently pushed me and I asked: “Well, what is it?” And she whispered to me,”SHE!” And I was like, ” Well, okay, but it’s not like Kind Diamond or Chuck Billy!”

She was very nice, made us some food and everything. She also came to the concert! I apologized to her for having to listen to something like CC, but she said, “Oh, no, I like it!” and I said, ” Come on, Cher!” And she said condescendingly “Honey, I was a metalhead before you came out of the womb.” And I thought: “So Cher screwed me.”


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