Tracklist of new Rammstein album 2022

Rammstein released list of all upcoming songs (their names), we took liberty to make direct translation to english so everyone can get a “feeling” of what those songs gonna be about:

1. Armee der Tristen – Army of the Dreary
2. Zeit – Time
3. Schwarz – Black
4. Giftig – Toxic
5. Zick Zack – Zig Zag
6. OK – OK
7. Meine Tränen – My tears
8. Angst – Fear
9. Dicke Titten – Big tits
10. Lügen – Lies
11. Adieu – Farewell


  1. Those songs sound like full of angsty feeling and then there’s Dicke Titten…… Of course pair of big tits cure sadness


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