Few words about Rammstein album “Untitled”


When Rammstein set out to create their album Untitled, Richard Kruspe invited Olsen Involtini, which was able to change the dynamic of the band. “Because of his presence, the energy between Paul and I changed dramatically. I don’t know why,” Kruspe told Revolver. “It’s almost like couples therapy. It’s not about going there and getting advice from a therapist. It’s more about if you go to a therapist and you’re sitting in front of another person, you’re listening to what the other person is saying, and while they’re saying something, you’re thinking of strategies on how to fight against it. So, all of a sudden, I was listening to what he was saying and he was listening to what I was going to say. Individually, we are very, very different. Black and white. If he says “Yes,” I say “No.” It’s always the same story. But somehow we need that for the Rammstein universe.”



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